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India's state-owned telecommunications company terminates Telegraph service

Thousands of people in India poured into Telegraph Hall 14th, sending a memorable last telegram, Xinhua reported. The same day, India's state-owned Telecommunications Co., Ltd. terminated Telegraph business. The 162-Year-old Indian Electric newspaper is also the world's largest telegraph service to withdraw from the history stage. The Indian Electric newspaper began in the British colonial period, the East India Company in 1851 in Calcutta and the nearby diamond Seaport erected the first about 40 kilometers long line, to transmit information. By the 90 's, the role of telegrams in Indian society was still incalculable. However, with the branch ...

Spain telecom to raise dividend cut next year revenue forecast

Recently, the world's 4th largest telecoms telecommunications Telefonica S.A.  Announced that the increase of the Ming (2010) annual dividend, but because the European market bias saturation, the revenue is declining, the company will be the performance of the revenue reduction, until 2012.  In a report to the Spanish market regulator, Telefónica pointed out that by 2012 years ago its annual revenue growth rate (compound annual substituting rate,cagr) would have risen 1-4%. At the shareholder meeting, Telefónica set up from 200 ...

God symbol = King "Tianlong 2" 16 times times Cuju War

In the divine artifact today, if the hand does not have a bright shining sword, it is really too bumpy. Want to do a mighty artifact, "new" is essential, and "Tianlong eight 2" in the only 100% drop God symbol + 16 times times super high experience reward activities? Yes, is "sweeping peony bowl" Cuju competition!  19:00 the war on time, don't be late Oh! Today recommended new clothing: Telecommunications National One district "flamboyant" "Misty Rain," "China Netcom" one district "Qin Ming Moon" "Ancient rhyme Hua Zheng" settled in new service Chong class to receive N heavy r ...

China Telecom Chairman: No issue a-share plan

Wang, China Telecom's chairman and chief executive, said yesterday that the company currently has no plans to issue a A-shares and introduce strategic investors because interest rates are low and, compared with equity financing, current debt financing is more beneficial to shareholders, according to the Wednesday report by 0728-HK.  He also said that China Telecom would follow the plan to carry out overseas operations, but there is no large-scale overseas mergers and acquisitions plan, but also want to focus on the domestic telecommunications business. On the market rumors of the plan to cancel the fixed-line telephone rental and roaming fees, Wang said he has not heard of this ...

15 Integration agreements Signed

Caracas, November 1, Venezuela and Brazil signed 15 economic integration agreements on October 31, mainly in the fields of energy such as oil and gas. Under the agreement, Venezuela will be involved in the construction of a large oil refinery in Bogota, Brazil, and train the petrochemical industry professionals in Brazil. In addition, the two sides agreed to strengthen integrated cooperation in food production, industry and telecommunications.

Survey shows that over 60% of the company's year-end awards will exceed employees ' annual salary by 10%

In the first quarter of this year, nearly half of employers plan to recruit more than 2/3 annual bonuses for companies that exceed employees ' annual salary by 10%, according to a survey, with the latest Hudson report showing a sharp rise in hiring intentions in the Chinese sector in the first quarter of 2010.  A survey of more than 600 executives in the major economic sectors found that the proportion of respondents who planned to increase headcount in the first quarter rose to 49% from 39% in the fourth quarter of last year. The survey showed that the recruitment intentions of other surveyed industries were on the rise, with the exception of information and telecommunications. Managing Director of Hudson Asia ...

Sitime was named North America's fastest-growing semiconductor company

Sitime, an analog semiconductor company Sitime Corporation, became the fastest-growing semiconductor company in North America and ranked 38th in the 2012 Deloitte (Deloitte) rating for High-tech, Gaocheng-long 500. The top 500 Deloitte is the fastest-growing technology company in North America for Media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technologies. The standard for this award is based on a year-on-year increase in revenue from 2007-2011. During this period, Sitime Company's income increased ...

Agilent Announces Hermon Labs expansion of mobile audio conformance testing Solutions

Agilent Technology (Agilent Technologies) recently announced that Hermon Labs use Agilent e6621a PXT Wireless Communication tester to provide the latest LTE and voice over LTE acoustic test solutions, so that its GSM, CDMA, CDMA and 3GPP audio test products Add New forces. Hermon Labs is a supplier of international compliance testing solutions, covering EMC, radio, product safety, environment and telecommunications. H ...

ZTE's deficit exceeded 2.5 billion yuan, and Huawei's net profit rose 30%

Just this past year, China's two major domestic telecommunications equipment manufacturers to form a huge contrast: ZTE deficit more than 2.5 billion yuan, Huawei's net profit rose 30%. Yesterday, Huawei announced its 2012-year results: Global sales revenue is expected to 220.2 billion yuan, an increase of 8% per cent, net profit of 15.4 billion yuan, an increase of 33%. The night before yesterday, ZTE issued the annual deficit announcement, is expected 2012 net profit fell 221.35% to 240.77%, loss of 2.5 billion to 2.9 billion yuan. The company said the loss is due to the domestic part of the system contract signing delay, terminal collection ...

Datang Telecom 176 million Tianjin to buy a office building

Datang Telecom (600198) January 31 Night Notice that the Board of Trustees agreed to buy Datang Telecom (Tianjin) technology Industrial Park, the company is located in Tianjin Free trade zone in the Airport Logistics processing area of an office building, the total area of about 32,000 square meters. The company said that Datang Telecom (Tianjin) Technology Industrial Park Co., Ltd. was originally a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, in December 2009 in the Trust limited liability company by the Industrial Park company 50.1% of the shares, the company currently holds 49.9% of Industrial Park company.

IBM: 41% of companies in Egypt and Morocco do not have big data plans

A recent study by IBM shows that 64% of companies in Kenya and Nigeria already have their own big data plans, and only 36% say they don't have any plans for big data. This figure is very different from that in North Africa. In North Africa, fewer than 1/4 of businesses (24% of Egyptian companies and 22% of Moroccan companies) claim to have big data plans or are planning to make big data plans. Most companies in Egypt and Morocco currently do not have plans to enable big data. Egypt: 38% of enterprises do not have a plan to enable large data ...

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