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With the increase in the search engine market competition, the major players to better meet the needs of users to do a good job experience, firmly entrenched and enhance market share, and constantly improve the algorithm to provide quality services has become an inevitable trend. For web companies engaged in website optimization, in the future, the demand for talent, must be based on the development of the Times to make corresponding adjustment work. Practitioners should not only always pay attention to the direction of the algorithm change, think about new measures and improve the efficiency of optimization, more important is to follow the trend of search engine development, and constantly meet the needs of users of complex optimization talents.

Website optimization from the rise to today, has already opened its mysterious veil, now engaged in electrical business enterprises have engaged in Web site optimization experience. As the occupation of the search engine, its characteristics determine the need to pay attention to the nature of the search dynamic, especially in all over the search engine secretly issued to seize the 2013 user market, site optimization has long said goodbye to the pure technology, more is standing in the network marketing perspective how to provide users with help. Only in the value of the site to be recognized by users in order to obtain the trust of search engines, network companies to provide optimization services to survive, in the recruitment of personnel must pay attention to how to adapt to the development of the times more complex talents. Therefore, in the daily selection, mainly from the following four aspects:

1. Applicant's SEO skills and actual combat experience

Website optimization is to use a certain technology to improve the ranking of the site, technology is to optimize the survival of the fundamental, any network company's first concern is the applicant's SEO skills and actual combat experience. Whether it's Baidu or 360, the adjustment of the algorithm is based on a certain technology, engaged in Web site optimization must be the search engine commonly used algorithm theory to know, such as common site layout, code optimization, keyword selection, internal and external chain construction, article editing, data analysis and so have a clear understanding, After receiving a website can quickly develop effective optimization strategy. Network companies are more concerned about the actual ability of the candidates, the common problem is there is no actual cases, take over a new site how to quickly make rankings, engaged in the optimization of the process and specific work content. As long as there is a solid theoretical basis and practical experience, in order to lay the groundwork for the follow-up work.

2. Sensitivity to industry and ability to observe

Engaged in SEO not only have the skills can be dealt with, with the development of the industry candidates need to pay attention to industry dynamics, with a keen sense of smell and certain observation ability. Currently engaged in the SEO industry many, and really get a high salary but chat little, the reason is still not mastered the core skills of optimization. People are early birds have worms to eat, the algorithm is constantly updated, SEO to let the site get a fast ranking must master a unique set of strategies to. And keen sense of smell to the trend of industry change, from the case to observe the focus of the algorithm to make the site stand out. Some SEO successful people are jiangshan because they are constantly alert to the industry, always leading us to find the direction of the algorithm changes. And many practitioners can only wait for others to share, and then imitate not to break through, it is difficult to make achievements in the industry. Therefore, the new network company in the recruitment process, must increase the applicant's sense of smell and ability to assess.

3. Website optimization needs to stand in the marketing angle

From the geometry, the user experience has become the most frequent words in the industry, whether it is a search engine or SEO, all know that the user experience for the promotion of user loyalty and conversion rate of importance. And how to achieve the user experience, first of all, we should stand in the marketing perspective, thinking about the needs of users, perception of the user's emotional appeal, to provide them with substantive help content and then gain recognition and trust. Website optimization development to today, a common phenomenon is that the use of technology can bring the ranking of the promotion, but can not give the enterprise performance gains, excessive attention to technology ignore the consequences of users, so that the vast number of users of the SEO has been criticized. Network Marketing Thinking of the reference, so that SEO in the process of optimizing the site to reduce the role of technology, more from the image of the enterprise and product brand, through the timely communication and interaction with the user to guide the recognition of product value, and thus to obtain a lasting high-quality flow. Network companies in the recruitment process, the candidate's marketing skills required to improve, more help to increase the site's user experience.

4. Performance rewards inspire passion for work

From when the commission is originally a sales concern, the SEO is not related to the technology, with the development of the industry, some network companies through the introduction of Performance Commission incentive measures to encourage some talented staff to continue to make progress, for the company to create more performance. Engaged in technology is a relatively boring thing, coupled with the fixed wages gradually reduce the passion of some employees, not conducive to long-term development of enterprises. As a result of the immature industry development, SEO performance without spinning to be effective assessment, and then can not determine a reasonable commission range. Along with the website optimization industry system Mature, the network company management examination process consummation, in the staff recruitment process according to the contribution to the enterprise, determines the scientific reward measure to promote the enterprise more harmonious development.

The development of the Times will inevitably lead to the SEO industry is also in constant progress, network companies as a team, how to recruit the right talent is the attention of every leader. In the pursuit of efficiency and pay attention to quality service today, how to let enterprises in many network companies stand out, in the final, or talent competition, recruitment to the right talent enterprises to keep up with the pace of search engine change. Zhengzhou Network company A5 starting, reprint please explain the source.

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