Domain Name Value Evaluation of three elements: the structure of the domain name, word influence, marketability

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A good "> domain name may contain a huge business value.Choose the appropriate domain name, so that the domain name and business names, trademarks together to form a The perfect CI logo. Best domain name registration is short, the image, easy to remember to use.

About suffixes

In the United States, ".com" is considered the best domain name, while the same ".net" domain name is only 20% -25% of the ".com" domain name value, and ".org" is only 10%. Currently ".cn" is about 10%.

Domain name length

In general, the shorter the more valuable domain name. Domain names longer than 15 characters are not preferable.

Hyphens (-) weaken the input of the domain name and reduce the value of the domain name.


1, easy to understand the domain name, its value is high.

2, and business relevance

At a glance it can be seen that the domain name of the product or service offered is of high value.

3, clear pronunciation

Domain name pronunciation is not easily confused, pronunciation can be spelled correctly domain name value is high.

4, the tone of the word can also affect the value of the domain name

5, Impressive and easy to remember


The impression of a domain name is the first impression left by a domain name, the degree to which people remember when they look at the first glance. Tell your friends about your domain name and ask them one day later if they still remember the domain name?

The value of a domain that gives a deep and good impression is high.

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