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Mainstream culture, is a society, an era is advocated, plays a major impact of the culture. The singer is the mainstream music, the director is the mainstream film, the school is about mainstream knowledge, etc., the mainstream is a security card, is easy to be accepted. But turbulent and impetuous society, only by virtue of these http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/38201.html "> mainstream culture, as if it is difficult to cause a ripple of the lake." But with the edge of the culture as a potential, stirred up the waves, and swung the ripples, so that the internet really lively up, but also homeopathy created the domain name registered investors business opportunities.

Edge culture, sword walk slant into lead

What we call the marginal culture, in fact, can be said to be extreme culture, the sword takes the form of slant to break a broad road, for example, this year, the Red Bird uncle's "Jiangnan style", humorous and humorous style of riding dance by netizens around the world to imitate, resolutely become "world style"; the South African mainstream portfolio, called " HKT ", with a long hair, dyed yellow and black hair color, thick hairspray, wind blowing will not disorderly hairstyle, as well as exaggerated clothing, non-mainstream photos pose Red network, concert tickets only need 6 yuan, thunderstorm people's orbit, in the later interpretation only found that this is a deliberate planning of the storm; Liaoning "aircraft carrier smooth sailing, the carrier aircraft commander issued the Take-off instructions," walk you "posture in fact, in the world are common practice, but in the eyes of the net, the real entertainment of the adjustment products, take turns out of The imitation show Meng national and so on ...

Domain name registration, the irresistible mainstream

Many people fancy the domain name registration investment small return high interest chain, have put into the ranks of domain name investors. The internet exists for how long, domain name registration investment industry chain exists for how long, how many people pick up the cheap, rich, and how many people, embarrassed to leave. This is an opportunity and challenge of the industry, of course, to seize business opportunities is your success is the first and only conditions.

What is said above the edge of culture, the network hotspot, in the first time has been registered with the relevant word domain name, even the relatively high price of fresh attention to the Chinese domain name has been robbed into the bag. In the face of unpredictable future, perhaps only we have less to discover and excavate the vision. But after these occurrences, the never that can be tapped into the business opportunities.

Look at the current domain name registrars a wide range of promotional offers, recommend a most sincere service provider--linkage world (www.72e.net) just launched the "Thanksgiving 2012, domain name host year-end Carnival" in Domain name registration: COM domain name/net domain name 39 yuan, CN domain name 25 yuan, HK Domain name 148 yuan, Asia domain name 60 yuan, Chinese. China/Network/company or note in English/digital. China, a single registration/renewal for many years to send gift package: Wireless mouse 8G u disk 120 voucher.

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