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Java Developer Prerequisites: PAAs Solution Inventory

PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) is a kind of cloud service, the service provider not only provides on-demand hardware and operating system services, but also provides the application platform and solution stack. For developers, PAAs greatly reduces the cost and pain of it deployments, providing resources for applications to scale more easily as needed. JVMs, application servers, and deployment packages (for example, war and ear) provide natural isolation for Java applications, allowing different developers to deploy applications in the same infrastructure, so JAV ...

Java developers must see! Machine learning development library selection!

Today, technology with deep learning and machine learning is one of the trends in the tech world, and companies want to hire some programmers with a good background in machine learning. This article will introduce some of the most popular and powerful Java-based machine learning libraries, and I hope to help you.

VMware and Salesforce will work together to build a new enterprise Java cloud

Global Cloud Infrastructure leader VMware (NYSE: VMW) and Enterprise Cloud Computing company (NYSE trading Code: CRM) recently announced the joint delivery, sale and support of a new enterprise Java cloud--vmforce,     The technology, expertise and community of two leading cloud computing companies are integrated to promote the transformation of the information technology industry construction model. VMware announces 4 ....

Persistent BAE uses Windows Azure to deliver a java-based Cloudninja project

Editor's note: The writer is persistent Bae's assistant vice president for cloud computing Shreekanth Joshi, describing how the company is using Windows Azure to develop and deliver java-based applications for their ISV customers. Persistent BAE is a global company specializing in software products and technical services. We focus on developing the best solutions in four major areas of next-generation technology: cloud computing, mobility, BI, and analytics and collaboration ...

Java EE VS. NET Platform: Difference analysis

Java EE and "". NET platform, figure 2 shows all the similarities between the Java EE and the platform. As you can see, many. NET platform features no corresponding function in Java EE. In some cases, as to whether or not to support these features, if supported, what is considered to be a clear decision, note: To understand unfamiliar abbreviations, check the glossary ...

5 ways to take machine learning to Java, Python, and go programming languages

The "Editor's note" machine learning seems to have turned from obscurity to the limelight overnight, as well as more open source tools for machine learning, but the challenge now is how to get developers interested in machine learning and the data they are prepared to use to actually use them, This paper collects the common and practical open source machine learning tools in several languages, which is worth paying attention to, which is from InfoWorld. The following is the original: After decades of development as a professional discipline, machine learning seems to appear overnight as a popular business tool ...

15 kinds of technologies that change the way developers work

In the past, assembly code written by developers was lightweight and fast. If you are lucky, they can hire someone to help you finish typing the code if you have a good budget. If you're in a bad mood, you can only do complex input work on your own. Now, developers work with team members on different continents, who use languages ​​in different character sets, and worse, some team members may use different versions of the compiler. Some code is new, some libraries are created from many years ago, the source code has been ...

IntelliJ Idea 10 Publish the Java Language Development integration environment

Idea full Name IntelliJ is an integrated environment for Java language development, and IntelliJ is recognized as one of the best Java development tools in the industry, especially in smart Code assistants, code automation prompts, refactoring, Java EE support, Ant, JUnit, CVS consolidation, code review , innovative GUI design functions can be said to be extraordinary. Idea is the product of JetBrains, a company headquartered in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, where developers are dominated by rigorous, well-known Eastern European programmers. ...

Top 10 data mining tools most needed for big data

The following small series summarizes 10 best data mining tools for everyone, which can help you analyze big data from various angles and make correct business decisions through data.

Developers become PAAs market-goers

The PAAs Cloud platform provides customers with a sophisticated application development and deployment environment that enables them to create, test, and deploy applications without the need to purchase the underlying hardware and platform software. As a result, PAAs will be one of the necessary options for developers to deploy applications, but now the PAAs market is still in its infancy, with developers still a major market activist and contributing to the development of PAAs. The PAAs market is currently valued at $2.8 billion trillion, but according to Stefan tied, a Forrester Analytics analyst, "the next ten ...

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