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CentOS 6.x System installation + NIC driver installation (Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller for Linux)

Many of the available NIC drivers have actually been installed during the installation of Gnu/linux, but this one:Realtek PCIe GBE Family ControllerBut not the driver.And my desktop: the HP HP Pro 3380 MT is just using this NIC. Because there is no network, and centos6.x did not pre-installed gcc,g++ compilation environment, really toss a long time.The following

Configure the PCIe Nic indicator

PCIe Nic schematic, with Act (flash) configured with led0 pins, and link 1000 m configured with led3 100000000001000 = 0x4008 // LZM: 2011/8/6/*PCIe Nic schematic, with Act (flash) configured with led0 pins, and link 1000 m configured with led3 100000000001000 = 0x4008*/Static void rtl8168_customized_leds

What are NGFF, M.2, PCIe, and NVMe? Differences between NGFF, M.2, PCIe, and NVMe

the M.2 interface)For example, X1 carbon 4th, the Storage shows that M.2 SSD supports SATA and PCIe bus (2.5 hard drive is not supported)Reference download address>So how can we remember what hard disks are supported by various ThinkPad models?1. Differentiate physical shape standards. The shape cannot be used.2.5 "hard disk (including HDD and SSD) must pay attention to the thickness, usually 5mm and 7mm. If the machine supports 5mm, it can also

All kinds of PCIe acceleration boards

I declare that this article does not involve any specific APIs or specific vendors, but it is worth noting that, the successes and failures of some acceleration board manufacturers are precisely due to their versatility. In this era where people are still dependent on professional boards, boards are still regarded as specialized problems, vendors that represent these boards and claim that they can solve common problems should be cautious! Although I am very optimistic about generic boards, I am

Install Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller in CentOS 6. x

Install Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller in CentOS 6. xMany available Nic drivers have been installed in the GNU/Linux installation process, but the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller driver does not.My desktop: HP Pro 3380 MT uses this Nic. Since there is no network, and CentOS6.x is not pre-installed with gcc, g ++

Freesclae i.mx6 Linux PCIe Driver source code Analysis __linux

freesclae i.mx6 Linux PCIe Driver source code Analysis Turn from: Http://www.lai18.com/content/2232856.html Recently, a tool was needed to test whether PCIe link was successful, but since PCIe drivers are in kernel space, it is necessary to first analyze the I. MX6 PCIe Drive source code. First I had to spit out th

Two ways Intel CPU masks PCIe Errors

two ways to HasWell CPU PCIE Error Maskingin doing HASWELLCPU offers several ways to hot-plug a PCIe card device , or to forcibly disconnect the power from the PCIe card without causing the system to restart . one way is to use PCIe and AER capability related bits, shielding these bits can prevent the above operation

PCIe SSD introduction and application (I), pciessd introduction and application

PCIe SSD introduction and application (I), pciessd introduction and application SSD with SATA/SAS interfaces has been available for more than a decade and has been widely used in the personal consumption field. However, its performance still cannot fully meet the high throughput and low latency requirements of enterprise users, A few years ago, the world's first PCIe interface SSD came out, and won the favo

PostgreSQL Introduction and performance improvement of PCIe SSD

In the relational database area, PostgreSQL is a very popular open source database software. Since its release in 1996, it has accumulated nearly 20 years of practical experience, both in PostgreSQL itself and in community ecology. Not only small and medium-sized enterprises, many large industry customers will also use PostgreSQL to build their own database system. This article focuses on PostgreSQL and compares the SAS disks in the PCIe SSD (this art

PCIE Driver and DMA mechanism under Linux __linux

error messages, set registers, and so on, these operations through the IOCTL support, you can PCIe card given register space to configure. 9. Registration of interrupt handlers: · The interrupt number is allocated and written to the device configuration space during the BIOS initialization phase, and then Linux reads the interrupt number from the configuration space and writes to the Pci_dev IRQ member when the PCI_DEV is established, so it reads dir

Intel64 and IA-32 Architecture Optimization guide-3.9 maximum PCIe Performance

3.9 maximum PCIe Performance PCIe performance has an unexpected impact on the size and alignment of upstream read/write transactions from a PCIe proxy to the publishing of host-side memory. As a general rule, in terms of bandwidth and latency, the best performance is to align the starting address of upstream read/write at the 64-byte boundary and ensure that the

Multi-function PCIe switch nine: Problems needing attention in single NT system

Multifunction PCIE Switch IX: Issues needing attention in a single NT system1. Difference between single NT and dual NT systemNTB is typically used on dual-or multi-control systems to achieve cross-node data transfer. On a system composed of multiple nodes, there is usually a NTB chip on each node to achieve the system-wide address space partitioning and routing. As the name implies, single NT refers to the use of a

Memblaze teamed with PMC to launch high-performance PCIe SSDs for ultra-large data centers

Memblaze joined PMCLaunch high-performance PCIe SSDs for ultra-large data centersMemblaze products are leading the industry in terms of capacity, flexibility and latencyLeading Big Data connectivity, transmission and storage, delivering innovative semiconductors and software solutions PMC ? The Company (NASDAQ: PMCS) announced today that the Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd. has adopted the PMC Flashtec in its next generation of

Virtex6 PCIe lite basic concepts (1)

Virtex6 PCIe lite basic concepts (1) Document version Development Tools Test Platform Project name Date Author Remarks V1.0 Ise14.7 DBF Board Day2/PCIETest1 2016.03.31 Lutianfei None References: Spartan 6 PCIE_V2.4 real tutorial (2) fast-paced fpga_pciedesign Tutorial: v6_pcie_ug5171_pci1_express1_structure guide: xapp1052.pdf Common interface speed 2 Transaction Processing Layer Protocol

Use memory to access PCIe space under Linux

Test environment: Ubuntu 14.04LTSUnder Windows, we can easily see all of the PCIe config space with rw everything, but we recently wanted to dump PCIe config space under Linux, first we tried to use IO read,That is, usually we will use CF8 and CFC way, but unfortunately this way can only read out 256 bytes, then the back of the 0x100~0x1ff how to read, is the following we have to solve the problem.1, first

PCIe data peak bandwidth and effective bandwidth calculation

recently, the bandwidth concept and calculation of PCIe are somewhat blurred, and most of the online search data is a mold, This is calculated by the following formula:Parallel bus bandwidth (MB/s) = parallel bus clock frequency (MHz) * Parallel bus bit width (BIT/8 = B) * Transmission of several sets of data per clock (cycle)In particular, after the calculation is not very easy to understand, and then after consulting the information, the following u

Multi-function PCIe Switch VI: Read and write based on NTB node

Multi-function PCIe switch Six: read-write optimization based on NTB node1. Features of application based on NTB cross-node reading and writingNTB is often used in applications where high performance and reliability are required to enable the transmission of data across nodes. For example, as a virtual network card, cross-node data synchronization channel, these occasions are expected to give full play to the NTB

Addressing of the Capability Structure in PCIe

PCI-X and PCIe bus specifications require that their devices must support the capabilities structure. The basic configuration space of the PCI bus contains a capabilities pointer register, which stores the head pointer of the capabilities Structure linked list. A PCIe device may contain multiple capability structures. These registers form a linked list, as shown in. Each capability structure has a unique I

Must SSD be PCIe for enterprise-level servers?

I talked to users and vendors about how SSD (solid state drive) is used, I found that most people think that server SSDS must be ultra-high-performance SLC (single-layer unit) PCIe flash cards manufactured by manufacturers such as Fusion-IO, micron, Virident, or LSI. Although most people know that the mainstream SAS or SATA interface SSD is in the 2.5 inch format, they seem to think that these devices are only suitable for laptops or enthusiasts. Of c

Understanding the spatial structure of Windows PCIe devices with WindRiver

This paper mainly through the WindRiver tool graphical view PCIe device, to understand the space structure of PCIE devices. This article mainly refers to the "PCI Express Architecture Guide" and the Netizen blog: Click to open the link.I. The space structure of PCIE equipmentPCIe devices have three separate physical address spaces: device memory space (memory), I

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