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Guidance: In order to save costs, every guest will be the office location from the city center moved to also Zhuang, and the number of employees from the original 10,000 people reduced to the current 300 people. Aging said, this is equivalent to brandished from the palace, will be very painful, but must do so, or every guest will die.
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Over the past six years, every guest has to give up the pattern of smashing ads, grinding the details of the product, shaping the brand, and trying to get back to the age of finding 80 flaws in a shirt. Old announced: Every customer to start from scratch, to cut off other business, from the shirt. As for why the shirts are chosen because the guests started out in the shirt business.

At the same time, where the business name of the goods are also cut down the waist, leaving only the guests. In order to save costs, every guest will move the office from the city centre to the village, as well as the number of employees from the original 10,000 people reduced to the current 300 people. Aging said, this is equivalent to brandished from the palace, will be very painful, but must do so, or every guest will die.

In fact, is the study of millet mobile phone companies and Uniqlo company model. Last Wednesday (October 29), aged in the "WISE1.0 Internet Entrepreneurs Conference" did a finale speech, once again Frank in the past history, where the product of the customer really has a quality problem. The change stems from last August, when Lei, after visiting the visitors, thought that every guest had become a department store rather than a branded one. This sentence prompted the aging of the development of the path to reflect the customer.

In old age, although the marketing, brand promotion to do a good job, but lost the dedication to the product. As he previously said in the media interview-"Every guest in the past is like an annual press volume of a very large reporter, wrote a lot of manuscripts, but by everyone remember the boutique few." Where the guests to go after a few fewer product lines, more than a masterpiece. ”

The following is a record of the aged speech:

Actually, I came with a question, because in the past year, especially the last six months, just recently we August 28 every guest after a press conference, I met a lot of users, and some media people, everyone told me that they go to listen to some about the business, Or in the school to go to some kind of class, we all put every guest as a startup failure very big case.

In fact, I come with this question, I particularly want to ask you, have you ever participated in such a meeting like this? If you have participated, I really want to ask you, we are very impressed by the teachers or the analysts who teach, summed up the biggest problem of the customer what is it?

I was talking to a lot of people today at the organization meeting, because it's hard for me to be a start-up to share what kind of experience, because I started a lot of business, since 15 ago to do a network of excellence, has done three companies, so I think the things can be said in fact very much, can speak of the past a lot of points are also very much, I want to think of words, thousand words, or products to speak.

Lost the most essential thing of the brand--product

Just now the young man mentioned that there was a problem with the quality of the products in the past, which is actually what I did in the past year. I think last year, when we were talking about the change of guest in August, at that time Lei told me a word, he was in every guest did a circle visit, see every guest at that time 2013 years of autumn and winter new products, then our building inside about a layer are all the new 2013 autumn and winter, lei in our building inside a circle after a round , he said a word, this sentence to my stimulation is very deep, he was so deep.

He said I don't think I came to a brand shop today, but came to a department store market. That is to say at that time whether I or LEI, we look at every guest's products have been very uncomfortable, because every customer did a lot of products at that time, the most times to do 190,000 sku, do more than 50 categories of products, want to do, want to control the quality is impossible, Our subsequent shift is actually realizing that the only products that make the brand stand are the products that have nothing else.

In the history of every customer to do marketing, brand promotion done very well, just lost the brand the most essential thing-products.

Office location from the city centre to the village

It's easy to talk to everyone here today. It seems so lightweight that we figured it out overnight, and in fact the transition was very difficult, and we took a shirt for example, and we said we wanted to do a shirt, and the question that our team came up with was, what was called a good shirt, Ask this question actually has the background, because every guest in the history before that has already made the 1000多万件 shirt, how to call completes a shirt? So when the customer such a scale of enterprises, in the transition and in fact the first encounter is internal resistance.

When I was under the stage, someone asked me, "Why should the guests from the magnet mouth that side of the city center, moved to the village so far away?" Today, I tell you frankly that it is for the sake of change that the real determination to change will be laid off. We moved from the city center to the village, today we can tell you frankly is to lay off, so the determination is really a very difficult process, you may be just starting a business, have not encountered such a great difficulty, if the future encounter such a great difficulty, Make a decision to change must know the first encounter is internal difficulties.

Of course, I heard the little girl say, their company has been there for 4 months, there must be a fifth month to think about the change, the change is not to ask for changes in others, not to ask you to change the user, nor to ask your partner to change, first of all, should be required is the inner change of self. How do we think about the importance of the city center, and our rent has been paid to this year's July, why in the last August will be moved? I feel that my heart has changed, and I feel that office is the same, because every guest has no ground store, we should move to a place where every guest is suitable, Well back to the essence of the brand-products.

I August 28 every guest this year autumn and winter product launch, we said a shirt, to make a clear shirt, this time is certainly not enough today, because August 28, I said 1 hours 5 minutes to tell a shirt, about this shirt about how much to say, probably about 10,000 words, in fact, before the meeting, When I was preparing for the meeting, about the guest's shirt, I wrote 25,000 more words, 25,000 words I was making a business trip to write about this shirt, wrote for 2 months, I didn't expect to write that much, unit actually when we stand at this point of this year, and the August 28 that time point, and then look back a year ago we asked what a shirt has to do, is actually very naïve, because any one product regardless is a shirt or a pair of jeans, or I wear this suit today, or I now proofing this youth cloth shirt, want to do it all need all aspects of resource matching, and their own to the greatest determination to do well.

In the past, every guest is also a big copy, we do not focus on the ultimate to do a product

Before I came to the meeting today, I was talking to a bunch of Japanese, a bunch of people from Nantong, and a bunch of valet colleagues discussing how to do a black T-shirt, you're going to say something about a black T-shirt. We have sold hundreds of millions of T-shirts in history, why we are discussing how to do a black T-shirt today, because this shirt really makes me cry, So when I look at a T-shirt, I think every detail of it is learning.

I'm going to go back to one of my shirts, every guest's shirt. August 28, we can adjust after a year, stand up to meet to tell everyone the return of the guests, in fact, all aspects of luck, because the shirt first it really is to do without a fold, All the details of the shirt from the large area of the fabric itself and all the seams do not have a fold, want to do that level is required to be very good with long cotton, and now the best ironing process.

Of course, if you have a good shape, especially want to do those good design details, because I was in the following with the organizer of the meeting in the communication, I found that the young people now occupy the mainstream of the consumer market, even the shirts are also a slim version, for the details have a lot of requirements, our version of the details, We have turned to a very good team in Japan to complete the cooperation, we can not complete. This topic can be said a little bit more, those version details and design details, I dare to tell you here today, in all China can not find a partner to solve it, we really need to find world-class partners to solve the version and design details.

Why can't it be solved in China? The reason is particularly simple, China's brand industry, although there are many years, but the Chinese brand industry is a big copy, including the past guests, if the people in this room once bought the products of every guest, and the quality of every guest is very dissatisfied, I apologize to you here, and would like to tell you, In the past, every guest is also a big copy. We do not focus on the ultimate product.

So this year August 4, I remember talking to Lei, we adjust a year after the Lei, I have a night with the exchange, Lei said this year, I said this year, because a year ago Lei often talk with me about focus, the ultimate, Word-of-mouth, quick, talk about products stimulate me, August 3 that night, When we were drinking together, I told him what was the deepest sentiment of my year? The deepest sentiment is the fear of the product, you may not understand today, is any simple product, must be YANZHIYOUWU, must be justified, absolutely do not miss any one detail. For example, a shirt has fabrics, accessories, crafts, have version, design details, you want to put a shirt or even a button, a line, want to make these clear words, any person in this room, from this moment, you want to figure this thing out, you don't have a year's time I dare to bet you, you do not understand, really do not understand. Everyone may say that a T-shirt has something, if we take this T-shirt here today, we really start to investigate the T-shirt, you find that we do not know where to say. You wear the collar of the T-shirt, this radian how to open, why? How long this sleeve should be, is learning.

Perhaps I said the topic is particularly heavy, but if the people here are interested in making a brand, I hope you think today is not marketing, promotion, convince investors, but ask yourself, there is no confidence, determination, patience to do a product well, if not you give up, why?

I think the mainstream consumer groups in China has gradually been 85, after the dominant position, we these forums, whenever, or even 85 ago, the days of childhood is not very comfortable, or more bitter, so after growing up to become a consumer mainstream group, the quality of the requirements is not very high, That's why Chinese brands have been able to muddle through in the last more than 10 or 30 years. Because the mainstream consumer groups on the quality is not very demanding.

However, with the 85 and after the mainstream consumer groups, we have to product quality requirements. We want to muddle through to make a flimsy product, do a large copy of the product, then the Chinese brand will never come to an end, we recall in 2011 Lei led Millet cross-examine A mobile phone, we also said a mobile phone has nothing to talk about, there are Samsung, Apple, the Chinese do not have a mobile phone, so it turned back, This is still the August 3 I told Rei, this year I think the product of awe, and with two awe, the awe of the user and your partner, only the three of us will be able to truly grow into a brand with a future and long enough life.

This is what I share with you today, thank you.

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