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EMC CEO of Greater China: Huawei in 10,000 dollar cloud computing market

EMC Global Senior Vice President, Ye Chenghui, president of Greater China (Tencent Science and Technology map) March 2 News, EMC Greater China Region President Ye Chenghui yesterday in an interview with Tencent Technology, said the company's strategy in China from the private cloud to the mixed cloud, which is a very important reason customers have public cloud demand. Ye Chenghui revealed that the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises will remain one of the focus of the Chinese market, from this income has accounted for the total income of the landfilled. To this end, EMC has specifically developed a 10,000-dollar entry-level product, with the main competitor being Huawei. The following is an interview with the leaf-hui text ...

EMC: Redefining data protection in the big data age

"Software definition" has become the IT Hot word, software definition network, software definition data center, software definition storage, in short, software can define everything. In the large data age, the importance of data is not much to say, and the protection of data will be gradually upgraded.   EMC says that data backup will evolve in the direction of data protection, and over time data protection needs to move toward data management! In the April 9 communication meeting, EMC Dpad Division Greater China Director Chen and senior product manager Li Junpeng and we share the current EMC data ...

Subversive IT management EMC re-customization

Absrtact: In the torrent of technological change, EMC is redefine (redefining) itself. For the past more than 10 years, EMC has evolved from a storage hardware vendor to an information infrastructure solution provider.     Now that it is working toward a torrent of cloud computing and big data-technology change, EMC is "Redefine" (redefining) itself. The past ...

EMC Kissinger: Big Data and cloud computing concepts differ but intersect

"EMC is in the midst of a transition, from the past to the future, where EMC will be two disparate companies," said Patte Kissing, president and chief operating officer of the EMC Information Infrastructure Product division, who came to China one year later, "in the past EMC was just a storage vendor, In the future, EMC will lead the development of the information infrastructure solutions market and become the market leader, not a follower. "EMC Information Infrastructure Products division president and chief Operating Officer Patte Kissing EMC 2011 Years ...

Jotus: EMC World to build "data Planet" transformation is the theme

It is vital that the new year has a good start, and EMC believes that. As reported in April, EMC has achieved a nineth consecutive two-quarter income, with cloud computing, large data and security as a key contributor to earnings reporting, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/14451. HTML ">EMC revenue of $5.09 billion in the first quarter of 2012, with a profit of 587 million dollars and an increase of 23% per cent. EMC estimates ...

EMC CEO and CEO Jotus to shareholders: cloud computing is unstoppable

EMC Chairman and CEO Jotus: EMC President and CEO Jotus issued a shareholder letter, saying that the wave of cloud computing will be the biggest change in the IT industry's history. The following is the full text of the letter: Dear Shareholders: 2010, I am proud of EMC's outstanding performance and record. This year, EMC grew rapidly with a significant increase in market share.  We have fully played the role of financial leverage, in order to promote technological innovation to invest a lot of money. After the baptism of the recession of 2008 and 2009, we have the best ...

EMC Isilon Storage Scenario Major upgrade provides Hadoop analysis for the data lake

EMC today announced a major upgrade to the Emcisilon Onefs, and unveiled a new Isilon platform and solution to strengthen the industry's first enterprise-level scale-out data lake. New products and features, including uninterrupted support for HDFs, will help customers significantly improve their ability to capture, store, protect, and manage large amounts of unstructured data. Using HDFS,EMC in the data lake allows customers to use Hadoop in a huge amount of data rather than using Hadoop in huge amounts of data, thus avoiding the move number ...

Interview EMC Liuweiguang: Greenplum's Big Data strategy

Big data has huge room for development, as evidenced by governments ' policies on big data. U.S. President Barack Obama's big data development plan brings together the nation's top experts to turn data into business assets and values. China's big data market is also no doubt that big data contains huge potential and business opportunities. In recent years, it vendors have launched their own large data strategy, EMC is no exception. EMC, as a traditional storage vendor, has been a leader in global storage. Recently, IT168 reporter of EMC Data Computing Products division, general manager of the Greater China, Liu ...

Lenovo EMC Cooperative Large data enterprise-level market Union

Lenovo, through its collaboration with EMC, will officially dabble in the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/14294.html ">" Big Data area of the enterprise-level market, which will officially pull Lenovo into the enterprise-level market. This morning, Lenovo will set up a joint venture with EMC, which will be fully and deeply cooperative in areas such as storage, NAS storage and X86 industry standard servers. EMC is a world renowned storage company, leading the big data market in recent years ...

EMC Forum Top ten topics reveal storage trends

"IT168 Review" EMC convened an annual forum meeting in California State Long I. earlier this month. Cloud computing is certainly the hottest topic of the Forum this year. But there are a lot of other topics that are also very topical. Here are 10 important topics for the EMC Forum this year: 1, cloud ubiquitous a year ago, EMC was still aggressively promoting the cloud.   Now, the clouds are everywhere. Frank Zappia, EMC Regional vice president, said: "Whatever Franchzapia.

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