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I have had a very painful experience these last 22 days, and this time wasted a lot of my time, energy and money.

I transferred these two domain names and are almost all in 2007 in million nets an agent registered, of course, because of cheap, also do not know anything, also do not understand that in foreign countries can register to the domain name, also more unclear in the country will have the transfer domain name, Then the Registrar of the matter, it is not clear that the million network will be a variety of reasons to stop other people's domain name resolution. In short, I write blog more and more feel that I put my domain name in the million network there, a little sense of security is not, and very multi-functional are missing, the service is also particularly poor, more and more can not meet my needs. So, I have made a decision long ago, I must leave the evil million nets, let him go to zhuanbility, you blow it, blowing their own more niubility go.

In the domain name before I have asked many times I was in the million network agent there, how to transfer domain name, got a certain answer, the whole process is particularly troublesome, but has been slow to start. Until I see more and more people in their own domain name transferred to foreign countries, million network of overbearing unreasonable message more and more, I also more and more press, I must transfer the domain name to foreign countries. April 20, I will be the previous computer in the preparation of information and ID card copy completely in accordance with the requirements of the million nets, take the bus to the Mars students in the school's post office to deal with EMS Express to Beijing million network headquarters, handling express cost me 21 Yuan and take the bus back and forth 2 dollars. The same day I told million network agent there said I have sent the information to the million net people, two or three days after will receive.

Five days passed, I still did not receive my domain name transfer password, million network efficiency especially low. I consulted the successful transfer of the domain name Jiangdong eldest brother, decided to start calling reminders, played million network agent to my phone, has been no one to answer or directly hung up my phone, and then call the Million network agent, I hope they can help me reminders, help transfer domain name, that day is just Sunday, So they asked me to ask again in Monday, so I'll keep waiting. Monday arrived, I immediately called million Network Commissioner Hu xx, Hu xx wrote down one of my domain name, promised to help me check it. Tuesday arrived, I called the Million network Commissioner, the Commissioner students said I gave him the information can not prove that the two domain name is mine, need to go to the agent there to deal with the transfer, the domain name information changed to completely with my ID card information consistent, well, that good, I also induction. Then I immediately contacted the agent there, tell them to help me deal with the transfer, so that I can smoothly transfer my domain name, the agency said that the domain name transfer for each domain name to receive 30 yuan, oh, that can also, but the agent said after the completion of the domain name transfer to wait 15 days after the domain name information will be updated ( After that it was totally deceiving me. After a day, I immediately received the agent over there has helped me to deal with the domain name transfer, this message let me very excited, immediately called the Commissioner, he asked me to wait, yes, line. Another day or not received the domain name transfer password, again, the agent said the Commissioner to go to 51, and so on after 51 to deal with it.

The domain name also needs to wait for the Commissioner after 51 to handle, very good very strong. Well, I'll let you over 51, four or five days later, 51 is over, and I'm going to start calling again. One of the special calls to the million network customer service, asked them how they have not received domain name transfer domain name, the last customer service to my reply unexpectedly is they did not receive my information, which makes me particularly crash. One day I started calling the Commissioner again, and the answer was wait, yes, yes. Another day, or continue not to receive, continue to play, the answer is still waiting. One more day, or did not receive, continue to play, get the reply let me very surprised, is that I have just handled the domain name transfer, need 60 days to transfer, Hu Commissioner's ability to lie really strong, I completely collapsed, I decided to no longer with the million net these rubbish contact.

I am a person who would like to get along well with them, but Sampans by their deception, which makes me particularly angry. I began to try other paths to solve the solution. I searched through Google to the previous experience of a successful transfer from the Million network, almost all the articles I read, and then add their contact, and then to their help. Finally, I found a way to go to ICANN to complain about the network, and the address of this complaint is here, ladies and gentlemen, please point to go in to complain about the million Internet cafes, whether it is their services, or you in the domain name transfer process encountered bad treatment can be complained. My strategy is to complain once every one weeks until the complaint is successful. I have complained about it two times altogether. After the first complaint, I started the domain name transfer, has begun in Million net from the mail to me any transfer of information, also did not give me the domain name transfer password, but I through the search to know million network domain name transfer password is you log in million network domain name admin password, then I used that password. After two or three days, I wrote a complaint again, that is because I am afraid million nets there will refuse to let my domain name to turn out, so to intensify complaints against them. Starting from the beginning of the domain name, six days later, I finally found that my two domain name finally transferred successfully, wow haha, the news is so exciting. special Good, I thought my domain expiration date will start a year from now, but found that my domain name is from my original million net due time after the start of the year, so the domain name renewals This fee will not have a loss, So to transfer the domain name of the students do not worry about the cost of this domain name will be wasted, no matter how long your domain name, at any time can be moved out of the domain name.

Wrote so much, and this time the network to me caused by the trouble that I am particularly angry, I lost at least hundreds of yuan in money, the loss of greater is this precious time, the network illegally deprived me of my time, so I have to completely and truthfully write this article to express their experience, Warning everyone in the future must not register any domain name in the million, on the pirate quickly to deal with turn out, in their domain name can give up, it is important to deal with the transfer out, I think there will be many people with my experience will be duty-bound to help those who want to transfer out of the domain name, at least to give them some information, My mistake is the heart is too soft, remember to treat million net must not be soft.

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