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Part I: Website definition

First, the website keywords: highway, highway construction, road condition information, key projects, intelligent transportation, traffic management

II. website Technology: Asp.net+mysql+win2000servers + Hosting

Part II: Site positioning

Site positioning:

A, site positioning: Road Industry Portal Web Web site for the public network positioning, through the world!

B, website platform role: With a large road resources for the road design company/design staff/construction units/Materials suppliers to provide the corresponding resources.

C, strategic objectives: "1358" plan: 1-year construction platform, 3-year strong, 5-year big, 8-year listing

Three years to make the Web site for the public road network positioning as the first brand of highway industry website, website information resources/tools resources The most integrity/authority, and gradually expand the industry to rail/waterway/civil aviation/bridge.

Target group and Demand analysis:

Audience: Web site navigation for the public network positioning customers are mainly road design companies/road designers/Road materials suppliers/construction Companies

Customer Needs analysis

Highway design Company: Design drawings, technical information, bidding information, road materials products, industry information,

Road conditions, talent

Road design personnel: Design drawings, technical data, design knowledge, training tests, industry information, road conditions,

Find information, talent

Road materials Suppliers: channels, product promotion, industry information, talent

Construction companies: Construction materials, suppliers, software, road conditions, talent

Part III: Market Analysis

Market Opportunities:

Highway construction and development is the national economic development level of the wind vane, according to the latest release of the Ministry of Communications, "National Highway Network Planning", from 2005 to 2030, the state will spend 2 trillion yuan, new 51,000 km highway, so that China's highway mileage reached 85,000 kilometers. has been built 29,000 km, under construction 16,000 kilometers, to be built 40,000 km, respectively, the total mileage of 34%, 19%, 47%, is expected to be completed by 2010 5-5 km

There is a large gap in the future expressway construction, if it is unrealistic to rely on the state to invest and develop the expressway, it is not feasible. It is an important measure of China's highway investment and financing system to set up expressway company to issue stock listing and issue corporate bonds. At present, the capital market is full of foreign capital and social idle funds, the effective use of these foreign capital and private investment will play an active role in the development of expressway construction.

The expressway industry is in the industrial expansion period, the expressway industry is facing the opportunity of continuous prosperity. The support of national policy is the primary factor of expressway development, and the stable industry background provides a stable investment return for expressway investment.


China Road network was founded in 1999, the site ranked 290,000 in the world, by the Chinese Highway Magazine and China Road Association held jointly, the website because of the relevant information institutions to do, in the road information has a great advantage, and because the site was established earlier, has formed a certain brand effect, The inadequacy of the site is to provide the audience with utility resources relative to teaching less.

Analysis: The current road site is particularly large, mainly to the region as the scope of service, site limitations, the provision of national services, the road network is not much, and most of the sites are placed in the State and no substantive operation.

Our advantages and Opportunities: Web site for the public network positioning to information, tools and products for the audience to provide comprehensive resources, and through the blog, Forum and other ancillary services with netizens to interact with, really for customers to solve related problems related to highway, really do Highway vertical portal site, everything is "road" service.

Our disadvantage: The Web site for the public road network positioning does not have a better traditional business support, information resources and Web site dissemination has a certain impact on the information also does not have a huge body to do content supply.

Solution: Find the highway, transportation and other magazines, media cooperation, the public enjoy information content resources.

Part Four: Profit model

Web site for the public network positioning positioning for the road industry vertical portal, profit model can not be separated from the vertical portal several ways to profit: Agents, commissions, members, advertising, the project just started with a pure web site operation mode, Web site navigation for the public network positioning in the operation mode must do three stages of adjustment

The first stage: the initial operation of the site, the use of collection resources and other well-known sites to achieve through the website operation can drive the traditional business development.

The second stage: the site into the development period, the social value of the site is reflected, for design companies, designers to provide a large number of useful resources, you can directly to the download charges, charging the way for deduction points charges.

The third stage: The website enters the mature period, the website has certain media function, has certain dissemination effect, provides the mature platform for the material supply and demand relation, gradually forms the highway material purchase platform, may take the member charge to the supplier, and collects the corresponding product promotion expense.

Description: Product points design separate planning.

Part Five: Website product construction and description

According to site positioning and audience analysis, as well as market and profitability analysis, website products do the following analysis design:

Website Core Products: industry information, design drawings, technical information (public demand for the audience, mainly for the design company)

Website supporting products: road conditions, bidding information, design knowledge, training test (for the design of individuals)

Website Business Product: Material company storehouse, material product storehouse, material supply and demand storehouse (mainly for supplier and construction company)

Site Peripheral Products: Unit directory, expert Library, forum, road map, find information, exhibitions, my assistant

According to the above product analysis design, as well as consumer behavior analysis, the Web site for public network positioning site column can do the following planning:

Top columns: Industry information, design drawings, technical data, investment, road products, road talents, books and periodicals audio and video

First-level columns: topics, road conditions, maintenance, design knowledge, training examinations, exhibition information, unit directory, expert celebrities, find information, my assistant, about us, contact us

Service Module (road map, ask road, toll inquiry, software, driving test, violation)

Level Two column: Please refer to the "page diagram" document, Level two page is basically all level of page category expansion, system development completed, the site can be added backstage, can be added at any time, modified.

Doubts: Experts online (for Project Investment Assessment Analysis), how to integrate industrial chain, automobile logistics can do?

Site data requirements table fields need to be combined with the existing site database structure analysis, the next step to work!

According to the above website column analysis and the website operation Strategy, proposes the homepage as follows plan: see annex 2

Part VI: Website Construction Technology implementation and time arrangement

Technical Analysis:

1, Technical route: Asp.net+mysql+win2000servers + Hosting

2, the Industry information Publishing system: There are two categories, need to do dynamic category changes.

3, the design of the Library publishing system: There are two categories, need to do dynamic category changes.

4, Technical Database publishing system: There are two categories, need to do dynamic category changes.

5, Talent Information Release system

6, Expert Blog system: A category, experts can automatically register members, have their own personal home page, can publish drawings, technical information, opinion articles, personal data, which drawings, technical data need to go audit process, the audit process to join the integration mechanism.

7, the Unit Directory blog system: A class, and there are regional classification, units can be automatically registered members, have their own personal home page, can publish the basic information, profile, dynamic, business scope.

8, Bsend standard system: Supplier member Automatic registration, a class category, registered members automatically generated after the supplier's homepage, supplier members can release the company's basic information, company profile, product information, supply and demand information, company dynamics.

9, BBS Forum System: a class.

10. Special Production System

11, other publishing system: Road conditions, design knowledge, training test, bidding information, exhibition information, my assistant, service center.

12, b/c system as a book mall

Technical Summary: The site has three two categories of release requirements, three categories of release requirements, three blog release requirements, a BBS demand, the site needs a set of information publishing system, a set of independent construction station system.

Member Analysis:

Web site for the public network positioning has 5 kinds of members:

Ordinary Members: 1, browse information 2, download Data 3, BBS posts 4, points

Expert member: 1, has the ordinary member permission 2, publishes the drawing, the technical material, the viewpoint article, the personal data

Unit members: 1, with ordinary membership rights 2, release profile, company dynamics, business scope, basic information

Merchant Member: 1, has the ordinary member permission 2, releases the product, the release demand, the release company introduction, the company dynamic

Webmaster: 1, with other members of all functions 2, Rights Assignment 3, all information published editorial audit

4, Flow Analysis 5, report Analysis 6, points management

Specific member background function, member channel related consumption, integration, point conversion management, deduction mechanism, charging implementation

Need to plan for the next step.

Website Development Schedule

Page Art: 15 working days home and first-level channel page complete, other pages with the development of alternate completion, channel page a set of three pages.

Program development: 5 Working days page and system analysis, 40 working days to complete the website development, 5 working days joint test,

5 Working days website test operation.

Total need time: 70 working days Web site full operation, in the formal development of decision-making requirements, it will take about 3 months.

Note: Data import and entry with the development of the Web site synchronization, the above requirements need different stages of strict implementation of control, otherwise time will be postponed, and difficult to estimate.

Part VII: Project organization and job description

Organization Name/Reporting Object organization function


(Report to the sensible long) company's highest decision-making body, determine the company's business strategy, benefit mechanism and important personnel appointment and removal, as well as resource support.

Website Operations Director

(Report to the general Manager) 1, responsible for the project team work deployment, support.

2, the overall operation of the website.

3, Web technology, art and the overall management of the background

4, website planning and development, content operation

5, business development, business development

6, deduction points, points, fees, report management.

Website Editor

(report to Operation Director) 1, Industry information editor

2, thematic production, event marketing

3, title production, content editing

Media operations

(Report to Operations Director) 1, Media content cooperation, joint activities

2. Exhibition, exposition, seminar, Public forum and other co-ordination work

3, hot information tracking, with the site planning related activities.

Technical Engineer

(Report to Operations Director) 1, Procedures: For business services, follow the business needs to do Web site technology implementation

2, Server: Server security and stability, good backup mechanism and action.

3, Art: Follow the business needs to achieve relevant art requirements, including small animation production.

Web site Editing

(Report to Editor-in-Chief) industry information, expert Information Editor Audit, forum Editor, online consulting processing, thematic planning

Input/Customer Service

(report to Operation Director) 1, design drawings, technical data, road conditions, bidding information, design knowledge, training test, exhibition information entry

2, the expert celebrity, the unit, the Supplier blog creation and the product entry as well as with its contact.


(Report to Operations Director/General Manager) responsible for project business

The above functions and levels of relationships need to be continuously debugged during different operating stages of the website

Staff job responsibilities, assessment standards, work standards must be the next step

Part VIII: Website promotion

Online promotion (involving costs or cooperation):

(1) Portal channel cooperation

The best way to improve traffic is to open the channel directly from the portal, or to advertise in large quantities, not

The cost of advertising is too high and the effect is not obvious, the Web site for the public network positioning will be used with the portal channel cooperation to promote the way, mainly because the way can quickly improve traffic, and the target group is more concentrated.

According to the current situation analysis of several major portal sites, there are possible cooperation of the portal mainly has the following several:

Guangzhou window: South China's well-known portal, there is no open highway channel, the proposed Crown cooperation Highway channel.

NetEase: Civil Engineering channel content cooperation.

(2) Search engine

The search engine is the website very good promotion tool, can bring certain flow and the target customer base, just the price is too expensive, the eye

The former market main search engine has Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO, and Baidu's effect will probably occupy 60%,google for 30%,yahoo 10%. To Baidu as a service object, the purchase of keywords:

Expressway, highway construction, road condition information, key engineering, intelligent transportation, traffic management

(3) Media cooperation, public activities, borrowing force pull.

1, the relevant Highway Summit forum to the theme of comprehensive coverage of publicity, the site as a media Support unit live Congress website, related activities can be agent investment, or joint contractors.

2, large-scale activities and exhibitions through banner advertising, customer resources to give publicity change booth.

3, the Web site brand operation must be "Web site navigation for the public network positioning" name as much as possible in the magazine, newspapers, websites, activities and other related business inside, as far as possible to request the activities of the promotional materials "Web site for the public network positioning."

4, borrow the industry hot topics and related institutional strength, a total of relevant statements, seminars, open forums, industry-related activities, the site as far as possible as a media role, as far as possible, customer resources for its investment.

5, the independent construction station system, registered member automatically generates the website, automatically has the two level domain name, the different template choice, the initiative for the Merchant registration, the active contact, and through the related media soft article dissemination.

2, other conventional promotion methods (online/net) (not related to costs):

(1) Use of existing customer resources, two times a week to the user page, content for information, topics and related hot topics as well as product information.

(3) through the portal or a large web site posting, a day top 10 stickers above. Use a few different accounts to top the sticker, but have good content

(4) Search engine optimization Raise

(5) Do other website links (10) Use the message board for publicity

(6) In the chat room, BBS issued invitations

(7) Join related Highway Alliance, Exchange resources including drawing and technical documents with others in QQ way.

(8) The production of leaflets or promotional leaflets, distributed to the public by the newspaper to the total place.

(9) manufacture, hype news, indirect propaganda website.

(10) Joining the Advertising Alliance (to be charged)

(11) The net picks up the content of own website to add to the collection of the big website, the content of the general submission also will be indexed by the search engine

(12) Pay more attention to the quality and quantity of original content of website and so on, and send to media and customer group frequently, if original content is quoted, will bring a lot of external link.


1, the initial charges: Find channels, website product line, profit model, charging way with related products bundled sales, the website products mainly as other institutions products value-added services, mainly to expand consumption channels, increase the role of the Web site stickiness.

2, the collation of good customer resources, regular mobile phone mass, bulk mail, mass supply and demand, fax mass.

3, to do the distribution system, to the Web site resource providers to give the corresponding points, let it carry out word-of-mouth publicity, sales; web site navigation for the public network positioning of the Web site services products, such as large-scale portal as a channel role, and do distribution.

4, point to point call, mining demand, promote sales.

This article source: Web site navigation (http://www.web996.com), reprinted clear Annotated.

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