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Erotic, religious and political, Mac on PCs, these topics in the industry we try to avoid talking about. If you're engaged in an online marketing campaign, there's a topic that you're trying to avoid, which is whether clicking is a problem.

Since the 1994 Wired magazine's first banner ad, there has been no rest in the controversy over outstanding clicks, and people have been asking, "Do you click correctly?" Clicks are an excellent commitment to the online media. In "> traditional advertising can be evaluated only by sampling, research and other guesses, online advertising is measurable."

However, the direct measurement of online advertising began to fade. Publishers and advertisers have tested the value of advertising, and now suddenly find themselves facing problems and why they are evaluating ads that don't work for their customers. As a result, words such as ROI begin to appear in discord among customers, and customers wonder why no one clicks on their ads.

The advertising industry is beginning to respond, and is trying to convince customers that even if the ad is not clicked, the advertising effect of the brand is still appearing and the advertising is still valuable. In 1997, the interactive advertising agency published a study that said online advertising is effective even if people don't click. Then there is the controversy over good clicks.

As with many arguments, clicking on the brand's argument often comes with the fact. It is clear that the above interactive advertising agency is biased in its research because it aims to sell online advertising from an advertising perspective. The Nielsen research organization recently launched an online advertising evaluation system similar to GRP. Digital advertising company Eyeblaster says it wants to develop new systems to replace the existing click mode. Instead of focusing on whether users are clicking on ads, they think it's better to focus on users spending time browsing or interacting with ads.

At the same time, new technology has joined the debate. Different social media formats offer some kind of traditional display advertising pattern, now that clicks are replaced by social participation assessments, and mobile media is seen as an excellent branding tool, and research shows that the effect of mobile ad campaigns is five times times the effect of traditional online advertising campaigns.

Google, Facebook, and CPC and CPA have also benefited from clicking on the reputation of the lark. They fully support the direct response model and are supported by each user, whether CPG advertisers or businesses. Their self service includes a high level of obligation.

If you want to improve brand awareness, use a better way to build brand awareness. This will be a large, decisive way to include video, analog, or interactive activities. If you want to push the reaction, use technical means to get people to react.

Then, take appropriate assessment methods to achieve the goal. This means that if you are going to brand, you should evaluate success by brand awareness rather than by the click-through rate of the ad. If you want to drive traffic, try to achieve the upgrade of the assessment traffic.

(Original: August 30, 2010, compiled: Song XI)

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