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CN domain name price fifty times, CN domain name how to restore rational

The end of the 31st, next year will be implemented by the market adjusted price policy. From March 2007 onwards, the implementation of the "CN domain name 1 yuan registration experience activities" has finally ended. A domain name service provider commented that the CN domain name price finally returned to a rational state. Because "now CN domain name has become the largest state domain name, the effect of the event has been achieved, so now start by the registrar agreed price.But $ 1 registration price, domain name registrar is losing money .100 yuan price, we are Profitable. "The original purpose of engaging in this activity is only to catch a first name it? And now CNNIC mercy of the price of mentioning about 100 yuan, is to make domain name registrars profitable?

1. Although CN domain name registration has always been a dollar before, CNNIC registered a domain name for 07 year renewal price is set at 1 yuan in 2008, but in fact, basically all domain name registrars have adopted the registration of 1 yuan, renewal of 50 Yuan above the price, I have written this article dedicated to comment. Said before the domain name registrar in the CN domain name is not profitable not profitable, in fact, nonsense.

2, CN domain name registration normal price in the end how much? Now reported about one hundred yuan, or the value of one yuan? Obviously, the registration price of 1 yuan is belittling the value of the CN domain name, but the hundred dollars is its true and reasonable The price? Not necessarily right now com and net, but the price is only about fifty or sixty, if cn domain name price exceeds com, it is still registered advantage?

3, the registration is a hundred or so, the renewal of the price how to set? Originally, "CN domain name 1 yuan experience activities," one result is that the registration amount too much, resulting in waste, even if the $ 1 renewal price, there will be A lot of cn domain name will be abandoned and fall. Now if you increase the renewal price (renewal should be similar to the price of registration, most of the domain name is the case), is bound to cause more give up. Is this the original intention of CNNIC "CN domain name 1 yuan experience activities"? Lure a dollar, cheat the first name?

4, CNNIC, whether it is a CN domain name, whether it is a dollar experience or a hundred dollars registered or not, the price is not its primary problem. What it does is to have the cn domain name recognized, widely and effectively used, the low price is an attractive advantage, but irrationally it goes from $ 1 to $ 100, probably for the purpose of promoting the use of the CN domain name Is also contrary to.

Appendix: CNNIC Notice

"CN domain name 1 yuan experience activities" will be December 31, 2008 ended

To promote the national domain name, lower the application threshold of domain name, and benefit more netizens, is the aim of "CN domain name 1 Yuan experience activity". Since March 7, 2007, "CN domain name 1 yuan experience activities," since the majority of users actively participate in the CN domain name experience, more users grow to become Internet builders of our country, to experience based on the CN domain name website, blog, e-mail, etc. Various Internet applications. As of June 2008, the proportion of websites under CN in the total number of websites in China increased from 43.6% in January 2007 to 71.3%. Most domestic websites have already used the CN domain name, and the habit of netizens entering CN domain names to access websites has also been Gradually formed.

"CN domain name 1 yuan experience activities" will be at 12:00 on December 31, 2008 deadline. After the event, CN domain name prices will be adjusted by the market, please the majority of users to arrange domain name registration and renewal of the relevant matters

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