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Lei in front of Millet network headquarters to achieve the challenge of ice water toppings, become "ice bucket challenge" the first challenger. The Chinese ice bucket challenges the big curtain to open.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a charitable event in the American Celebrity Circle, which has 3 rules: 1. The participants were first poured down with a bucket of ice water. 2. Take the video and upload it to the social network. 3, designated friends to participate in the challenge, if not poured ice water to donate 100 U.S. dollars to ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) Association.

The charity has been supported by a large number of American tech bosses, entertainment stars and politicians, entertaining people and entertaining themselves, and doing good deeds. Especially on social networking sites, it was fun to see Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, former CEO Steve Ballmer, Facebook founder Zuckerberg, Amazon CEO Bezos, and Apple CEO Cook.

Lei to the King Andy Lau, Foxconn Gou and Baidu Robin Li launched a challenge, I am looking forward to the three will dare to fight.

Ice Bucket Challenge is a very good fried day product. Why not? The basic cost of 0 caused a huge internet spread, not only spread the ALS (known as "muscular Dystrophy") is a very small, and surprisingly effective, "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" (ice Bucket Challenge) that has swept across the United States in just two weeks. The knock-on effect has also had some positive effects, from the end of July to August, the ALS Association and the United States have received nearly 4 million dollars in donations, compared with the same period last year 1.12 million U.S. dollars grew nearly four times times.

From the product manager's point of view "ice Bucket Challenge", the product is greedy and ignorant. The biggest bright spot is Word-of-mouth, this is a very screaming product.

We are a micro-innovation President Camp students, is to do mobile phones, his biggest reflection is "internet marketing does not save money", they do mobile phone on the regular virus marketing, activities, micro-broad v forwarding, but the effect is not ideal. The biggest reason is the lack of word-of-mouth.

How to use the Internet as an "ice bucket challenge" to do word-of-mouth? 3 products Black Magic Lesson:

1, to the brain residue. is the product design must be brain residue, to reduce participation costs.

"Ice bucket Challenge" participation is very simple, a bucket of ice water, and then upload video to the social networking site OK, basically 2 minutes to fix. In the past, when charitable organizations designed fundraising events, other than fundraising parties or charitable marathons, participants could set goals for donations, through support from friends and family groups, for fund-raising purposes. But the marathon is not to say run can run, at least have to go through some basic exercise, race day at least spend half a day, for those who are too busy for a celebrity to spend their time on similar charitable activities, unless it has special significance for themselves, it is almost impossible.

2. Be interesting.

"Ice Bucket Challenge" is fun. In the video, Mr. Zuckerberg said that Chris Christie, the governor of the state of Jersey, had sent him a post, limiting him to 24 hours, either donating 100 yuan to ALS's muscular dystrophy, or pouring a bucket of ice water into his head. Not only did Zuckerberg pour a bucket of water on his head, but he then challenged Microsoft's Bill Gates, his fellow Sundberg, and Netflix's CEO Reed Hasting Reed Hastings. The next three were also a gimmick: Reed Hastings in a slow motion video of his own iced water, Sundberg a bunch of Facebook colleagues and challenged Recode, a senior journalist at the tech blog site, Kara Swisher, Bill Gates ' wife, Marlene and others. Bill Gates was pretending to design a bucket of iron.

3, to show off.

Do not rely on Word-of-mouth is not viral marketing, rely on a sense of participation. How to create a sense of participation? Li Vanchang in the "sense of participation" in the book mentions a lot of ways to participate, I think the most magnified on the internet is "show off." Is that you have to satisfy the user's "show off" needs, some people say: if you quietly donate money to the ALS Association, but not in the social media hype, your friends will know you are good? Of course not, they'll just think you're selfish. As President Barack Obama, who openly announced that he chose to donate money instead of pouring ice into his head, when he announced the decision, he made a lot of criticism, as if Mr Obama were a heartless villain.

Good products speak for themselves.

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