Although the site traffic is less as long as the election of the right ads still make money

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All along, stationmaster is busy for own website traffic, for stationmaster, flow is money, is stationmaster income main source. So everyone is trying their best to improve the flow of their website.

But with the changing advertising model, stationmaster income source also in quietly change, no longer have no goal to enhance the traffic, but to find more close to the theme of the site, to find the target audience, more valuable traffic. In fact, such changes, and E-commerce development has a great relationship, but also with the Advertising Alliance CPS effect ads.

Some people will ask, e-commerce development and stationmaster income have what relation? In fact, you are wrong to understand this. Whether it is such as Fank or like Taobao, Baidu such consumer-to-consumer. To achieve better sales, and thousands of small and medium-sized webmaster inseparable. Especially the E-commerce platform of the consumer class. Often browse other websites friends know, whether in NetEase, Phoenix such a large portal site, or some other small and medium sites, can see all the ads, these ads, a large part of the small and medium Web site is through the alliance to do CPS effect ads. CPS ads, to some small and medium-sized sites to bring a new profit point, especially some vertical categories of web sites, according to their own site theme and user groups to select some appropriate CPS ads, increased their income, such a situation I also heard a number of webmaster friends to talk about.

A friend a few months ago made a website called Shopping Hall, in fact, is a simple shopping navigation site, the original is to do a play, also did not want to use this site to make any money. So there is no way to promote, flow is not high, the independent IP is also 300 or so, like this site, if you want to do click-type ads, may be one months also earn less than a packet of cigarettes, monthly ads no one is willing to put, so has not considered hanging advertising money this thing, But recently found him on the top of the home made a very OK Network logo ads, I thought he took the monthly ad, and asked him in private when he received the advertisement, how much money each month, but he told me, this is only a CPS advertising, do is the advertising alliance advertisers ads. Do less than half a month, but also small earn more than 100 dollars! I feel a little discredited after hearing him.

I know for CPS ads, as long as through your ads, produced the actual sales, you will get the corresponding commission, not according to how much traffic to your site to calculate the amount of advertising costs. For the choice of advertisers, mainly look at the advertisers give the commission amount and ladder situation, as well as on product types and advertisers brand awareness. For small and medium site owners, the flow of their own web site is limited, but also to choose the right for their own site advertising model and advertising products, so as to effectively improve their income, the limited flow into cash.

I also deliberately to billion up to see a friend said this very OK Network Commission situation, they give the commission amount is 2 yuan-100 yuan, Beijing east to is 2 yuan-40 yuan, the same is the digital mall, but a lot higher than Jingdong, the lowest single order more than 30 yuan can get 2 yuan Commission, And Jingdong is the lowest single order to be 100 yuan to get 2 yuan commission, from a single order commission settings, it is very attractive to small and medium-sized webmaster. After all, the small net buys the user to still occupy the majority. At the same time than several of its digital mall commissions are much higher.

Although his site traffic is very small, but his traffic value is very high, users are mostly online shopping crowd. From these circumstances, I am a friend of less than half a month to get more than 100 yuan income, it is not a big problem.

Of course, the choice of advertising alliance is also important, at present, the domestic CPS ads do a good job of the alliance, I have done hundreds of billions of hair and results net of these two alliances, the two alliance platform in the country, visibility is very high, so don't spend too much time to understand their credibility problem. For vertical small and medium sites. Select some of the relevant products with their own website CPS advertising, can effectively improve their earnings. Less traffic site, the election of the ads, so can make money!!

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