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Large data mining based on pervasive cloud

Large data mining based on ubiquitous cloud Shinang Wang Wenjia hp through a large number of relevant literature, summarizing the basic concepts of large data and pervasive cloud, this paper presents a large data mining architecture based on ubiquitous cloud, demonstrates its feasibility, discusses its operating mode and performs performance analysis,   The key technologies involved in large data mining based on pervasive Cloud are analyzed and summarized. Large data mining based on pervasive cloud

Internet of things and data mining cloud services

Internet of things and data mining cloud services Qing and cloud computing are the research hotspots of information technology at present, discuss the role of data mining and how to combine these 2 technologies.   This paper analyzes the position and function of data mining in the Internet of things, points out that cloud computing is the cornerstone of the Internet of Things, analyzes the similarities and differences of distributed data mining and parallel data mining, and illustrates the ways of providing data mining service in the Internet of things. Keywords: Internet of things, cloud computing, data mining and ....

US data mining company Socialgist to work with everyone

Summary: Check the latest quotes Beijing time November 6 morning news, the United States Professional Data mining company Socialgistsocialgist Tuesday announced that the company has reached a partnership with everyone (Nyse:renn). Socialgist said that for social media data from everyone, the company looked at the latest market Beijing time in the early hours of November 6 News, the U.S. professional data mining company Socialgistsocialgist Tuesday announced that the company has been with everyone (N ...).

Parallel data mining algorithm in high performance data cloud

Implementing Parallel Data Mining algorithm on high configured data Cloud Nirali R. Sheth, J. Shah in-Monitors we design A Ssociation rule based parallel data mining algorithm ...

Design and implementation of data mining and data migration system under Hadoop architecture

Design and implementation of data mining and data migration system under Hadoop architecture Shanghai Jiao Tong University Lu Ming Education usually the enterprise's information system will contain multiple business systems, each business system contains its own set of online business system, backup system and filing system, system management is complex, easy to cause the waste of storage space, And the system scalability is poor. In view of the above shortcoming, this paper designs and realizes a tiered storage system, uses a large data platform to carry on the unified management to the multiple business system data, unifies each business system backup system and the filing system. This Part ...

Design and implementation of Water conservancy Census data mining system based on Hadoop cloud Platform

Design and implementation of Water conservancy Census data mining system based on Hadoop cloud platform Fanlong Wandingshen Gu Xinzhen aiming at the characteristics of large amount of data and attribute dimension of Water Conservancy census, this paper presents a data mining system of Water Conservancy survey based on Hadoop cloud platform by discussing and analyzing the composition and operation mechanism of Hadoop. This paper introduces the design idea and structure of the system, and expounds the function of each module in detail. The system utilizes the Hadoop cloud platform to implement an improved parallel association rule algorithm, which makes full use of the Hadoop platform to process data in parallel.

Research on the weight-checking model of sci-tech projects based on large data mining

Research on heavy-weight model of sci-tech project based on large data mining Li Shanqing Sean Song Lirong Science and Technology Project check weight is one of the important measures to avoid duplication and repetition construction, and there is no effective method at present. This paper puts forward a project checking method based on large data mining and multi-source information integration, based on the basic information of science and Technology project, publishing thesis information, key words, principals information and undertaking organization, the large data network is the research object, and the similarity degree discriminant model of science and Technology project is constructed by using Multi-Source information integration method, and using Hadoop framework to realize the rapid mining of massive data. ...

The basis of data mining microblogging technology marketing

Micro-blog's own operating mechanism, decided to rely on technical means to implement micro-BO marketing, data mining is an inevitable choice can not be bypassed. Weibo is the most marketing value in addition to the people themselves (for human marketing can not rely entirely on technology, the dialogue between people is the most important), is a large number of rapidly changing data.   Compared with other marketing platform, for Bo marketing needs from a large number of incomplete, noisy, fuzzy, random data extract implied in it, people do not know beforehand, but is potentially useful information, and even the psychological characteristics of users of Weibo. ...

American professional Data mining company Socialgistsocialgist Tuesday announced

Socialgistsocialgist, a professional data mining company in the United States, announced in Tuesday that it had reached a partnership with everyone (Nyse:renn). Socialgist says the company is the first official data provider outside the mainland market for social media data from everyone.   Socialgist's main business is to provide social data solutions for a large number of social media analytics, research and business intelligence platforms. Socialgist President Darren Kelly (Darren Kell ...

What is big data?

What is the big data? After editorial and correspondent editorials, hoping to get rid of the data piled commercial case, the real, practical data mining story left behind. Are we reporting a fake big data company? Are we a force in what Bill Franks, the author of "Big Data," calls a "big data scam?" The same question happened to Alibaba. It is reported that March 23, Alibaba to 70 million acquisition of a mobile developer data statistics platform. This triggered a heated discussion among experts, what it acquired really ...

Search is sometimes difficult to help users find valid information

In today's rapidly expanding data and information, even search is sometimes difficult to help users find effective information. And intelligent push can enable users to master valuable information in time, so as to save people in the torrent of information. Now relying on large data mining and cloud computing, personalized information push is not a problem. When you open a Web page and the application interface, with others open the home page and application interface results may be completely different. Yahoo's Onepush project also targeted personalized push information. For example, Yahoo Weather Service, if Beijing tomorrow will be a sandstorm, today will give users a push ...

Example of box diagram application in Network game data analysis

Data mining data analysis has become the killer application in "> Network game operation, For the understanding of the data and use on the one hand for game development to find bugs and game balance adjustment to provide data support, on the other hand in the game market operation, the choice of strategy and mode, the effect of monitoring and so many fields are inseparable from the data. Network game as a representative of digital entertainment products, data mining data analysis degree and comprehensive ...

Research on adaptive Fault Prediction algorithm for super-computer

Research on adaptive Fault Prediction algorithm for super-computer Chongqing Lin This paper uses the classification prediction idea in data mining, divides the time axis into a certain size time window, carries on the feature extraction to the time window, and uses the time window as the unit for fault prediction. In this paper, the AdaBoost algorithm is used in the training and learning process of SVM classifier, the classifier's core parameters are dynamically adjusted according to the training set, and the classifier is improved by adaptive learning, and an adaptive fault Prediction model is established ADABOOSTSVM. This article takes the super computer bluegene/l2 ...

"Big Data concept" turned out

After networking, cloud computing, mobile Internet, technology stocks in the "Big Data concept" turned out, day-tech, Silver letter technology, extension of the 3-unit volume breakthrough, wave information, with technology, the United States and Asia Cupressaceae, Ufida, such as also good performance. In the Twelve-Five planning of the Internet of things, the information processing technology is proposed as one of the 4 key technological innovation projects, including mass data storage, data mining, image and video intelligent analysis, which are important components of large data. Shareholder Shian: "We haven't figured out when the PC era, mobile internet came;

The interview with Lu Zhaoxia is starting with the Hee Kang watch she wears.

The interview with Lu Zhaoxia, senior vice president of Neusoft Group, began with the Hee Kang watch she wears. Lu Zhaoxia's other identity is the chairman and CEO of Neusoft Health Technology Co., Ltd., which Lu Zhaoxia almost all the way to the smart watch at a recent 2013 Neusoft forum. Hee Kang Watch software defines the mode of the hardware in the field of smart watch, the application of the watch is more focused on health management, many organizations have introduced large data mining analysis, according to user health data, to provide users with appropriate health advice. 2011 On the market ...

How to solve the NoSQL applicable enterprise

From April 26 to April 27, 2013, at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel, the 2013 Big Data Global Technology Summit, hosted by the 51TTO Media Group's WOT (World Of Tech) brand, was held. The summit mainly focuses on the big data infrastructure and the ecosystem of upper-level applications to solve the problems caused by large-scale data, explore solutions to big data-based solutions, and stimulate the competitiveness brought by data mining so that the data has its own opinion. 2013 Big Data Global Technology Summit Topics Google US Senior Architect ...

Sally 0.7 Release String mapping tool

Sally is a tool that maps a set of strings to a set of vectors. The mapping is referred to as embedding, and allows machine learning and data mining techniques to be applied to string data analysis. It can be used for data such as text files, DNA sequences, or log files. It uses a vector space model or a bag-of-words model, and the string is through a set of attributes, each of which is associated with one aspect of the vector space. In addition, binary or TF values can be computed, vectors can be exported as plain text, LIBSVM or MATLAB format. Sal ...

"Henry" is a mobile app that provides personalized reading content

We've talked a lot about personalized reading, such as "Today's headlines" based on social-networking data mining, such as "finger-reading", which uses social-sharing mechanisms to recommend content, and so on, and now there's one more player in the field. The company is called, and they have chosen a new perspective to interpret "personalized reading". "We use Google mode to refactor personalized content." Johnny, co-founder of Li Zhong, explained to me: "Just as Google recommends Web pages by calculating the degree of association between pages and pages on the Internet, the blog has a set called" K ...

Ape title bank won C round 15 million US dollars financing

Netease Technology News July 22 news, ape test bank announced today that the company recently received a new round of 15 million US dollars financing. Ape test bank this round of investment institutions Jingwei China and IDG capital, after the completion of the company's valuation of the company reached 125 million US dollars, Jingwei China and IDG Capital is also the first two days of the ape question bank investors. Ape question bank is free for students to do questions and knowledge points on mobile phone evaluation of online education company, through intelligent algorithms and big data mining technology, ape question bank can accurately assess the ability of each candidate, and to achieve intelligent problem-solving The efficiency of the exercises. Ape question bank said that in this round of financing ...

Packet area monitoring system based on cloud storage

Packet-domain Monitoring system based on cloud storage Luo taller, liqing in order to solve the problem of the high efficiency, scalability and security of the large data application environment in the current Telecom packet Area Monitoring system, a new monitoring system based on cloud storage is proposed. The new system adopts Hadoop cloud storage technology, which integrates the private telecom cloud, solves the problem of the system processing and storing massive data in time, and optimizes the whole performance of the system. The test verifies that the new system is stable and reliable and suitable for large capacity monitoring of telecommunication. Keywords: monitoring system; Hadoop; Data mining based on ...

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