How to get the Alexa ranking number of the website

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How to get the Alexa ranking number of the website

There are many articles on the web on how to automatically crawl the Alexa rankings of the site, but a closer look at the data found crawled (Alexa ranking

Number of Alexa added a lot of interference elements, if only to the data (Alexa rank value) displayed on the page is not a problem

, if you want to deal with the data, such as the number of two sites to compare the rankings or the value of the site ranking to the database for future adjustment

, you need to properly handle the data that is crawled.

The following is my combined with other users to provide the code, to capture the data processed to obtain a clean numerical method. Core

The function code is as follows:

Explanation: A little netizen has realized this function by other way, just did not announce method, or the method that announces is I do not understand (I do not know the programming language such as PHP), so I am in this oneself.

Welcome to the younger brother's blog to see:

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