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2014, if you must use a word to describe the domain name market, not the "seven-man dispute" Mo genus, the current Chinese domain name registrar in the Domain name host field mixed a little bit of the situation are involved in this war, registrars like the Warring States period of seven countries in order to expand their own forces, in the cultivation of good internal strength, Also strongly planning a variety of concessions to attract the attention of users.

However, there is no denying that the ultimate beneficiary is the user, because in this dispute, the price is often reduced. Registrars are not money-saving materials, a variety of concessions, the following look at the major registrars how to play.


Domain Registrar

Domain Price

Other Offers


Linkage World

COM 37 Yuan

New user Send 7.2 yuan coupon

The actual transaction price is 29.8 yuan

NET 37 Yuan


Western Digital

COM 39 Yuan

New User A quota,

Old user COM 49 Yuan net 48

NET 38 Yuan


New network

COM 48 yuan


NET 55 Yuan


Sunshine Interconnection

COM 48 yuan


NET 48 yuan


Million net

COM 49 Yuan


NET 49 Yuan


American Orange Interconnect

COM 55 Yuan


NET 55 Yuan


Love name Net

COM 55 Yuan


NET 55 Yuan


China data

NET 90 Yuan


NET 90 Yuan


Easy to name China

COM 100 Yuan


NET 100 Yuan


New Network Interconnection

COM 130 Yuan


NET 130 Yuan

First, linkage World
was founded in 2005, China's IDC industry, has been a wide range of domain name suffix, domain name price industry is known as the lowest, is the leading IDC enterprises in South China, since February, the international domain name COM and net prices to do the entire industry the lowest 37 yuan, March 10, Also the introduction of sweeping micro-letter and Galviebo 7.2 Yuan discount coupon policy, really let the user high turned the sky.
Second, the West Digital
was founded in 2002, is the western Region IDC Enterprises, domain name is relatively rich, the beginning of 2014 also began to reduce the price of the domain name, 39 yuan Price is very low, but for customers, on a quota, the audience is not wide.
Third, the new network
was founded in 1993, the domain name mainly to the five top-level domain names and. cn class Domain name, it is obviously low price to attract users, but the new network is more rational, only for the COM domain name to do low prices, to attract users, net domain name will not play.
Four, Sunshine Interconnection
2004 began to invest in the IDC industry, but has been in the field of IDC, but also rely on the domain name to attract customers, so the price is relatively low.
Five, million network
million network is established in China, one of the earlier domain name registrars, the qualification of the platform is no doubt, the domain name mainly five top-level domain names and. cn class domain name. Although the industry boss, also has the money, but long-term users have long been low price temptation, will also be brainwashed, therefore, also lowered the price of the
Six, the United States Orange Interconnection
was founded in 2006, is a rising star of the domestic IDC industry, domain name registration is relatively rich, but the domain name has always been the capital preservation price, will not , and will not lower prices.
Seven, love Name Network
was founded in 2008, has been focusing on domain name investment, but relative to the history of the domain name investment in China, the price is also more advantages, basically with IDC service provider's price flat.
Other service Providers
China data, easy to name China, new network interconnection, and some not IDC industry, and some basically already in the IDC industry does not do any of the market planning, so, the price of the domain name is high, also not involved in competition.

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