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Recently, Beijing Cool Gentry Clothing Co., Ltd. has 60 employees under the leadership of General manager Huang Yuenan began to write Weibo, the content of the blog has sparked some of the attention of netizens, focused on a number of comments, I have reviewed these comments, published here, so that everyone how to write micro bo more inspiration.

A netizen this kind of comment: Enterprise This kind of practice is also a kind of culture, but I more think a enterprise scarf marketing do well, not organize how many employees to write, but to see what they write! Forwarding to each other to tout their own business, is actually quite disgusting! Also give people a kind of this is only their corporate internal team communication, others can not participate in the feeling! At least I think, Huang Yuenan Enterprise in Sina Weibo is to give me this feeling.

My point is: the emergence of new media tools, always need to have the courage of the enterprise to explore and practice, can be summed up more experience and skills. In this respect, which enterprise is in front, which enterprise can benefit first. Of course, in concrete practice, will continue to improve, for the courage to "> Embrace changes in enterprises, we need to give applause and encouragement."

Shanghai Wei ya teacher said: "I think the staff to participate in the scarf will be a direction, but also the blog can not do things, embodies the interactive characteristics of the 3.0 era." Employees at the beginning of the enterprise to say something good, is their one exploration, will slowly adapt to the development of corporate Twitter law. In the second stage, I believe they will go into the topic of discussion, first into the business of the topic of discussion. In this discussion to the outside world to show the real corporate culture.

Huang always told his feelings: I am really thinking about how to move the company online. Let those who do not understand our 11545.html "> We have a more accurate understanding and understanding, I hope that users can see our professional side." Of course, just begin to do, inevitably rough, inevitable boast, but not unworthy, but to continue to improve. I'm sure we'll do better.

He continued: One more thing, I'm sure, for the vast majority of SMEs, it is impossible to run a mass media like Sina to attract the public. He must be in the process of doing business staff, customer service in the process, with the reflected spirit, philosophy, behavior, method, reflect the responsibility of enterprises to the public to disseminate some information about the enterprise.

For everyone's discussion, Huang always summed up this way: first of all, thank you for the sincere argument, this is a good thing. Blog This thing for us, is completely amateur. Even do clothing, we also have a lot of problems unresolved, not to mention is a new field of blogging. But one thing I can be sure of is that corporate blogs will certainly write about the areas they are best at and sell to others what they think is good. Of course, marketing skills require constant learning.

In the end, he spoke of a way to adapt himself to new things: when I accepted something, I would always be brave enough to explore it. Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the goal first. For example, first focus on using the blog to do communication and marketing this goal, rather than first to focus on the use of blog to do a good job in the marketing process, whether there will be problems, whether there will be obstacles. As long as we always focus on the target, I believe the problem will be solved sooner or later.

When I am ready to send this article, Huang Zong's blog has written the cool Gentry clothing company to create "The full blog marketing" article. Huang always said: Cool Gentry clothing company's full blog marketing model: I blog when the body, @ Cool Professional wear and @-type brand men Bowen when the wings, staff Bowen when feathers, forming a bird, flying on the Internet.

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