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search engine I have said, Google, Baidu, etc. are fine, perhaps we are not difficult to choose, but the same engine, different people will search for different results, and even very different.   In particular, what are the mysteries of those who are of a professional nature?

keywords! It's the only secret! Key words require "fine" "quasi" "representative". Representative, it is to ensure that the relevant pages as little as possible to be missed, and precision and quasi requirements to ensure that the search for things useful, less, easy to read.  I'll talk about my own experience.

For example, search for an article that is in English, but not free.  So first you know where this article might appear?

1 of the magazine's website, the success rate of the search is almost 0, because of the need to charge, so this should be excluded!

2 on the author's personal homepage. Because foreigners have a strong sense of copyright.  An article is the publishing house and the author share the copyright, so the author has the right to put it on the personal homepage, this is a search point!

3 Some professional websites, pharmaceutical companies, etc. in order to include a number of full-text literature to attract people, then this article may be included, this is one of the aspects to consider.

4 database.  Professional database literature, which is the biggest focus.

below according to the above characteristics, targeted treatment.

1 How do I find a non-free database document?

The best way to
is to get password!. So use Google. So where does the cipher come in? This requires further analysis:

(1) University libraries. However, the general sense of Europe and the United States, passwords are not easy to get, and China, Japan and South Korea, and Latin America's national password is easy to publish, this is the focus of search, as the domestic Tsinghua things, never think, such as Elsevier, there are IP restrictions. But other schools, especially those in some elementary school, often disclose passwords. What key words will appear in the library? Electronic resources (E-source), library, free, trial, database (sometimes with a specific name), this is some of the common keywords I found.  Can be appropriately added when searching.

(2) Personal account number. In general, there are a number of news groups (personal disclosure), personal inadvertently open place, especially ftp! is often used by some people to save a personal account, but the search general application paswd, or password,readme,notice, without other words, but the readme is not characteristic, should be excluded. But it must have the key user name password, and the full name of the magazine!  Instead of appearing sign in, forget, forgot! such forgotten passwords or suggestive words.

through these two methods, namely one is in the news group search, the second is in the ordinary search, third is the FTP search, can use Lycos FTP search engine, you will be surprised. There is no need to talk about the key words. To join user name password database free, exclude sign in Forget forgot (using a minus sign) to find the password in the library (note that Google language must be set to multiple languages).  FTP with PASWD etc try.

2 How do I find the personal homepage and articles in the company?

This is primarily used to search for an article without searching for a magazine's password.

analysis is as follows: These articles are generally used in PDF format, which is the key! Also list the keywords in this article name (no more than 10 in total). However, this article must be excluded from other articles cited in the case! How to exclude?  I have no idea yet!

The specific format is as follows: keywords (preferably 5) filetype:pdf

See, how?

3 There is also a way, I tried, but also can sometimes succeed, that is, the use of Google's powerful exploration capabilities, for us to find an article!

method to enter one or two keywords, and then search Google for its site, and PDF files, in the following format:

such as in nature to find relevant neuron article, the method is as follows:

Neuron filetype:pdf, can find a lot.  This method is still immature.

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