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From countless sites to stand out how to make the site stand out when people visit your site, they will immediately subconsciously judge: How about this site? Worth the time? Whether it's worth adding him to my bookmark, you know, in the network information virtual world, the Internet provides the world the opportunity of Datong, but also let this virtual world flooded with countless business sites, garbage sites, most sites lack of soul, theme, East a hammer West a stick, loose, chaotic, The reason is the lack of planning design. So if you want to make your site from the countless sites to stand out, you must make a good overall arrangement of the site, planning, all the content for careful consideration, all the ideas and reasonable organization to design a reasonable page style. Below we are specific to explore the site planning design.

First, determine the site's marketing goals

1. Market Research Stage
To understand the current development of the Internet and the development of similar sites, operating conditions, to absorb their strengths, find their own advantages, the market to make a survey, clear the theme of their own website, looking for a good starting point.

2. What is the size of the website you envision?

As a website is not blindly want to do how big, and according to their own current stage ability, as well as the size of the enterprise, determine your site is small, medium-sized, large-scale site, or from small scale of the beginning, and gradually develop. This is mainly related to the site's post maintenance and the development of the site to consider the direction.

3, determine the category of the site, you want to have a website design characteristics

According to the theme, form and the characteristics of their own enterprises, website design also has different categories, probably can be divided into: content-oriented, design as a supplement, pay attention to this large-scale professional website, it is generally reflected in the professional Icp,isp supplier production site, in the design of such sites do not too fancy, should pay attention to information The second most enterprises to better promote their products, expand the market, so that their products to the world, improve their corporate image and the production of the website, such web site production should be combined with the characteristics of their own products produced by the characteristics of the site, relatively more focus on product marketing; The third is the website of image class, Generally this kind of site is reflected in the * * Department, as a foreign window, relative to this kind of Web site design more serious; The fourth is the Personal homepage website, this kind of website is relatively free, not subject to what constraint, can according to each person's own special skill free play. So we make the home page first clear their orientation, design a suitable site.

4. Who is your main target audience?

Depending on the category of the site, the target audience is different, there are businessmen, professionals, students, women, men, children, adolescents, middle-aged, elderly, or all people, such as the education of the site is relatively targeted audience is the college teachers and students. Cosmetics, skin care products, such as the site is relatively female.

5, to determine the overall style of the site

In fact, this principle is no different from the traditional print publication. All the images and text on your Web page, including background colors, line distinctions, fonts, captions, footnotes, all have to be unified in style and throughout the station. The reader looks comfortable and smooth, leaving a "very professional" impression on your site.

For a simple example. If you use a black dot to enhance the visual effect in front of each of the 1234 columns, the same style should be used in other similar places. Colorful sites, especially to pay attention to the unity of style. Colors can change, but fonts, body text alignment style, title, background effects, and special image effects should all be consistent.

Many people who lack the editing and publishing background can easily overlook this point, especially the Web page is more easily forgotten.

6. How much money are you going to invest and how do you manage this website?

Make a ballpark estimate of the website how much money, how much money you are prepared to invest to run the site, assuming that the site is produced after how to run the site, is all by themselves to do, or commissioned professional services to do, their own regular guidance, or set requirements, the goal entirely by others. This is a problem that can not be ignored, if a site before the good, later no one maintenance is empty, just like a newly built street, clean, people also like to come here to go shopping, for a long time, walking more people, garbage more then no one to the tube, so the pile of rubbish more and more, go people certainly less and fewer. After a long time also gradually be forgotten. Website management is also this principle.

7, according to the target framework to organize the site's content framework and logical structure diagram

(1) Refinement of the target to organize the site content framework

With a basic set of goals, you should refine your goals and initially sort out all the content that your site needs to cover for these purposes. For example, what information the site should publish, what applications the site needs to provide, and so on. Then, you should write down the preliminary outline of the content, to the superior or business personnel for approval. This actually forms the requirements report for the site design. In your content outline, you should also indicate the source of information about the content and which department should provide the information. Listing these will make it clear to the superiors and the relevant departments "who is responsible for the content".

(2) Further sorting out the site logical structure diagram

After you have set the content outline, you should be able to sketch out the structure of the site. There are many kinds of structure diagram, sequential structure, network structure, inheritance structure, web structure, etc., should be based on your content. For example, if you are making a tutorial, it might be appropriate to use a flowchart that represents the order. Most complex web sites are integrated into several different structure diagrams. The purpose of drawing a structure diagram is to easily organize sites and links logically, and in the future you will use this diagram to assign jobs and tasks.

For example:

You can tell a developer to complete the contents of a branch in the chart.

You can submit this map to the business staff, tell them which pages, need them to further provide content or information;

You can show the structure to the professional artists, so that the artist to consider in what form to express the content of your expression and so on.

In short, this frame chart will provide you with a basis for your next assignment and staffing.

Second, the site in the process of making a few points

1, the key information placed in the prominent eye-catching position, the entire site space sorting appropriate

A site is very important is the title, the title is like a road sign, people on your site to stroll around, all rely on it to point the way. The first impression of a person can immediately notice the title, the title should be clear, descriptive, the most attractive place in a prominent position, and then slowly unfold. Or, wrap your unique content into a suspense that attracts attention. Readers read an article, the first three sections of the most concentrated attention, if this "inch of gold" in the first three paragraphs are not good, people will and you bye!

Set aside an adjustable position to meet promotional needs for temporary or short-term marketing campaigns. For example, the Fuzhou Bureau of Communications December 11 held the "Fujian Province First Information Network exhibition" Show, need to be placed in the most prominent position in the Web page. This needs to adjust the original structure, so that the new content has a prominent embodiment, but also not to drown other priorities.

In each screen, the layout of the text and graphics should take into account the emphasis of the prominent, but also to give people a sense of harmony. Cannot let the graphics drown the text, also cannot the graph too few to let the person feel monotonous. Visual attraction and temptation cannot be underestimated.

2, the Web page should be easy to understand, control the amount of information per module.

Website design the most important trick, I am afraid that your Web page to be easy to read.

This means that you have to spend some time planning the mix of text and background colors. Be careful not to make the color of the background dilute the visual effects of the text, do not use the gaudy color combination, so that people look at your Web page very laborious. In general, dark text in a light background is preferable.

This principle also means that you'd better not set the size of the text too small or too large. The text is too small, people read uncomfortable; the text is too big, or the text visual effect changes frequently, looks like to shout at the person, look uncomfortable.

Also, it is a good idea to leave the text aligned to the left instead of centered. According to the reading habits of contemporary Chinese, most of the texts reside on the left. Of course, the title should generally be centered, because it fits the reader's reading habits.

In the content of pen to be meticulous, so that people can in the shortest possible time, to understand what you want to present to others. Give someone a clear picture, don't Yunshan. Straight to the point. As we all know, the user's patience is especially small. The information you can provide may be of benefit to them, but if you want to be found endlessly, I'm afraid very few people have the patience.

Three-dimensional planning content, all parts according to a certain framework downfield, respectively, into different levels of the page. Note first to put the most important content on the first page, the others are ready in turn.

Then you can tick the page blueprint and edit the HTML. As far as the performance of the text content is concerned, remember to try not to keep the width of one line of text across the screen. A lot of paragraphs, this looks very laborious, and other people's browser may and you are very different. It's better not to be half the width of the screen.

3, the smaller the page the better, preferably not more than 50k, as far as possible to simplify

Research has shown that if a site's main page does not appear within 15 seconds, visitors will soon lose interest in the station. Of course, there are exceptions, such as the content is too wonderful, others do not go. Again like the visual arts site, can not be "fast" as the only design criteria. However, even this kind of site, it should be in addition to a guide page, to give readers a hint, do not ignore the feelings of others. But most of the site is mainly content, most people are interested in the amount of information, the pursuit of speed.

To limit the size of a page, you have to consider saving from all angles. The biggest one is the image, some good things, had to toaster. Think about it, in the creative expression, brand image, earning a few goals, which is the most important?

4, site navigation to clear, easy to find,

All the hyperlinks should be clearly and unambiguously to the reader, all navigation settings, such as image buttons, must have a clear logo, so that people can see clearly, do not patronize the lively visual effects, and let others do not know East and west.

The color of the link text is best used by conventional: inaccessible, blue, clicked, purple or maroon. If you have to be ingenious, link text is going to be highlighted in what way, such as bold? Add font size? Vertical on both sides? Or a couple of them. In short, the text link must be different from the other text of the page, giving the reader a clear guide.

Clear navigation also requires: The reader to enter the destination page of the number of clicks, can not exceed three times. If you can not find more than three times, people will not have the patience to play with you!

III. website Promotion

Online world black paint boundless, how do you let others find you? Many experienced users know the weight of the problem, but for Ipo Ibo excited the Internet novice, the concept of their brain is mostly: "With the site, natural someone to." Do not blame them, businessmen cheat propaganda too successful, they do not know, there are countless web sites like "No-man's-land" as dead. Therefore, after we make a good website, the promotion of the later publicity work can not be ignored, the main from the following several aspects to promote.

1, traditional media: Radio, newspapers, television is a good way. Now we have seen a lot of commercial advertising in the traditional media, that is, the site as the main content of the ads. At the same time, all the printed matter, including business cards, is a good media to promote the website.

2, the Internet itself methods: such as navigation, newsgroups, e-mail groups, icon ads, classified ads, etc., are a good way to promote the Web site. Improve your site's ranking in the navigation site, banner ads, skilled use of traditional media, BBS, newsgroups are the means to gain the attention of potential users. Make full use of the interactive nature of the Web page, enhance the relationship with customers, timely access to customer feedback, understand the needs of customers, and constantly improve the site, improve the credibility of the entire site.

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