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Since the media can be seen as the internet to the traditional media transformation and deconstruction, then from the media and traditional media have what similarities and differences. As media, they all have the value of information transmission, the common point is that there is no doubt, the difference is more obvious, the network media to a comprehensive and timely news is good, the paper media with detailed and informative event tracking foothold, since the media is more emphasis on the comments, pay attention to the free transmission of ideas and views, and personality, through the articles from the media Can even obviously feel the author's personality, position and so on.
return to say from the media itself, literally can be understood as "self + media", that is, "from" the personality characteristics, while having the characteristics of the media, can be understood as having a distinctive personal characteristics of personal media, that is what people do from the media? Personally feel, because micro-bo, micro-letter platform, such as the emergence of the media from the threshold is very low, whether in the "from" on the personality, or in the "media" direction has the expertise of people, can or already in the media. For example, a person with distinctive personal characteristics, labels, and this feature or tag has a certain audience, then this person has the potential to engage in the media, in fact, many industry experts, hand, even some of the idea of construction workers, nurses, etc., are starting to enter from the media and achieved certain achievements. Another group of people, is itself a strong "media" ability of groups, mainly the traditional media, this kind of people to understand the media more professional, but under the traditional media to the rules and regulations difficult to express individuality, so many media people "resigned to the sea" turned into a media person, the article begins to mention the wood static actually even if a, The declared thinking of the ROM is also one.
Foreshadowing so much, finally to talk about the theme of the article-money, commercialization. Since the media in essence or media, in the business model can not be separated from the media restrictions, and traditional media is not very good. However, since the media is more decentralized, its ability to make money than centralized traditional media to be weaker, fortunately, since the media costs low, the burden of small, high yield, almost the income can live well. To sum up, the way to make money from the media has the following 3 categories:
1, kneeling to make money (kneeling lick), which is now more popular mode, mainly advertising, soft text. Many enterprises, especially the Internet enterprises to the degree of recognition of the media, is very willing to pay for the media, a lot of people from the media also rely on service enterprises to live well.
2, Curve to save the world, rely on the influence of media accumulation in other areas to make money, such as books, directed feeds, lectures, investment, hunting first class, this model for the media requirements have been raised a lot, requirements from the media have a good influence and fans.
3, the fan-feeding model, a group of loyal fans willing to pay to pay for reading, which requires media people can continuously produce high-quality dry goods or rely on their own influence, resources, fans to provide support to fans. In this direction, the community of Luo's thinking, the Big bear will do a certain tasteTry, also achieved good results, the follow-up to where to wait to see, but also from the media to continue to explore.
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concludes that the business model of the media is free from the limitations of traditional media, advertising, cross-border and paid readings. These three modes, the difficulty of the operation is gradually increasing, the state is also continuously promoted. In the end, the third model can make money from the content of the media itself, is the business model from the media, but also get rid of the kneeling lick, the way to stand after the Cross-border money.
in the future, the surging from the media how to develop, in the commercialization of how the innovation, I dare not jump to conclusions, but with the social environment accelerated opening, the media threshold to reduce, as well as the social individual and personal strengthening and self-expression desire to promote, not from the media world will be more lively, There may be a breakthrough in the business model.
Author: Second brother, Internet Veterans Association co-founder; works in the Oxygen Molecular Network (
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