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Many seo novice website optimization of some basic problems do not know how to grasp, for example, do not know what kind of keywords to find, do not know what kind of high profit margins and competition, do not know where to go foreign chain more convenient, where I Talk about some of my personal experience. A more commonly used method is to imitate, to see people's successful website what kind of experience, and then specifically analyze how he is operating, what they need to improve, so step by step learning website optimization gradually improved.

We take the "weight loss" the hot and highly competitive words for the study, excluding Baidu promotion part of Baidu ranked top sites are absolutely masterpiece master seo, site and domain two commands can be used to analyze Baidu's inclusion and What is the main content of the master site, these content is original, or pseudo-original, or simple copy? What are the outer links of the content? Which ones are the outer links of the highest weights? Are the links purchased? (Link Alliance such as the golden link) How the rest of the links are made, and the links are natural (most of the manual Ranking is not likely to be a lot of natural link), or mass link? If it is mass link that is mainly where the mass? Forum or blog? Are those forums and blog?

For page optimization, you can analyze the title and keywords in how to choose, how to write? How the page structure is organized, how to optimize and enrich the page links? Analysis of such a circle, you will have a type of site A general understanding of the future operation of their own certainly have a grasp.

There is also a method of analysis is to directly analyze the high-weight Web site outside the chain, and now the high-weight station to sell the chain is very common, the price is not cheap, many large local portal site has a lot of grass roots below (or even Garbage stations) sites that can afford to pay for hundreds of thousands of foreign-currency construction costs each month and are bound to be profitable sites, how these sites are profitable, whether advertising, cps, industry or product stations, What is the industry, what kind of product sales? Corresponding keyword competition? Asked these questions down, I believe you do what kind of site to make money has a general idea.

Imitation is the first step in innovation, which are still confused webmasters hurry up, learn the successful experience, beyond them is our goal.

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