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Photoshop7.0 let the desktop belong to himself

Photoshop7.0 by virtue of the image post-processing of the super function and unlimited artistic creative space, by every image enthusiasts, in order to help everyone better use the software, the following author on the use of Photoshop to create a full personality, novel beautiful desktop effects. 1, start the Photoshop program, and then click the "File" menu item in the interface with the left mouse butto

PS Filter Installation

In Photoshop, filters change pixel data in different ways to achieve a special effect on the image. One of the Photoshop filters for Photoshop's plug-in filters. There are three types of filters in PHOTOSHOP: An inner filter, a built-in filter (with a filter), and an external filter (a third-party filter). Built-in filters and external filters are placed under the Plug-ins subdirectory in the Photoshop installation directory. The inner filter refers to the filters inside the

Photoshop: The elegant effect of the basket design step by step

Design once, the basket with the shooting hit and the wind flowing in that moment, the author of the Heart also suddenly floated up, how would like to record this wonderful moment! This is not, the author pound, chose his favorite Photoshop7.0, designed the basketball after the net to follow the dance effect; Please take a look at this special effects of the production process, while aftertaste the thrill of shooting! 1. Run Photoshop

How does the XP system uninstall Photoshop software?

How does the XP system uninstall Photoshop software? 1, on the boot, with the mouse to open the lower left corner of the desktop menu, the Start menu in the right column to find Control Panel this option. 2, click the left mouse button to open the Control Panel window, in the window and find: Add or Remove program options, as shown in the Red Arrows indicated: 3, click on the left mouse button to open: Add or Remove Programs, in the open window, through the mouse menu to find th

Photoshop Fast Implement button float

specific implementation of the detailed steps: 1, run the Photoshop program, open the main operating interface of the Photoshop7.0, click the File menu item in the menu bar of the interface, choose New command from the pop-up Drop-down menu, and open the New dialog box as shown in Figure 1; At the name text box of the dialog box, you can enter the name of the "button floating effect", and at the width and

tutorial on installing filters in Photoshop

In the previous Photoshop tutorial, we shared the Photoshop installation action, the Photoshop installation Brush tutorial, in today's tutorial, we will share the Photoshop installation filter tutorial, Photoshop filters are a very important operation in Photoshop, so how does Photoshop install filters? Let's take a look at today's Photoshop Tutorial! Photoshop tutorial for installing filters in Photoshop: In Photoshop, filters change pixel data in different ways to achieve a spec

The design of the flowing effect of the basket net step by step

Design once, the basket with the shooting hit and the wind flowing in that moment, the author of the Heart also suddenly floated up, how would like to record this wonderful moment! This is not, the author pound, chose his favorite Photoshop7.0, designed the basketball after the net to follow the dance effect; Please take a look at this special effects of the production process, while aftertaste the thrill of shooting! 1, run the Photoshop

Related knowledge about filters

refers to a filter inside the Photoshop program, with a total of 6 groups of 24 filters. Built-in filter refers to Photoshop's default installation, the Photoshop installer automatically installs the filters in the Pluging directory, with a total of 12 groups of 72 filters. The external filter is a filter produced by a third-party manufacturer for Photoshop, in addition to the above two filters, and they a

Use good photoshopaction to put a lot of border on photos

A. Use PS ready-made action to add a personalized border to the photo bulk Now the online free electronic photo album by a lot of people like to take pictures of friends welcome, we often took photos of a simple Photoshop processing can be put online to let everyone to appreciate the evaluation. When Photoshop works with images, adding a nice border to the picture looks more beautiful. Use Photoshop's ready-made action tool to quickly and bulk add image borders. You can download from this site t

ZBrush How to make embossed pattern

choose the first mode, after selecting the first mode will pop the Zapplink interface, as shown: double sided mean double-sided, if you want to make both sides of the model, then check this button. Fade means the default interface parameter. Enable Perspective use Perspective. Emphasis: The Set Target app button means: Set the target program. Since Zzapplink is actually a bridge between ZBrush and Photoshop software, let's first specify where the

Photoshop-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use photoshop to create realistic and transparent water drops. The water drops produced in this tutorial are very lifelike and not very difficult. it is suitable for beginners to learn. we recommend that you use photoshop to create water drops, if you like it, you can refer to the functions of the photshop graphics software. today, I will introduce you to the method of creating realistic and transparent water beads in photoshop. The tutorial is very basic, it is ve

Answers to questions about how to learn data structures and algorithms (2)

? This actually doesn't make much sense. What is the use of the data structure? Can I just stop learning? Back to that example, if you only want to study plants and animals in biology, can you take the test? Of course not. They and standing up are a complete system. Computer Language and data structure are required courses in computer education. In the postgraduate entrance exam, data structure is almost a must for professional courses. This is from a comprehensive knowledge perspective. In addi

Mdop package med-V Installation instructions

Save Configuration Then we open the med-vclient program. Enter the same password Select Test Image Start to load the image. After loading, there will be something in the Start Menu. In addition, there will also be a checked icon in the tray area. Note that the V = Photoshop program icon does not exist and cannot be opened ., because the path does not contain double quotation marks Open the PS of the St

PSCS4 cannot associate. psd file?

When we install the official downloaded Photoshop CS4 in Windows 7, some netizens will find that no matter how the PSD file is not connected, even the right click. The PSD file modifies its properties and finds "default program" in Windows Control Panel. It is not possible to reset the association, which means that each time you want to open a. psd file, you must first open the main Photoshop program, and t

Insert a Photoshop picture in Word 2007

Insert a Photoshop picture in Word 2007 WORD2007 is also well compatible with other common applications, taking Photoshop as an example, both to open Photoshop directly in Word2007 and to store new pictures directly in Word2007 in Word2007 documents. Let's take a look at how Word2007 works with Photoshop. (1) Click the Insert tab, click the Object button in the text area, and select the object option in the Drop-down menu. (2) In the Object dialog box, click the New tab, select the Adobo Phot

Common Hardware glossary! Absolutely authoritative! (Go !) 11. Scanner Glossary

-typing input. After scanning the text, the scanner enters the text into the Text Processing Software by processing the optical text recognition software.    Terminator: A special resistance package or block that can be used to tell the computer where the SCSI serial end is and ensure the overall circuit signal stability. The electrical noise generated by numerous cables and equipment can be eliminated by the filter of terminal resistors.    Mask (TMA): represents the transparent media adapter

Unable to initialize Photoshop, invalid preference file workaround

The specific steps are as follows: 1. On the computer desktop when we double-click the Photoshop program, we also press "Shift+ctrl+alt" as shown in the following image 2. The computer then prompts "Do you want to delete the Adobe Photoshop setup file?", click Yes, and restore the default settings as shown in the following figure. 3. In this way, the Phothoshop can be opened. Cloud Habitat Small ser

Simple Java Image processing class (Image watermark image scaling) _java

//Joint photo Expert Group public static String image_type_jpeg = "JPEG";//Joint Photographic expert Group public static String image_type_bmp = "BMP" or shorthand for the English bitmap (bitmap), which is the standard image file format in the Windows operating system public static string image_type_png = "PNG";/Portable Network Graphics public static string image_type_psd = "PSD";//Photo Shop's special format Photoshop /** *

Making dazzling backgrounds with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop technology applications, in web production and image production, we often see a number of dazzling lighting background or similar 3D effects and digital effects of background images, such background often brings a strong visual impact and artistic impact, The reasonable use of these pictures will also add cool visual effects to our web pages, so that our web page is a lot more. Here, the author will be based on their own practical experience, to explain some of the dazzling imag

How to create a canvas suitable for screenshot size in PS?

Create a canvas that fits the screenshot size in Photoshop after the screenshot 1, open QQ press Ctrl+alt+a intercept arrows red box content 2, click the Photoshop program 3, click on the new file 4, point here 5, point shearing plate to determine 6, this is the new canvas 7, after pasting the canvas and screenshot image size con

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