Adsage Consulting operation system leads the new direction of mobile marketing development

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"Half is the sea, half is the fire", use this sentence to describe the mentality of advertisers is more appropriate. Watching the mobile internet market explosive growth, everywhere "gold", but simply do not know how to effectively put, many times have to take the chance to cast a net. As a leading digital marketing expert, Edersch (Adsage) launched the Intelligent Mobile advertising platform Mobisage, can effectively solve many advertisers face this problem. It not only has the accurate positioning of the data mining and to achieve user interaction HTML5 technology, but also pioneered a set of advisory operating system in the industry, advertising Hoot mobile interconnection market to provide all-round support. The hot of mobile internet market, bring huge mobile application demand at the same time, also make the user's behavior fragmentation further aggravate. Therefore, how to grasp the user's concern, and the user to effectively interact with the advertisers to become the most concerned about the issue, Mobisage launched a data mining technology and HTML5 technology perfect combination of "double-edged sword" combination. As a trans-China and U.S. digital marketing technology and service provider, Adsage has strong data mining capabilities. Its Intelligent mobile advertising platform Mobisage has a very influential media channels, has now covered more than 7,000 applications. On this basis, adsage in the industry's first HTML5 technology for mobile advertising, HTML5 provides a new framework and platform, including the provision of plug-ins-free audio and video, image animation, ontology storage and more cool and important features, and make these applications standardized. HTML5 Technology and data mining technology, the perfect combination of advertisers and users to fully interact, greatly improve the advertiser's input revenue. Openness, cooperation and win-wins are the themes of the mobile internet era. As a leader in the field of mobile internet marketing, in addition to providing the best and the most professional technology, Mobisage is also committed to creating an advertising agent, agents, developers and the mutual win of the mobile marketing ecology. August 6, 2011, based on the successful experience of adsage in internet advertising and search engine marketing, Mobisage combines the features of mobile internet around customer consultation, customer service, advertising planning, advertising execution, advertising optimization and so on, and formally establishes a consultancy operation system, Become the first mobile marketing company to put forward the concept of consulting operation. If the top technology is to help advertisers in the mobile internet world Gongchenglvede "Generals", then the consultant-type operating system is for advertisers to provide a full range of services and support, to help its strategist. In this system, advertisers do not have to choose the precise object of the target and confused, no longer to arrange the advertising budget and worry about how to enhance the interactive advertising, rich advertising display form and brooding. In consultation, planning, implementation, optimization and other stages, Mobisage has a professional team to provide services to help customers through the mobile Internet channels for user infiltration, reasonable distribution of advertisingBudget, and constantly optimize the effectiveness of advertising, and actively absorb the new Internet technology applications to mobile Internet advertising, such as HTML5 technology, multidimensional directional technology. In order to help advertisers in the marketing process every step can go the most correct way, with ease of mobile marketing. The introduction of the consultant-type operation concept has aroused a strong reaction in the industry. It is understood that since the establishment of the Mobisage advisory operation system, has served more than 100 advertisers, covering automobiles, FMCG, network services, large chain, e-commerce, education, games and other industries, the precision of the results of the delivery, has won the unanimous praise of many advertisers. Industry analysts believe that in the mobile internet era, only pay attention to mining user value, pay attention to the growth of advertising platform, to win the trust of users. Mobisage launched the Consultant-type operation system, realized and the user's altogether wins, has constructed a brand-new Internet ecology, will lead the entire mobile marketing domain development direction.
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