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The main thing I want to say today is that we have to love our website with our heart, just like our children.

Every day we will see a lot of such questions, "How can I increase the number of Baidu included?" "How to increase traffic?" "How to promote my website?" ”

Whenever I see these problems, my heart is in pain, because when I go to see these friends of the site, their site really let me down, get the program, collected data, not a little bit of their own things, imagine such a site what is the value of it?

Why do users come to our website? What information can we provide to our users? I think this is the most we do webmaster should consider the problem.

At present, I am doing a local real estate site, in fact, we have two or three of similar sites, and they are not the exception of the company in operation, the result, the last to do the best or my personal website. Think about it, on technology, on financial resources, on people, I can't compare with them, and the only thing I can do better than them

I am doing this website with my heart.

As a real estate site, first of all, we have to stand on the user's point of view, the user really need something, a buy a house he want to see what,
Sell house hope to see what, decorate of hope to see what, these all need us to think attentively.

Like what:

Real Estate news, other sites are from the house search, Sina, focus on these real estate portal copied news, although can do daily update, but we a

Small county, how many people to care about the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou property market? Besides, even if they want to see it, they can go to the big website directly. So I started with the local real estate news, write some articles, such as which real estate opening, the public on the current housing prices, some real estate disputes and so on, are some local news, and I can guarantee every two or three days there is a local property news, so slowly cultivate users to browse my site habits.

For the new property, because our county has developed rapidly in recent years, everywhere in the building community, a great change. It just gave me a chance. Several other sites are the same as the same few real estate, a few months without updates, the relevant pictures, prices have long been behind the changes. I am very attached to these, nothing to go out running, which real estate changes, immediately update the relevant information, including pictures, prices, progress, developer dynamics and so on. Now this column has become my main column.

For second-hand housing and rental rooms, my main job is to verify the accuracy of information and improve the information on this. Generally for each new release of second-hand housing and rental room, do a long time can have a feeling, which message is false, which is exaggerated.  The information should be deleted and modified in time. For those too simple information, such as some people selling houses, he left a phone, the house information is very little, this time I volunteered to call him, ask him about the house, and then update.

Through the above several aspects, basically guaranteed my website is the network unique, the other people have no way to copy. The information inside is true, reliable, user trustworthy. Now some developers have volunteered to advertise on my website, I think this is a kind of affirmation of my work. No matter what website, as long as we work hard to operate, as long as we provide the things users really like, success is not far from us.

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