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A cascading style sheet plays an important role when one needs to edit or modify the Web site design. Tools are handy for novice developers and designers to easily learn the language and its functions. Let me introduce you. Cascading style sheets (styles) are a style language used to describe the writing of semantic (appearance and format) files in a markup language. It has been widely used and is subject to the world of Web developers.

Today, we have compiled a list of 30 useful tools and applications that will assist and simplyfy working with developers and designers. With the following tools you can sort the attributes of any command and can convert your PS image processing software layer style and be able to create your own response system. We hope the audience will find the following list handy and useful. Enjoy!

1.Metro UI CSS: User interface frame, windows-8 interface


The Metro UI CSS user interface is a set of styles that create such interfaces. It is a stand-alone solution, but can also be used alongside any other framework. There are style tiles, images, notices, forms, buttons and typography. The framework is also a "worker process" and mentions the need to enrich more layout options + features.

2.CSScomb: Sort attributes in a given order


Csscomb, the free service of any of the properties of any command you want (and, its default order is also good--from the most important--). With a single + multiline code, in addition to the online version, there are plug-ins that provide the most popular ideas.

3.CSS3PS: Convert your PS image processing software layer to CSS 3 style


CSS3PS, free cloud PS image processing software plugin, conversion layer, CSS 3. You can select several layers and layer groups and convert them in a click. Strokes are converted to border properties. Inner shadow, inner shadow, outer glow, converted to Web Box shadow properties. You can see results, styles in browsers and share them with others. It can be in Windows or operating system and PS image processing software, later. And best of all, it's totally free!

4.responsiveaeon:css 3 Grid Architecture


Responsiveaeon is the HTML 5/css3-powered framework to create a responsive layout quickly. It has a grid system that is based on 12 column 1104px width altogether providing a very easy to understand use of only 3 basic categories. The framework utilizes "mediaqueries and can be with any device in any size." In addition to the grid system, there are also style fonts, lists, tables, buttons and forms. The download package includes several file compatibility, modal boxes and a grid of private sector/AI/icon files.

5.RefineSlide: Effect of response image slider and CSS 3


Refineslide is a lightweight (4 compression) plug-in plugin for fast integrated response, image-based sliders to our site. The slider uses a CSS 3 transition + three-dimensional conversion (already reserved), with a bunch of nice transitions. It has an option to display thumbnails (automatic formatting and response) or bows and arrows as navigation (and, with keyboard support as well).

6.Photon: A three-dimensional light engine


Photon is a class library that can add simple lighting effects to any element in three-dimensional space. For the effect created, it uses the Webkitcssmatrix object (it is the only supported browser engine). The angle of the light source can define and change the functionality provided at any time. It can define objects to be lit one after the other or a group of them at once, we can customize the use of the set Black + white.



Gridpak's starting point is to improve your workflow and save time for your reaction project. Create a response grid system once using a simple interface, let Gridpak do heavy generating pngs, and scripts.

Style, Gridpak produces compatibility, IE 8 +, however it uses some experimental properties such as media query, box-sizing and background-clip performance so that we recommend using it with library and other modern guarantees for backward compatibility.

8.morf.js: Custom feature transition ease CSS 3


Morf.js is a solution for hardware accelerated CSS 3 transition custom mitigation features including Bounce, spring, elasticity and more. Once a loose function is triggered through the time, it is used webkit-keyframes. The library uses the Shifty.js winding law property and it is the Web kit only.

9.Gumby: Response Framework and Web Interface Kit


Gumby is a sensitive and 960px-grid CSS grid framework that can be customized to work on a range of resolutions with little effort. Its liquid fixed layout of the self optimized content for desktop, tablet and mobile resolution and has support for nested grids. Similar to the Twitter guide, includes a user interface toolkit for good-looking buttons, forms, navigation + tags and a small file to make these components life. Gumby has multiple versions to download: 12 columns, 16 columns, mixed with one or all of the features of the package. Also, there are files that provide a convenient design grid.

10.APP JS: Creating Desktop applications and Html-css-js


App JS is an exciting resource that enables us to develop desktop applications using Web technologies (Web pages, Web pages and scripts). Appjs is an exciting resource that enables us to develop desktop applications using Web technologies (Web pages, Web pages and scripts).

11.Browser Support: Browser compatibility search engine


Browser support is a simple search engine to find out which attributes are supported in the browser. A auto-complete-powered search that will display all of your possible attributes while typing and bringing results for all major browsers (Chrome, Sa Fari,fire Fox, i.e., Opera House).

12.Sprite Pad: Create needle sequence diagram in seconds


Sprite Pad is the perfect solution for each Web Developer: with Sprite pad You can create your sprite in a few seconds. Just drag and drop pictures onto the canvas and they can act as a little Elf + code. No fiddling with Photoshop image processing software, no manual styling. A simple way to sprite.

Sprite Pad Optimization Superintendent Eeeee: No downloads, no settings, no lengthy uploads. Work worry-free directly in your browser. Take your picture, change options to make the style automatically updated. There is no work to do two times.

13.HTML5 please


HTML5 please help you look for HTML 5,css 3, and so on, knowing if they can be used if they find out how to use them – with polyfills fallback, or because they are. So you can decide whether and how to use these features.

These suggestions represent the collective knowledge of developers who have been in the HTML 5 trenches. If you think this proposal is incorrect, you can edit the recommendations for each feature and send the request as well.

14.JS Bin: Easy online editing scripts and styles


JS bin is a Web application designed to help develop and test code snippets with folk, in some cases, and debug code collaboration. The station allows you to edit and test

With Hypertext Markup Language. Once you're happy, you can save, and URLs to send to a peer review or help. They can save one if needed to make further changes.



Animate.css a bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your project. To use your project, simply add the class element, or call the animation yourself in your file. Classes and animations have the same name.

Web animations support Apple, Google Browser and Firefox. Microsoft also pledged to support IE 10, and the support has been announced as Opera 12.

16.Excessive: Remove your expansion


Excessive is free to use compressors and you can drag and drop any number of files they will be compressed instantly. The application merges all the files into a single one so that you rearrange the files (to output) and drag ' n ' down.

17.CSS Refresh


CSS Refresh is a file that automizes immediately apply the new style without refreshing the page. This is a plug ' n ' playback solution and what configuration. Just insert the file page and you're ready to go.

18.impress.js: A CSS 3 dynamic framework


Impress.js-This allows us to build a very beautiful slide show. Slides can be positioned, rotated and scaled in an infinite canvas to magnify/shrink and three-dimensional effects through the use of CSS 3 transitions and transitions created by Taro (which makes it only with web kits and the latest fire Fox + browsers).

19.Bear CSS


The bear CSS is a free Web application that generates all the elements of a stylesheet, intrusion detection and classes from a given file. Applications are primarily useful for these projects, using long code, it would be better if the bear requirements, items including internal style sheets are uploaded-functional requirements.



Pager is the extension of CSS variables, blends, and functions. Do not run on the client (browser, browser, Fire Fox) and server side, with Node.js and Rhino.



This is a web-based tool that translates into a simple copy-and-paste file style.

The tool uses Css2less Ruby Library at the back end, and its website is open source people are willing to host themselves.

22.Responsive grid System: Fluid grid Framework


Responsive grid system is a fluid grid framework for the rapid development of response sites.

It has 3 kinds: 12,16 and 24 columns with a media query for all standard devices, an optional reset and clearfix. The style of the grid, the media query, the reset and the ie-specific are cleverly separated into different files and we can use what we need.

23.CSS3 Shapes


CSS3 shapes is a project, stock style that includes many different shapes of triangles, diamonds, stars, reviews, eggs, and more. The ′css 3 property allows us to create a single element of many different shapes. Of course, not all people are functional everyday use, but they are certainly good for inspiring and improving your site (3) skills.

CSS Arrow please


There are also a number of network-based generators available for everything such as stripes, buttons, icons and other forms, loaders, in the arrow please focus on another niche; Yes, completely based on (no image) arrows.

This technique is useful for creating tool tips that provide a variety of options for customizing (location, color, and boundary values) and automatically generating related code.

25.WebPutty: Web page editing and hosting services


Webputty is an application that allows you to write code for an online, feature-rich, syntax-highlighted editor that allows you to see the changes in real time side to face preview panel.

You can hold any number of files in a single account. The file is made by the service and any changes are immediately reflected to the life site. Webputty is a free hosting service that is now open source, and anyone can create their own instances and edit/Manage multiple project files from one location.



Cssfx.js is a file (weight 2.5kb) to create a vendor-specific CSS 3 attribute that needs to be a client for the new and old browsers. It supports most CSS 3 properties and with most browsers (including IE 6).

27.SpritePad: Simple way to create a needle sequence diagram


Spritepad is an impressive, free Web application that allows you to drag and drop any number of image canvases that they stand and you want to get the style rules generated automatically. Once you have installed all the items, we provide a compressed file spritepad. By Sprite image Style rule also the canvas size can be customized and/or can be shrunk to fit the file, click. There is a premium version can also provide users with some other convenient functions.

28.Dirty Markup: Beautify your Web pages, Web pages and scripting code


Dirty markup is a free Web application that helps you clean garbled characters easily. Editors use simple features aceeditor and have multiple options for each beautification to get the best results. It supports text (5), and through the power of combining popular web pages, Web finishing and landscaping.

29.Crunch: Fewer edits and compilations


Crunch is a free Web page/editor with syntax highlighting and multiple tag support applications, simplifying the compilation section without requiring command-line access through a user-friendly interface. Once a small file is saved, the version is created automatically (which is handy for anyone willing to develop less but does not want to rely on the client).

30.CSS3 Test


CSS3 test is a web-based testing suite that identifies which CSS 3 attribute-supported browsers are used. It tests several features such as background/boundaries, transitions, media queries, fonts, animations, and more. It runs each element of multiple test cases, which can be simply clicked on the item.

Original English: http://skytechgeek.com/2012/08/css-tools-and-applications/

Translation: http://www.html6game.com/thread-560-1-1.html

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