In fact, Internet Marketing is not a shortcut to get rich quickly

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There is no way to build your own business faster and cheaper than building a website. Register a domain name dozens of, and even now there is a piece of money domain name; Buy a space of one hundred or two hundred, download a free CMS system or mall system, they take a little time to quickly grasp. To build a website, the cost is only two hundred or three hundred pieces. And the Web site that was built like this is not quite the same as the site that spent twenty thousand or thirty thousand or more dollars a few years ago.

The cost of such a low business in the real life is difficult to find, even if open a kiosk to put a cigarette stall, the cost is far more than these. This low cost makes many people think that it is easy to make money on the Internet. Not really.

When it comes to describing the benefits of online marketing, it is said that there is no fixed time limit to work, you can freely control the time, you can not clerical, you can work at home, you can travel freely, as long as the laptop, as long as the Internet, you can run the business; When you sleep, the site also automatically generates orders. These descriptions are correct, but the premise is that this is the success of the site of the people's lifestyle, start doing online business is not the case at all.

In addition, everyone recognized the advantages of e-commerce, enterprises can be through the site to sell products to the whole country or even the world. There is no geographical boundaries on the web, and the world's Internet users are your potential customers. But to really sell the product to the whole world is not a simple matter. Sometimes in some SEO and webmaster forum to see a webmaster complaining about the Chinese web site to make money difficult, so have to change to do English station, the difficulties encountered in English is not good, need to use online translation tools, the content of Chinese web site translated into English.

See such a post, feeling quite helpless. But also do not have the heart to tell them the truth, break the dream of these stationmaster. Rely on online translation out of the content can see it? By that content can sell things? Language barriers, obstacles, payment barriers, worldwide network fraud judgment and risk management, product internationalization, localization, customer service personnel training, understanding of foreign culture, etc. It's hard to get business through the web to the world.

The news we see is full of myths about Internet wealth. But can on the news, can spread the website profit story, the total number can have how many? Hundreds of thousands of? These and millions of web sites are disproportionately disproportionate. Tens of millions of sites, how much is the balance of payments? How many of them are profitable? How much is enough to make the stationmaster earn a living? How many can maintain the company's operations? I am afraid that the success of the site as a percentage of all sites, far less than the real life of profit companies accounted for the number of companies in proportion.

Doing a Web site is not a quick way to get rich, and it takes less effort than running a traditional company and running a business, perhaps more. How many webmaster learn to do the website, learn to promote, run the website to get the income only enough to pay the domain space fee? Such a site should be a few, real life, as long as you find a job, the first one months you can rely on work to earn a living. Do the website, can the first one months to make money of the webmaster, I am afraid that few of it, the ultimate profitability and success of the site, most of them are exploration and efforts for some time.

The website is not easy after success. The ability to freely control the time is only theoretically successful webmaster can enjoy. In reality, the successful webmaster, very few can enjoy leisure time, at least I do not know. I know the successful operation of the website to make a living, as long as the waking time is the working hours. Work 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. Although you can be a few days regardless of the operation of the site will not be a big problem, but how many people can do? The successful webmaster are always reply to the mail, communicate with customers, view orders, promote the website, write soft wen written to the dawn.

Make a decision to make a living on your website, or you want to do the site as an important sales channel for the company, do not have any illusions. Must be prepared for hard work, even more than the traditional channels to pay greater efforts. Do a very long time only pay, no return of psychological preparation. Not only the nine-to-five, maybe even nine-to-nine work schedule.

The prospect of profit on websites and online marketing is good, but the road is not that easy.

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