How to analyze bidding key words in hospital network Marketing

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When Baidu auction account already has a certain key word base and keyword quality is higher than the premise, we how to select excellent keywords and high conversion rate of keywords.

How to improve the rate of bidding conversion, "> Hospital Network Marketing How to analyze bidding keywords?"

Do bidding must see two statistics: (One is Baidu statistics (other webmaster Tools CNZZ, 51LA), the other is the business through the keyword statistics. Example: An account of 5-6 thousands of keywords, the quality of Samsung to reach more than 90%, which is actually a very good account, but the conversion rate is not satisfactory.

Small head bidding software small series think from the following points to analyze:

Baidu Daily statistics inside the highest consumption of the top 20 keywords you go to analyze it?
Everyday business through the keyword you go to analyze it?
So how to analyze the bidding keywords?

How to analyze Baidu statistics (base his webmaster tools): Baidu Statistics, we must track daily, weekly, monthly flow of large keywords. At least the top 20 will be tracked. These keywords are likely to be the bulk of your spending. These keywords, if there is a significant conversion rate is low, to immediately stop, such as this keyword: "After the drug flow to eat what?" "," what to pay attention to after painless people? "And so these keywords, obviously, after surgery, his conversion rate is much lower." This type of keyword may be a high number of clicks, but the conversion rate is quite low.

How to analyze Business statistics: Business statistics is to cooperate with Baidu statistical analysis, which is very important in how to analyze bidding keywords. We will be weekly, monthly business through the conversion of key words and Baidu statistics to compare, make a detailed report, the report to reflect these several content:

1, to statistical consumption of the high amount of keywords

2, to statistical consultation more keywords

3, to statistics the key words of high reservation rate

These three are indispensable, some you think good keyword, if get not good consultation, then most likely is your landing page set up a problem. corresponding to make adjustments.
Only every day to analyze the bidding keywords, delete the key words of low conversion rate, increase the key words of high conversion rate, will make your account more and more good, the cost is getting lower.

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