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You new webmaster friends, everyone good! Today to share a few of the search for false original articles of a few trick. This is the actual operation of the time I summed up a few of the experience, I hope we do not abandon ha! Of course, the best original articles or write their own, but in the actual operation, their own writing too waste time, and very inefficient. So let me introduce you to a few good ways ha!

I. Translation articles

This is my frequent use of a method, it is characterized by very good originality, updated article ranking is also better, but the readability of the article is not very good, you need to manually modify. Can say very "wretched". This method is specific to the translation of similar articles in other languages. Like 115.html "> Simplified Chinese station to find traditional Chinese or English and other language articles translated, English station in Chinese and other foreign languages, such as translation over the article in the Chinese search engine is not included. So the original is very good, and then their own manually modified, the statement grasp Shun, an original article came out. such as Guang ' an SEO (liziseo.com) This SEO article consulting station, it is required a lot of articles updated. After my observation found that this station has a feature is the early article readability is not very good, sank to the end of the list, the recent article has a higher readable value, presumably its early article is the use of this method.

Two. Grab Articles

This method is also better, but you need to grasp the time, such as Sohu, Baidu, Sina, NetEase and other large web site blog article is a large amount of resources, these blogs will update a lot of blog every day, as long as you go to the first time to grab your station, this is your original article. The best choice to open the blog, because the weight of this blog may not be the weight of your site, search engine update cycle, your station than its blog update cycle is shorter, so the search engine will be included in your this article, so it becomes your original article.

Three. Excerpt articles from similar books

Online similar to the txt,doc,pdf format of e-books are basically indexed by search engines, as an original article is not too good, so we can choose the ground market of similar books, we can be divided into chapters or sections of the knock on your website, this article is very good originality. It just takes a little time.

Four. Choose Pseudo Original Tool

On the internet to find a similar article, with false original tools to modify, such as inserting sentences, replacing synonyms, change the passage of paragraphs and so on. The advantage of this method is that it is faster, but the originality is not very good.

Five. Chat record

This method of originality is very good, like with the related QQ, post, message board, chat room, and so on, their chat records we can collect, and then modify the combination of their own to become an original article. It's a good comparison.

Here I summed up so much, this is just my personal point of view, if there are mistakes in the place also please forgive me, a lot of advice. Please do not tease ha! There are many ways, but in daily life, you do not observe carefully.

Original articles such as reprint, please specify: Reprinted from: Guang seohttp://www.liziseo.com

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