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Network Marketing has become the trend of the times, the majority of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises in front of the problem is not to carry out network marketing, but do not know how to carry out efficient network marketing!

However, the current network marketing training services market is a mixed bag, even a lot of people without "> actual combat experience of the amateur has also a facelift, To the traditional enterprise caused great confusion, but also damaged the network marketing service industry reputation.

In this respect, Guangzhou poly I consulting Network marketing expert Liu Xingfa said, looking for people is very important, network marketing although not mysterious, but to really do a good job is not easy, need to master the system of actual combat network marketing expertise. If you find a teacher without actual combat experience, you will only mislead the enterprise.

In fact, a few years ago, Liu Xingfa in a number of traditional enterprises to do network services often heard many bosses complained that they are online marketing is love and hate, very much hope that the network marketing well, but they are not professional. In this, Liu Xingfa spent more than two years writing a book to the traditional enterprise literacy "run-off Network Marketing" (January 1, 2010 People's Posts and Telecommunications Press published, the national Xinhua Bookstore issued sales), and set up their own network marketing services company, to traditional enterprises to provide professional network marketing landing Services, To help traditional small and medium enterprises real landing Network marketing, in the industry has established a certain reputation.

Guangzhou has a company to do beauty equipment sales, for many years has been the use of traditional exhibition marketing, and so on, with the exhibition marketing model of the weak, the urgent need for enterprises to find new marketing methods, emerging network marketing has become their first choice. But, because did not find the right person, the enterprise took a lot of detours, participated in a number of days and nights of network marketing training, heard a lot of network marketing success stories, but their own network sales did not. An occasional opportunity, the company contacted the same in Guangzhou, gather my consultation, through with Liu XINGFA Teacher's deep cooperation, just more than 20 days, see the obvious marketing effect, just a little input, in the system using the Liu XINGFA teacher exclusive Research "actual combat 0 Cost Network Marketing" technology, The average company receives hundreds of thousands of of its business from the internet every month. They said with emotion, a few years ago with Liu XINGFA teacher cooperation how good ah.

As the governing unit of the Guangdong Marketing Association's Network Marketing Professional committee, Poly I consulting company such a case of cooperation is not a two, the last 3 years, there are hundreds of traditional enterprises through the comprehensive application of Liu XINGFA Teacher's method landed network marketing, and even some business network business has accounted for more than half of sales.

Why Liu XINGFA Teacher's course has such good effect? 1th, the actual combat 0 cost Network Marketing Promotion Technology course is Liu XINGFA 10 actual Combat experience Summary; 2nd, this course is according to Liu XINGFA Teacher Research Network Promotion principle and the law development, may help the traditional enterprise to open the train of thought, the quick success; With other network marketing training is different, Liu XINGFA Teacher's courses are 1 to 1 lectures or small class training mode, hands-on teaching, bag teaching package. In order to let the students really master this technology, the study is divided into 5 stages, the general lectures can be spread out to 1-2 months, only 1-2 times a week, and other students after digestion and then lectures, and after the lecture ended there is a long-term online free tutoring, which really guaranteed the students learning effect, It's not quite the same as the extensive training of hundreds of dozens of big-class people.

It is understood that the current "actual combat 0 Cost Network Marketing Technology" course with enterprise training, 1 to 1 face-to-face (can be door-to-door), online correspondence and other means. If the company does not have time to learn this secret, I will also give a consultation of "How to become a network promotion master" exclusive internal information.

Poly I consulting company official website address is:, tel: 020-85603073,qq:1445851560

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