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How to use the interest map social media to do marketing interaction? This article shares the car brand's Peugeot jigsaw activity with the first Pinterest http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/10998.html "> Creative marketing Campaign kotex-gift (video) Case


Pinterest has always been a new social media based on interest maps. It presents beautiful pictures through waterfall streaming pattern, which wins many users ' love. Pinterest's users have grown so fast that they now have 11 million users. And brand business is also continued to pay attention to Pinterest, it can not only give their own site to bring a surprising flow of people, we are eager to Pinterest better find their potential consumers, and their interaction. This article shares two different brands using Pinterest's marketing campaigns to see what new insights they can bring to you.

Car brand Peugeot use Pinterest to do a jigsaw activity

Peugeot Pinterest Active Pages Pinterest page

Peugeot through this jigsaw activity, motivating users to go to their official home page with Facebook corporate page to look for fragments of pictures, using a pin (take pictures), users can complete the puzzle in Pinterest. The first five people to finish the puzzle can get prizes.

This activity is not only very interesting, Peugeot has played a Pinterest can take and organize the characteristics of the picture, designed this jigsaw, not only to allow more users to focus on their Pinterest page, but also to draw attention to their official website and Facebook Enterprise page. From the comments, they are very active in responding to their fans ' questions and interacting with them in order to perform better.

Kotex-turning girls ' likes into real gifts (video)

Kotext found 50 women with a certain influence in Pinterest, studying each person's pin (collection), the pictures they collected, the things they liked. Based on the interests of each of the 50 people, Kotex put their favorite things into the actual goods, placed in a gift box. If they want these gift boxes, she just repin the pictures of these gift boxes. These women's opinion leaders will spread word-of-mouth through other social media such as Pinterest.

Roughly estimated, this marketing campaign, Kotex only sent 50 gifts on the cost, but did get 2,284 interactions, a total of about 690,000 of the page was visited.

Detailed process video on Kotex marketing activities


Pinterest not only brings us surprises in terms of user experience and content, but businesses are also racking their brains to approach their users in different ways. And do you see these special marketing campaigns on many of the country's pinterest-like social networking sites? I hope these two cases will give you some inspiration.

These two cases inspire me,

1. Through the Pinterest of the interest map, find out who you want to relate to, and study their interests and preferences.

2. Design a different marketing campaign using the features of Pinterest's waterfall-style pictures. (Puzzle case)

3. Combine the chain. Pinterest is still not strong enough in terms of the amount of information and the number of users you can publish, by Pinterest to find your potential users, combined with your official website or your most popular social media.

tell me what inspired you from that? Welcome to share with us under the comments!

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