How to do well the network marketing promotion of the moving company

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How to do well the network marketing promotion of the moving company

Now the network is more and more developed, moving the company's website is more and more, but how to do the company's marketing promotion? This is worthy of our discussion and research! A few days ago with Shanghai Johnson moved Field Transportation Co., Ltd. ( chatted, discussed and studied the moving company's network marketing promotion!

New Leaf marketing personnel think, a company completes a website after the most important problem is marketing promotion. It would be difficult for customers to keep phone calls in and order signed.

We all know that the site is well built, then the internal optimization of the site to start to do, the article also try to update the original every day. Comprehensive industry Promotion methods and experience, we summarized the moving company's website promotion methods are as follows:

1, Alibaba and other industry station landing release. This is the general traditional industry must do, login under the many well-known business websites and publishing enterprise product information can increase the visibility of enterprises, moving companies can also start from this.

2, the major blog registration and release Bowen, such as Sina blog NetEase blog and news blog This 3 blog is now the highest weight of the blog generally published original article 1 hours can be included. And this year just launched the microblog if you can operate well or have a lot of fan users.

3, forum post. Traditional forum propaganda is still effective, can be in the relevant industry and product sales of regional forums to post posts content do not too advertising can be in the middle of the post nature of the introduction of enterprise products can not be brought to the site is also a good enterprise long-term focus on the brand.

4, Friendship Link exchange a lot of business stations do not necessarily have links to this column this studio think it is necessary to build a column can and related to other enterprises without competition to establish a certain degree of cooperation between the search engine for long-term stable link or there is a lot of friendliness.

5, soft article release: If there are writers and copywriting companies can write a number of related products of the recessive article to the major portal station this effect is very good.

6, QQ group promotion in QQ registration number to join some groups do not send ads to the group will be kicked out of the group occasionally natural say or more targeted traffic.

7, pay advertising and Baidu bid if the company has more capital can be considered in the portal or related areas of the industry site to put pictures or pop-up ads, as well as for Baidu's bid ranking as long as the money effect is the key to see set keywords.

8, the local media and the propaganda of the website everybody knows to move is belongs to the Life service class industry, therefore may in the local more influential website to advertise, also may with the media television station cooperate to carry on the promotion.

9, door-to-door business card publicity, moving companies in the door can give customers business cards, home printed with the company's name and site, so you can refer to the number of visits and moving company's brand!

10, the company's t-shirt, such as Xiamen small Feather Good Housekeeping company in this respect to do very well, unified corporate culture can give enterprises publicity plays a very good role.

As a result of moving industry we have not in-depth research, I hope that there are moving industry friends can join our research team, my friend's website is, I hope that the promotion of the experts to the new leaf site to make comments and suggestions.

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