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Some Thoughts on Web page navigation based on famous websites at home and abroad

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall [core tips] about paging navigation, seemingly simple design behind some what kind of logic?  Editor's note: This article is our reader Weiyangliang some thoughts on the design of Web page navigation, and analyzed some ideas and ideas on the design of Web page navigation. ...

Web page Tamper-proofing technology tracking

The website plays an important role in the development of information, has infiltrated the various corners, according to the CNNIC survey report, as of January 2006, China's total number of internet users up to 110 million, the number of domestic sites up to 670,000, huge number of netizens and site groups for the rapid development of Internet applications laid a good foundation. The status of the Web page has also been an unprecedented improvement on a company to a government agency web page is tantamount to its own façade. Although there are already firewall, intrusion detection and other security measures, but the complexity and diversity of Web application Systems cause the System vulnerability layer out of ...

Complain about vulgar web game ads look at the user experience of a page tour site

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall "I have been looking for, a world where you are?" When you open a video, can be Tencent video, can be Youku video, can be Sohu video, can also be 56 net video, have a great chance to hear this sentence. This is a web game propaganda language, almost all people have been forced to see, heard that Putonghua is not labeled "Zun" female voice. Because this non-standard Mandarin, there are people who listen to ...

A comprehensive explanation of issues related to "web page similarity"

Intermediary transaction"> SEO diagnosis Taobao guest host hall technology During the construction site, 8630.html "> sometimes encounter a problem , That is the issue of web page similarity. What is page similarity? The so-called page similarity, that is simply the similarity of two pages. These two pages can be the same website on the page, also ...

The pride and annoyance of the web game

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall into the 2008, occurred in the game circle of the size of a lot of things, but in this bustling market, there are always one or two seemingly deserved things to arouse our attention. The Web game is coming! Different from the previous one, this time it is carrying a lot of capital, with ambition "landing". This is our concern, from the web game large-scale "landing" page, to now the major game companies have all kinds of web games into its own, what we see is the unusual operation, once ...

Some tips to improve the speed of your Web page

Absrtact: We know that users do not like to use too much time to wait for the Web page open, waiting for the longer, the user will become more and more impatient, even when irritable will directly close the page, so you will lose some potential customers! Second, the keyword ranking and we know that users do not like to use the Internet too much time waiting for the opening of the Web page, waiting for the longer, the user will become more and more impatient, even when irritable will directly close the page, so you will lose some potential customers! Second, the keyword ranking and the opening speed of the page also has a relationship, this mainly embodies the search engine on the user experience degree, ...

The Daily Mail: anti-traditional Web page design from the user experience

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby author: Spoon Killer/product watchers focus on local design, mobile Internet, user experience, design innovation, research how to use design methods to link "technology-business-media". In the Lei Feng net, the English hears the net and so on has the design column, the TEDx speaker, several designs and the Non-fiction book author. Sina Weibo: Li Yizhou design [core tips] from the perspective of designing and user experience, why the "the Daily Ma ..."

Optimization techniques for Web page structure code

Page div and CSS refactoring page to lose weight the biggest significance is to reduce the garbage code, so that search engine spider smooth crawling on the web, and crawl to the appropriate content. div and CSS Architecture pages have the advantage of being open quickly and more conducive to capturing the content of the engine spiders. But because Div and CSS code will produce a lot of CSS code, and this part of the code will prevent spiders crawl the title part of the page, so we need to separate the CSS to save. Guangdong Foshan Wisdom Branch Network construction: 280 yuan finished product station full package, life-long maintenance qq:6804856 ...

What trends should web page design follow?

With the development of the Internet, the personalized requirements of customers are also relatively obvious, and of course, technology has been greatly improved.       While standing in search engine and user's angle, the website page design should follow what trend? 1. Responsive Web Design (responsive) Now more and more users have a variety of terminals: desktops, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, can adapt to different ...

Page tour industry ushered in a blowout, page tour manufacturers can seize the opportunity?

About the page tour, about the industry that is not favored by the industry, about its past, present and future. The foreground of the page tour in the eyes of different people different page tour now exactly in the game industry in what position, different people may have different views. For those who fled the page tour, the transformation of the hands of the manufacturers, the page has been declining, no longer available for development opportunities, "2014 China Game Industry Report" shows that 2014, the Chinese web game market Real sales revenue of 20.27 billion yuan, an increase of 58.8%. China Mobile game market Real sales revenue of 27 ...

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