I SEO work of the three major transformation fear of a loss but no longer lost

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2010 has passed and we are greeted with 2011 years of fantasy and longing. In 2010, I many times are too lost and dazed, but this year is still I do SEO work the most critical one year, because in this year is my SEO work get three times very big metamorphosis, I found the direction of their own SEO work.

Think back to 2010, really is an unusual year, I began to contact with SEO to now love seo and reluctant to leave the industry, and intend to do a little small business in this industry, really experienced a lot of, feeling is very much. Imagine a scene like this: when we move forward, do not know what is waiting for us in front, we do not know where we will arrive, we would not be afraid, will not be confused, will not be lost, and then perhaps we will choose to stop before, psychological quality of a little close to even choose to retreat. My SEO work from the beginning to now is such a similar experience, but I rely on their perseverance and efforts to adhere to the present, and made a breakthrough.

2010 I SEO work most of the time in lost, in this lost stage I experienced three times metamorphosis, every time I will see a new self, a better self, in the future I will continue to change, become a successful person. Let's talk about my three transformation processes:

1, fear is a good thing, it let me go forward!

Just started doing SEO, really scared, because I have never done this work, can be said to be the first time I heard the word seo, I am afraid I do not do this work, but fear is no use, so I always forced myself to learn, and then slowly contact the industry gradually like this industry. So 8630.html "> Sometimes, I like to" fear "this thing, it can sometimes help us move forward.

2, SEO is not simple, dazed only because ignorantly!

Contact SEO after a while, many people should have similar feelings with me: the feeling of SEO is really very simple, very easy to learn, the start is also fast, nothing more than the construction of the content, chain construction and chain layout, and so on several aspects, then my question then came: I am at a loss. Since SEO so simple, is the individual can learn, then I do this significance in the end how big? For a long time I have been thinking about this problem, has been no solution, but then happened one thing let me wake up: The original seemingly simple SEO is not simple!

At the beginning of my website optimization is really pretty good, less than two months my Site main keyword on the home page, so I am confident, decided to put all the keywords are the first page, so I have a large number of hair links, article quality is not in the protection, so that the last, my site was Baidu into the sandbox inspection, The rankings are almost gone, and only a pitiful word is still in the 100-plus support. Because of this thing I have been a lot of blows, originally I can not grasp the ranking of the site, the original SEO is not so simple one thing, originally I was just a ignorantly toad, just see a day on the well to think that saw the whole world. So I decided to jump out of the dry hole and look for my other wider sky.

3, lost very scary, the reality pulled back me!

When I understand the SEO more in-depth, I am more and more infatuated with this industry, many times I just for the interest rather than for money to continue to learn SEO, so I lost in the SEO sea, a long time out. Always think SEO is really a good thing, every day I have to pay a lot of time and energy for it, morning to open a computer search rankings included snapshots, see yesterday's data statistics, and then began to prepare for the content of the site update, and finally will go to some frequent forum site to send their own site links, Go home also to webmaster network to learn SEO knowledge, and day by day and webmaster friends to exchange SEO experience.

In this period of time, SEO like opium to let me stop, but can bring me pleasure. Snapshots of the site update, included in the increase in the chain, the rise in the rankings will let me jump, if there is nothing bad, snapshots are not new, included reduced, the chain reduction, ranking down I will do my best to find the reason. My life is all around the SEO in turn, leaving it seems I can not breathe. Later reality let me realize that my lost is wasted, my lost is 2010 my biggest regret, if I don't make a change. What kind of reality pulls back the lost me? I study seo three months, I earn less than 5,000 yuan, in Beijing, such a big city I can not support themselves, I also rely on parents to help, I sleep at night will feel very sorry, this is not to mention a girlfriend. The reality of cruelty, and did not dispel my dream of SEO, I just a stray lamb, I have found a way forward: I want to use what I learned to earn more money for themselves.

2010 is the most important year in my life, I experienced three times metamorphosis, in the process of metamorphosis I was afraid of a loss, but in the days to come I will not be lost, I will find a brighter future and a good money. Please wait and see! This article by the 木子鱼 into a boat, integrated ceiling Network (http://www.china-jcdd.com) network published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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