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Development of performance testing tools for the intensive back-end bare cloud system

What is an intensive back-end bare cloud system? The back-end cloud is the one that has removed all the interfaces used for front-end access and deployment, leaving only the cloud of backend virtualization management platform systems. This is further known as the naked cloud because it does not have any front-end modules for visualizing the business. Compared to the cloud front-end system, the back-end bare cloud system is a compact, intensive kernel system responsible for cloud virtualization implementation. For the public cloud, there can be no front-end system, but there must be no back-end system, because the backend is a collection of public cloud system based on Http:// ...

Tian Yun Technology Shanghai branch to obtain the first "external operation of the telecommunications level of public desktop cloud system"

After the construction of Shanghai "Optical Network City" plan Big big, Shanghai Telecom after careful research and evaluation, the first to build "external operation of telecommunications-level public Desktop Cloud system" project, which in the domestic and foreign technical, business and business models are innovative. Through the broadband network for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide "cloud call center", "SME Cloud desktop" for "> Home users to provide" cloud desktop system. Over the years, Shanghai Telecom in the technical ...

Teach the rookie imitation Station tutorial with the new cloud system

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in the Web site to see a very beautiful site is not very exciting it, want to take it for yourself?   Some stationmaster still spends money to call others imitate station? In fact, imitation station is very simple, as long as the understanding of HTML and familiarity with the system you use the label, imitation of a station is no problem, look at this tutorial, you may have learned to use ...

The Royal Friends release the Free Peer-to-peer Network loan cloud system "The Emperor Friend Cloud"

Donews November 27 News Peer-to-peer Network loan platform development Company today released a free Peer-to-peer network loan cloud system "di friends cloud." The company said that the Di cloud system can be waived hundreds of thousands of of the system development costs, users only need to pay "> third party service charges can be online." The Royal Friends Cloud is based on the V5 version of the development of the software, the function of more modular. This system uses the building block type platform, ...

2013 Cloud World Congress: Cloud system software is the key to open the cloud landing

Some experts believe that the cloud computing industry will enter a mature stage in 2015, and 2014 will be the key year. We need to be more open and innovative attitude to meet the mature phase of the cloud industry. In order to better look for cloud computing outbreak Point, 2013 Beijing • Also the Cloud World Congress on December 12 in the Village Creative Living Plaza. Cloud computing has been in China for more than 3 years, people from cognitive fuzzy to cloud landing, to the gradual clarity of cloud computing, then people may be more concerned about the Chinese cloud computing in the next 3 years ...

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Research and design of mobile cloud system based on 3G

Research and design of mobile cloud system based on 3G Shehan Bright mobile internet and cloud computing brings new opportunities for the development of mobile Internet and also accelerates the landing of cloud computing. In order to extend the function and function of mobile terminals, reflect the advantages of cloud computing, so that users can really benefit from the changes brought about by emerging technologies, proposed a remote control system based on 3G network and Internet, the whole system is based on C/S design mode, the handset client as the main control, PC end as the controlled end, Through the server to establish a connection, processing commands and data, to achieve remote ...

Design and implementation of mobile terminal data synchronization in personal cloud system

The design and implementation of mobile terminal data synchronization in personal cloud system Beijing posts and telecommunications Feng Juling This paper proposes a new method of mobile data synchronization to achieve the consistency of data, use the way of log storage differences, and C/s structure optimistic replication method. This method effectively reduces the communication overhead and effectively solves the problem of synchronization and consistency of terminal data in mobile environment. The system design takes into account the usability, efficiency, comprehensiveness, extensibility and accessibility, ensuring the robustness of the system and the efficient use of data. The system can be divided into platform side and mobile terminal side, platform side receive each ...

Cloud system based on cloud computing technology

The patented cloud system based on cloud computing technology Yang Yong Chen Guixi Wang Huilin Small light Hong Yu Firstly, the author introduces the background of the patent cloud, and based on the full investigation and reference of the design and operation mode of the E-commerce platform at home and abroad, designs the overall architecture of the cloud platform with the implementation target of the patent cloud Platform,  Then introduces the basic platform construction ideas and the patent cloud basic software construction idea, finally, on this basis designs the application software system which suits the patent cloud platform, including the patent public Service cloud, the patent Trusteeship Service Cloud, the patent business transaction Cloud three application system. Based on cloud computing ...

[Document] A dynamic service private cloud system adapted to large-scale data processing

Dynamic service for large-scale data processing private cloud system Wang Zhu, Merlin, Lilei, Chang, Hu Guang Summary: In order to adapt to a private cloud environment with large amount of data, computationally intensive, complex process of computing task demand, for reference to the public cloud computing related theory and technology, combining the characteristics of private cloud environment, This paper presents an implementation scheme of a dynamic service private cloud system which adapts to large-scale data processing. This scheme uses the job file to describe the computing task, constructs the processing work flow dynamically with the job logic structure, and introduces the MapReduce parallel framework through the data stream driver service request.

Sky Cloud technology to build China's first public desktop cloud system

The good news from cloud technology: Tian Yun Technology Shanghai Pudong Software Park "public Desktop Cloud System project" on November 17 through final acceptance, China's first public desktop cloud was born and has been operating! November 17 Three o'clock in the afternoon, Shanghai Pudong Software Park "public Desktop Cloud System project" final acceptance meeting in Shanghai Pudong Software Park "> Limited Company 9 Floor Third Conference room, Beijing Sky Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. High ...

[Document] Cloud system management and operation

Management and Operation Temp_12043014349294.pdf of cloud system

Microsoft wants to launch Windows based cloud system

This week, Microsoft launched its 2012 Microsoft Global Partners Conference in Toronto (WPC), where Microsoft demonstrated its new offerings and services to its global partners. Microsoft announced that it would launch a new windows-based cloud system. New services enable users to build their own web sites and Web applications, build their own windows-based or linux-based virtual machines, and, finally, build their own self-service portals. Microsoft Windows cloud Services will provide Windows Server 2 ...

Cloud system Synergy, Unite "fleet" to demonstrate base strength

Since August 16, 2010 settled, after two years of development, Cloud base has basically completed the cloud computing industry chain layout. The intention of the cloud base is to bring together the upstream and downstream forces of the industry, cooperate and promote each other. Over the past two years, good collaboration between cloud companies has proved the advantages of a convergence of industries. Let's take a look at how our brothers and sisters work together today. @ Chongqing Big Data Project days Cloud tech data first-Chongqing mobile GPRS online log query System project, that embodies the cloud system enterprise three carriage coordination. The role of the three carriage is as follows, there are soft, have hard, ...

Linkage World Cloud System-distributed multiple storage, price reduction of more than 30%

As an important pillar of the new generation of information technology transformation and it application Mode, cloud Computing application has become the focus of the development and application innovation of information technology industry. Cloud host as one of the hotspots of cloud computing application, its development trend is closely related to the life of our Internet. In the past 2013, the domestic well-known network service provider Linkage World also ushered in a technical baptism, easy cloud host set up the latest third generation cloud system-distributed storage, price reduction of more than 30%. Linkage World Director pointed out that the past cloud host standardization services can not meet the needs of enterprise high availability ...

Sony launches PSP latest firmware system to increase cloud system music Library

The net (Compile/Sky small white) Sony today released a new PSP firmware system (6.35 version) and added a "qriocity" music service icon, the relevant services will soon be officially launched.  Correlation analysis personage thinks, PSP Software will build a network music library based on "Qriocity".  In the latest announcement of the official blog, the "qriocity" Music library has millions of songs, music enthusiasts can be synchronized through the cloud system to download and other operations. Meanwhile, on Sony's official website ...

How to protect the "enterprise private Cloud" system

The spread and application of the cloud is constrained by a number of uncertainties, such as cost and service levels, data security and protection, scalability and reliability, auditing and compliance, control and governance, security, performance, and availability.   Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the efficient and continuous operation of the private cloud system from the optimization of management and security.   Cloud Management The general cloud management platform offered by HP mainly provides three functions, such as cloud infrastructure resource management, virtualization and capacity management, and cloud service lifecycle management. Cloud Infrastructure Financing ...

New cloud system How to correctly add Thunder special download link

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall many use New Yun (newasp) CMS system to make download station friends, to earn commissions,   Joined the Thunder Alliance, the results saw a half-day of the Thunderbolt Alliance to help, and finally will not use the Thunderbolt dedicated download link. My station: Nine Days Entertainment Network ( was established at the end of March this year ...

A small SEO for the new cloud system

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall two examples: the first link: (Hasn't done SEO) QQ Space Small Secretary V1.80 http :// Second Link: (Did SEO) first-class ...

Xiang-mail technology wants to rely on "cloud system" to save oneself

As the domestic postal industry is currently the only listed company, Xiang Postal technology for several years, the average performance of 2011 's 7 holding companies are annihilated, no one profit, the total loss of nearly 5.7 million yuan.  Dong Huang at the annual shareholder meeting held on May 25, said that in the future will continue to promote the core product development, enhance the competitiveness of the company. 7 subsidiaries last year, a total loss of 5.7 million annual report, Xiang-mail technology through the establishment or investment of 7 subsidiaries, 2011 net profit of all negative, total loss of nearly 5.7 million yuan. Which Hunan Branch Hing Communications Technology Co., Ltd. loss of 30 ...

The cloud system based on the iphone-structure formation

We've been trying to make it easy and quick for users to share their favorite pictures. In fact, the first product release was a version of Pinterest, used to collect a market roadmap. After the initial network release, we realized that there are some difficulties in uploading images, so we have been working on new methods. We first tried on the iphone and wanted to launch Android apps in the near future. Because at the beginning, we can only concentrate on One direction. There will be a series of (3-5) articles describing IPhO ...

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