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"There is no free lunch in the world." "There is no real pie in the sky, but an iron cake." In a word, there is no real free in the world. But I think: all free does not fly, but can be close.

It is understood that the linkage of the world ( has also given its action on September 11 for the BGP engine room in Beijing line of business-based easy cloud host launch "free cloud" activities, now the new "free cloud" can Free trial 3 months Oh, you can continue to use the normal price renewal. This is another big promotion after the "Buy One Get One Get One" campaign launched on August 12.

At present, IDC industry launch "free cloud" activity is not much, but also more than linked the world. Accountability is one of the common people, but for this pie heart will inevitably be a bit untidy, then, the linkage of the world's "free cloud" fly it? Here I give you an analysis of it:

Five-star room, in many ways to protect the cloud host security and stability

Five-star Beijing BGP room line Yi cloud host, using the most advanced cloud architecture kvm + ceph system as the bottom of the building, all storage nodes installed flashcache, to ensure good stability; and in the environment by default installed server security environment And in the room to add hardware firewall, the function of using distributed storage and backup in the cloud system integrates security management software and upload protection vulnerability detection capabilities to fully protect the security of the cloud host.

South China Gold IDC service providers, quality, service is guaranteed

As the consecutive years won the South China Gold IDC service providers linked the world, widely recognized by users, the number of hosts in South China first, its quality and service are very secure. YiYun console background control panel is fully functional, but also free server maintenance tutorials, worth $ 999 server management experts and 7 * 24 hours technical service support, allowing users to easily manage the use of.

Activities continue, the industry's highest cost-effective

Price is always our shopping an important consideration, in order to reduce the cost of building sites and expand the market, the activities of the linkage can be said to be one after another, such as the end of the "cloud buy one get one free" activities are now launched "free cloud" Activities, can be described as wave after wave, in addition, even if the user does not participate in activities, but also enjoy preferential activities, such as the first month of 6.5 fold, single order over 2,000 yuan, minus 300 yuan, buy 3 years to send 1 year, buy 2 years to send six months and so on.

Security, quality, price of the three elements of both armed sites choose the world easy to host the cloud, so that the site is the safest, most stable and most reliable. Interested friends can log in the official website of the world

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