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Forum, this is to gather some part of the interest in a group and established, the initial purpose may be to summon a group of friends to marketing, Alphen recently met more than the Internet friends, are very like to create a forum. However, the latter is a need for a development. For example, it is worth considering what direction this forum is going to take. For forum Marketing, the popularity of active degree is a key. Today, Alphen to talk about, why forum marketing, popularity active degree is the key?


For forum Marketing, the biggest marketing strategy is in popularity, if said, a forum without interactivity, then, the forum does not have any marketing significance. However, many forums are not popular, this is why? The main performance in the following areas:

First, the Forum registration conditions do not too much.

Many forums will set the registration conditions particularly high, especially for many users do not allow the signature, so that the conditions, but will make many users of the forum loss. Setting the criteria is understandable, because each administrator considers the forum to be of high quality. However, in fact, the higher the registration conditions for the forum, but in the early days of the Forum will make the loss of users, at this point is necessary to consider, and, forum registration conditions can be reached to a certain extent when the forum to further amend.

Second, the Forum of people gasification is the key.

For a forum, people gasification is very concerned about. Because a forum's popularity is not change, if a forum is not popular, it is difficult to marketing. Many administrators do not value this point, think a forum is not good to increase the tolerance, not so, as long as you value the forum popular, and strive to let your team to promote, so still worry about no popularity?

Third, the Forum pay attention to the fusion degree of popularity.

The Forum pays attention to the fusion degree of the popularity, this is everybody concern. The popularity of many sites is particularly high, but the post, interactive friend is very small. What is this for? Just like a mall, looking at things in particular, but buying too few people, this is a marketing way. As an administrator, because consider how to use marketing methods to improve the popularity of the forum.

Iv. the coordination degree of the management team of the Forum.

Forum no one has low tolerance, this is mainly related to the Forum management team to cooperate with friends directly, many of the Forum management team's coordination is very poor. In fact, a forum management team should have the opportunity to adjust, to carry out the integration and promotion, with some promotional means to promote a forum of increased popularity, this is the key. Therefore, for the Forum marketing, in the promotion of popularity to see, the need for a forum management team coordination.

The above is Alphen talking about the forum marketing, small Talk forum popularity, if you have other questions about forum marketing, you can continue to pay attention to Alphen blog. This article original from:, reprint please keep!

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