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It is possible for ordinary people to find signs of illness in advance and prevent "not being ill"

Absrtact: Professor Franz Halberg, founder of Time Biology, may not have imagined that by his first introduction of time medicine into human therapy, he found that it was possible to judge the health of individuals by observing the rhythms of the human body, and to choose the theory of different nodes to treat. The founder Franz of Biological Professor Halberg may not have imagined that he first introduced time medicine into human therapy and found that it was possible to judge the health of individuals by observing the rhythms of the human body, and that the theory of the treatment of different nodes was becoming more and more close to the commercialization of results. At the moment only ...

Where are the mobile internet entrance signs?

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby mobile internet market was fired hot, all the entrances have become a battleground enterprise, routers have become extremely important.   Because the mobile internet era, a large number of mobile traffic to be routed through the router, which makes routers become the mobile internet era, the most important traffic entry. Market segments, millet, polar routes and so quickly rooted in the home router market, concerned about the dynamics of friends must be aware of, entrepreneurial myth millet in the market to enter the router, the acquisition of the largest domestic ...

Misconceptions about large data: Data statistics ≠ large data

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall the misunderstanding of Big data: data statistics is what has happened, and large data is often used to predict or recommend what has not happened, the two cannot be equated.        However, regardless of data statistics or large data, it is to make the work more effective, so that decision-making more rational and accurate. The big data is so hot that it is widely used in all walks of life, and there are obvious signs of overheating in the near stage. is large data a marketing term or a methodology?

Why Facebook did not show signs of slowing down

According to foreign media reports, Facebook has no signs of slowing down. In the second quarter it recorded a revenue of 2.91 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 61% over the same period of last year. Its net profit was up to 791 million U.S. dollars, up 138% from the same period last year. Both indicators exceeded Wall Street's expectations . After the earnings release, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg and CFO David Wehner attended a earnings conference call to read the company's finances. ..

Misconceptions about large data: data statistics large data

Titanium Media Note: Large data is too hot, is widely used in all walks of life, and the near stage has obvious signs of overheating. Is big data a marketing term or a methodology? The author, Lao Li, is a senior employee of a large data service provider, and his project is to conduct large data analysis for different industries. In his opinion, you must first have a basic understanding of big data, that is "a lot of data is not necessarily of value". In addition, data statistics are not equal to large data, data statistics and large data is the difference between artificial intelligence. Long Wen Shen ...

Mobile Internet: Who has ascended Noah's Ark?

When Tencent relied on micro-mail to get tickets to the mobile internet, countless entrepreneurs fell on the eve of the dawn, and more PC Internet giants struggled in the throes of the brutal reality of the mobile internet industry throughout the 2012.   There are users, no income, many app-type mobile entrepreneurs in the 2012 to face the biggest confusion, when the capital market quickly encounter cold, VCs stop to the founders after blood transfusion, a large number of entrepreneurs fell in the winter. In this unpredictable year, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other PC internet giants with a complex mood to kill ...

Electronic pill: can be monitored and the signs have been taken

Absrtact: While the world is scratching their heads over the privacy of wearable computers such as Google glasses, scientists, researchers and startups are preparing for a more intrusive computing device: An internal computer and a micro-sensor in a pill. While the world is scratching their heads over the privacy of wearable computers such as Google glasses, scientists, researchers and start-ups are preparing for a more intrusive computing device: internal computers and micro-sensors in pills. These "pills" are very small size, and can be digested, more functions ...

Big data: A shift in computing and thinking

In the past two years, the big data has been widely discussed by the public, and even become the selling point of many business marketing. Undoubtedly, the development and popularization of intelligent devices make the mass data collection possible. But the big data is not pure "data big", it contains a kind of calculation and thinking way change, want to exert big data insight, still face the challenge of collecting, managing, analyzing data. How can these obstacles be broken? How can large data be used in the future to create greater value? These questions are worth our cool judgment in the heat of the big data. April 26, Tsinghua University set up "Tsinghua ...

The American Privacy protection system in the "Big Data Age"

May 2014, the Executive Office of the United States (Executive Office of the President) released the 2014 global "Big Data" white Paper – Big Data: Seize the opportunity, Guardian value (Bigdata:seize opportunities, Preserving Values) (hereinafter referred to as "white Paper"), the United States of large data application and management of the status quo, policy framework and improvement proposals are focused on. The value represented by the white paper ...

Big data: The digital dream of the boss of Procter and Gamble

Meng question: Q: I know what is the data, but what is the big data? A: Have you Seen "Sherlock Holmes"? Sherlock Holmes was always able to draw accurate conclusions by observation, and in others ' eyes he was as capable of prophecy as God. In fact, he was merely combining and analyzing the observed information and drawing conclusions through reasonable deductive reasoning. For example, he will analyze the victim's nails that greasy hair silk is the life habits of people, and the soles of the mud in the cracks in the surrounding areas will have. In the age of large data, everyone can be a fulcrum ...

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