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Cloud security Architecture from the perspective of cloud consumers

Introduction Cloud application developers and DevOps have successfully developed tens of thousands of applications for IaaS (Amazon AWS, Rackspace, etc.) and PAAs (Azure, Google App Engine, Cloud Foundry, etc.) platforms. These platforms provide basic security mechanisms such as authentication, Dos attack defense, firewall policy Management, logging, basic user and account management, but security concerns remain the primary obstacle to enterprise cloud implementations. Security concerns for the cloud, deploying from a secure configuration ...

How Windows Azure Services extends Application security

A variety of Windows Azure services can help you extend application security to the cloud. There are three services that provide identity mapping between multiple providers, connections between internally deployed data centers, and application features that send messages to each other, regardless of where the application is located. With Windows Azure Active Directory, you can create a single sign-on application on your application by proxy authentication for applications located in the cloud ...

Blockchain system should start from supply

In the blockchain system, the certificate anchors the most important rights in the system, and this right needs to be implemented using smart contracts.

Windows Azure based on claim identity, single sign-on

Claim identity is a simple and powerful way to handle the identity authentication and access of Web sites and Web services, whether you are working locally or facing the cloud. You can create a more secure application by reducing your custom implementation and using a single simplified identity model based on claim. Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) is a set of. NET Framework classes. It is a framework for implementing an claim identity in your application. ...

Payment licence issuance, financial information security in the field of unified standard call out

As a result of the issuance of payment licences, all parties have their own theory of technology in the area of security, so that in the area of financial information security, a unified safety standard remains to be seen. This newspaper reporter Sun Jiankun csdn's password leaks incident in the industry caused layers of waves, all the existence of passwords and a lot of data information sites are questioned. Although the Qing Qingzhuo from the turbid, but still make the public on the Internet industry's security status has been suspected, many sites suffered bubaizhiyuan. But the real need to focus on security is in the Internet sector more involved in the deeper the bank, ...

Maikfeil Security Platform: A "safe bridge" to the cloud

Security issues and access to information are often the two most common obstacles when businesses consider deploying cloud computing. According to the IDC survey, 90% of companies believe that security is the biggest obstacle to deploying a cloud. How can an enterprise protect data that is sent, received, or stored in the cloud, and how can it be ensured that only the right people have access to the information? While cloud service providers have been trying to reassure their customers, they have not been able to help companies solve these challenges. Therefore, enterprises can only choose to give up cloud computing or the cost of building proprietary ...

Application and practice of cloud computing technology in software industry

China's cloud computing services market will reach $1.1 billion trillion in 2014 and will grow at a compound rate of nearly 45% per cent in the future, according to the latest figures released by US market research companies. Of these, more than 55% of the market is from the application software that is the service market contribution, mainly including the software vendors through the cloud computing way to provide SMEs with the financial, business management and collaboration applications. Cloud services for the first time to pull the domestic IT industry to the international advanced countries at the same time starting the starting line. And the domestic traditional software vendors, need to cross the cost, technology, market, talent and other heavy ...

Windows Azure AppFabric Introductory Teaching series (V): A preliminary study of access control Service

This article is the fifth article in the introductory teaching of Windows Azure AppFabric. This article provides a preliminary explanation of access control Service (ACS) in AppFabric. For subsequent learning to proceed smoothly make sure that you have browsed through the first article of this tutorial, and that you have completed the creation of the AppFabric project and namespace in this article. We know that Appfabirc by service bus and Access control ...

Application of cloud computing in the research and development informatization of large enterprises

Although it industry has different views on cloud computing (clouding Computing), it is still one of the hottest it vocabularies in recent years.       What is cloud computing, and how does it help the enterprise research and development information that we are concerned about? More commonly said, cloud computing is hardware + software + services. These three are not simply added, for the research and development of information, cloud computing should be defined as, adapt to research and development requirements of the hardware and software reasonable collocation, and for research and development to provide easy-to-use, high ...

Talking about the Application of Cloud Computing in the Research and Development of Large Enterprises

IT industry has different views on cloud computing, it is still one of the hottest IT vocabulary in recent years. What exactly is cloud computing, and how does it help us to focus on enterprise R&D informatization?

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