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A, and news blog "Moving Company":

target objects: Sina blog, Sohu Blog, NetEase tribe, Tom Blog, MSN Space, Tianya, China blog, Chinese tribe Pavilion, blog China, blog China column, donews, crooked Cool blog, mins blog, Blogbus, Blogdrive, Baidu, MOP Blog.

Service features: The ID under the blog posts, links, pictures, embedded in the article streaming media files, need to manually adjust;

Moving Process:

1, in the news blog register an account;

2, to hair theme for "I want to move, give me Help" mail, and in the content please specify in the original blog address and in the news blog address

3, at the same time in the original blog issued you want to move the notice.

4, 24 hours (weeks Six except Sunday) and the service staff of the moving company to help you complete the whole process of moving.

Second, Blogbus moving service:

target object: At present Blogbus can be BLOGCN, Bokee, Sina Blog, banner elite, mins blog, uuzone, news blog, NetEase tribe, Tianya blog, Msnspace, Blogdriver, Sohu blog 12 sites to provide relocation services.

Service Features: The scope of the relocation includes dates, content, comments and pictures, multimedia files. The whole process is machine-controlled and does not require bus staff to operate.

Moving Process: (Detailed moving process description)

1, register a blog in Blogbus;

2, choose to move the blog site;

3, in the moving page to enter your blog URL;

4, select the number of articles.

5, click Start Move, wait;

6, save the generated XML file;

7, login Blogbus into the Management Center--〉 utility--〉 Import Export, import the downloaded XML file into bus, complete.

Three, Baidu space Move service:

target Audience: MSN Space and Sina blog.

Moving Process:

in the Baidu Moving Service home page input you want to move out of the blog address, input verification code, start moving.

prerequisite is that you must log in, detailed moving help points here.

Four, NetEase blog: How to migrate from live space and Sina to NetEase blog:

Target: Live space and Sina blog

Moving Process:

1, review the cloning instructions to learn about cloning matters.

2, Login to your live MSN (MSN space) to confirm settings.

3, submit application

Please enter your email address and password to sign in to your MSN account

Please enter the name address of the live MSN (msn Space) that corresponds to your MSN account

Select "Remember my Application Information" and submit the data cloning request.

4, after the relocation is successful, will receive the system notice.

Six, Sohu blog MSN Moving Tool:

target object: Very clear--msn space

Service Features:

1, after cloning the original MSN data will not be lost, will still be retained;

2, you can move all your live MSN articles to a Sohu blog, the release date remains the original release date;

3, MSN Data cloning will not affect the normal use of your Sohu blog.

Moving process:

1, in Sohu Blog register an account;

2, the live MSN permissions, date format settings are configured correctly.

Seven, MSN MSN to Blogger moving tool

target object: MSN MSN

Moving Process:

1, scan your MSN MSN.

2, the content of MSN MSN transferred to the blogger

also recommends two data backup tools:

One, Blogbak: Provide blog data import and export function:

Target audiences: blog power, blog Commune Old edition, blog China, parenting blog, Xuite, Opera, excellent friends uuzone, mins blogms, CSDN, powerful, Tencent, X-space, all fast, crooked cool, NetEase, mop, Live MSN, Baidu, Sohu, Oblog, Shineblog, Blogchinese, Vitality Blog, Sina, Tianya, and News, BLOGCN, Blogbus, unknown station.

Data backup process:

1, will download the compressed file into a directory can be, without the installation of pure green software;

2, running Blogbak.exe;

3, choose your current use of the blog service provider;

4, point [to login], the left browser will be transferred to the corresponding service provider site entrance, enter your own user password normal login;

5, after the successful login, point [start Backup], then please be patient;

6, after the completion, the left side will be prompted, backup data files saved in the installation directory.

Two, Blogbus moved to WordPress program:

Moving Process:

1, download, decompression;

2, modify the
in index.php according to your needs

$filename = ' bus.xml ';

$allowtag = true;

3, Upload index.php, xml.php and Blogbus backup files to your space (if you are using a BSP, you can install a PHP locally);

4, running index.php;

5, save the resulting page as XML (in XML suffix) file;

6, in WordPress after the background import can be.

December 5 Update:

Ant Community Blog Import Service:

target object: 1. Sina blog 2.Sohu blog 3. Blog 4. Blog Power 5.BLOGCN 6.Donews blog 7.Donews My 8.Techweb blog 9.Live 10.Blogbus 11. Baidu Space 12 min Blog 13. Tianya Blog 14.CSDN blog 15.UUZone blog 16. Cool Blog 17.Soho tabloid 18. News Blog
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