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Mobile side picture sharing design: Picture sharing design User experience

Article Description: talking about "mobile end picture sharing". Background trendsThe advent of the era of reading, so that 140 text described Twitter appears bleak, "picture sharing" is predicted to be social application of the next

PS Classic Beauty Tutorial makes you perfect

The tutorial very detailed explanation personage advanced hairdressing method, in the detail processing aspect the author all close to use the mouse to draw, the method also is similar to the mouse painting, had to admire the author's

PS Pull up the character's healthy dark complexion

This tutorial is mainly about the dark healthy skin of the characters. Thinking: First of all the characters to adjust the overall color and contrast, color matching method is very much, and then appropriate to the character of the skin, and then

Photoshop to synthesize a panorama of Chinese wind creative works tutorial

The appearance of Photoshop for photography creative brought more possibilities, we can not only make and modify their favorite colors, images, more unrestrained to put together some pictures, Combined into a new picture, today we are sharing a

How to fix a problem where IE8 cannot display a PNG picture

In fact, this problem is because the registry, in addition to the problem, only need to modify the registry can be The manual modification method is to save the registration code in Notepad, save it as Fix-ie8.reg, and then double-click the import!

How to use PS to make a classic flawless cosmetic effect

Original Final effect 1. Open the original artwork through the color adjustment tool to adjust to the right image effect. Neat image filter is used here. 2. Create a new layer, layer

Photoshop Photo Landscaping Tips

Tutorial character beautification method is very practical. The original material looks not only a lot of acne, but also a little exposure uneven.In the process of processing, the author roughly white The face of the characters. Then use the channel

Photoshop to create beautiful and exquisite facial close-up skills

Figure Portrait Repair requires a certain comprehensive technology, the process can be roughly divided into three stages: the first is the face contour, flaws, stains and other repair. Then a more critical step, to protect the details of the skin.

Photoshop combines various methods to make the details of the HD portrait matte

Photoshop combines various methods to make the details of the HD portrait matte Final effect Original 1, open the picture, duplicate a layer, with the repair Brush tool and stamp tool to repair a beautiful face acne, this needs

PS Use neat image filter insert grinding skin to create delicate texture

There are many ways to rub skin, I prefer to use neat image of this plug-in, repair the map when the first to find out where the problem, the material itself is very good texture, we just need to repair the skin A little more delicate, texture is a

Photoshop to create a portrait of skin texture

Photoshop to create a portrait of skin texture This tutorial mainly to a foreign mm to carry out grinding operations, the character to perform intensive treatment, tutorials are all to provide ideas, which used to plug the filter neat image

Photoshop Classic Beauty Tutorial

The tutorial very detailed explanation personage advanced hairdressing method, in the detail processing aspect the author all close to use the mouse to draw, the method also is similar to the mouse painting, had to admire the author's foundation.

The use of PS plug filter fast to acne characters fine grinding skin

Tutorials mainly use the neat image filter to grind the skin, this filter will maintain the skin at the same time the details, but when setting parameters must control the value, try to set the parameters, until they are satisfied. No such filter

iOS Development: 40 iOS Open source projects on GitHub

  1. afnetworking Among the many iOS open source projects, afnetworking can be described as the most popular library project for developers. Afnetworking is a lightweight iOS, MAC OS x network communication Class library, and now is the third

PS Synthetic car Styling key cell phone

In this tutorial, we will use an ordinary button cell phone, the phone to put on the car wheel, so that its shape looks like a car, and like a mobile phone, especially with personality, like to learn to do it. First, open the picture of

PS to the glasses mm call sweet sugar color effect

This PS tutorial teaches you to use Photoshop to give glasses to the sweet sugar syrup color effect, sugar water is in the lab mode down out, like sugar aqua students hurry to learn! Original Processing process: 1, open the original

PS CS5 Filter Making the War of Gods movie poster tutorial

The movie "War of the Gods" tells the story of the gods, the son of Zeus fell into the world after all the incidents, the Olympia Mountain of God is so stirred up, a god and people, God and God between the rescue and salvation action. In this

PS Fluffy Font effect

This is a simple Photoshop technique that can be applied to a variety of effects from hair, skin, grass, fire, and quite a few things. So in this tutorial, I'll show you how to do a very cool and simple tutorial with the most basic tools in

10 Open-source software to be focused on in 2013

This list comes from the Black Duck Software's "Rookie of the Year" award, which focuses on JavaScript and mobility. The Black Duck released its "open source rookies of the year" in Wednesday, which highlighted 10 Open-source software that was

Fix IE8 cannot display PNG picture resolution

Today, I suddenly found that a lot of pictures of the Web site are small forks, and later found that it is my IE8 can not properly display the problems caused by PNG pictures. How to solve this problem? In fact, the problem is because the registry

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