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Chrome pushes cloud computing progress Red Hat and Ubuntu new initiatives

Google announced this week that it was developing a chrome operating system that would be a huge boost to cloud computing, with Google posting information on Chrome on its official blog: "People search for information on the Internet, check email, get the latest news, shop and contact friends, Google Chrome Browser is designed for such internet users. But Chrome is not limited to the Internet, we will launch a new product from Chrome, Google Chro ...

Ubuntu will launch its latest desktop version of Ubuntu 9.10 on October 29

Well-known Linux manufacturer canonical company's operating system products "> Ubuntu will launch its latest desktop version of Ubuntu 9.10 on October 29. London Time 26th, the company officially announced the news. New Ubuntu operating system: Easier to use Ubuntu said, after the redesign and continuous improvement, the latest version of the faster speed of operation ...

Ubuntu smartphone OS built-in cloud computing services

Ubuntu is a desktop application-oriented Linux operating system, the name of the "Ubuntu" in southern Africa, meaning "human nature", "I exist because everyone exists", is a traditional African values, similar to the Chinese Society of "benevolence" thought. Based on the Debian distribution and GNOME desktop environment, Ubuntu differs from Debian in that it publishes a new version every 6 months. The goal of Ubuntu is to provide an up-to-date, but fairly stable, and largely free software structure for general users ...

Ubuntu releases mobile operating system will be built into cloud services

According to foreign media reports, Ubuntu yesterday through the network video demonstrated the development of the smartphone operating system. Like Android, Ubuntu is also based on Linux and is also a free open source operating system. Ubuntu unveiled its new smartphone operating system via a virtual keynote address. The Ubuntu founder Mark Schuteworth (Mark Shuttleworth) describes the company's status and innovation efforts. In the area of desktop systems, Ubuntu users from the traditional experience ...

Opera browser installed and used in Ubuntu/debian

Currently ">opera provides a. deb file for Ubuntu. Debian's. deb files should work as well. Opera offers two basic types of installation: using static libraries and shared libraries. The difference is how Opera is linked to the Qt library. In the shared library version, Opera uses Qt on your machine, and static ...

Lubuntu v11.04 releases lightweight energy-saving variants

In 2006, Taiwan's "> Developers" (pseudonym PCMan) launched the first set of open source components (called the PCMan File Manager), began the so-called " Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment "(ie LXDE, based on the gtk++ 2, comply with the GPL V3 rules) of the global development boom, the move out of hand. In fact, since society has such practical needs, such as laptops, MI ...

Ubuntu system lets chromium browser display Chinese menu

Google Chromium is a web browser led by Google. Distribute and open source code in multiple free copyrights, such as BSD licenses. The development of chromium may begin as early as 2006, "> Design idea based on simple, high speed, stability, security, The architecture uses the WebKit typesetting engine developed by Apple, Safari ...

Vysor Pro Crack for Linux and Free Download

This article introduces us to the detailed cracking steps of the new and old versions of Vysor PRO 1.6.6 and the free download of the address of Vysor 1.6.6, as well as the troubleshooting encountered during the cracking process.

V1.3.3.3 for Linux (based on chromium 5.0.342.9) release

Maple browser with Google ">chrome browser all the features, while the Maple browser also increased mouse gestures, ie tags, advertising filtering, super drag, Enhanced features such as private data protection. Maple Browser is free of charge, and there is no function limit, you can use any. Update log: (2010-04-12) 1, fixed: cannot be set as the default browser. 2, upgrade the base version to C ...

Super cool! 5 cloud-oriented operating systems grab fresh

"Google announced the launch of Chrome OS in 2009, which heralds a cloud-centric operating system in 2010," he said. Unfortunately, the Chrome OS won't be available on a large scale until 2011. Google may release its own Chrome OS netbook next month, and beta products based on Chromium OS source code are ready for trial. However, if you do not want to wait for a final version of the cloud-centric operating system, here are some downloadable, cloud-oriented operating systems available. ...

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