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Zhang Editor's note/Consumers in other industries are more involved in the process of customer deception in the direct marketing industry.  In China's direct sales industry, many people both consumers and direct sales of the dual identity, and its own direct sales enterprises have a certain business relationship, so the rights of direct sales personnel in fact with the direct sales and consumers of dual rights, the path is more complex, the road is more difficult to defend rights.  It will be the annual 3 15 International Consumer Rights Day, which should be the day for all consumers to be elated, but many consumers of direct-selling products are still mired in the embarrassment of the complaints process. Because of the specificity of the direct marketing model, many people in the consumption of direct marketing products sold, then become the product of the direct sales, and this dual identity, also let it later found cheated the road to the rights to become more twists and turns. "China Business newspaper," the reporter learned: In view of the status of the Distributor, when the direct sales officers want to rights, can not directly complain to the consumer association, only to the direct sales authority complaints. However, it is hard to get a response from the agency's complaint phone, which is just a voice mail call. Although the reporter has many contacts, but also did not interview the department.  Direct sales expert Yu Lu revealed that at present, the right of direct sales in China has few successful cases. False propaganda to promote consumption in many direct marketing enterprises, the purchase of products is to become a member of the first investment threshold. Under the indiscriminate publicity of the old distributor, some direct selling products are infinitely enlarged and the career prospects are described as bright.  However, due to its recommended products and career prospects are friends or relatives for many years, many consumers find it difficult to identify the authenticity, it is easy to complete from the simple consumer to both consumers and investors in the role of transformation. 27-Year-old Lu Hong is his old friend pulled into the Xiamen Golden Day Group Direct sales force.  Lu Hong told reporters that Golden pharmaceutical in the publicity, not only to avoid the Ministry of Commerce's approval of direct marketing business name, direct sales area and direct marketing products, and in Hebei launched a direct sales campaign, which sold a large number of non-direct products. In late November 2011, Lu Hong Jiabuzhu a good friend's invitation to attend the Golden Direct sales team meeting. The focus of the meeting is to promote a direct drinking machine, in the perfect words and unlimited market prospects Bewitched, Lu Hong with a vision of a one-time investment up to 10800 yuan of the entry fee, the extraction of 5 gold Day technology produced 365D straight drink machine.  With this order, Lu Hong became Golden's direct sales officer. At first, Lu Hong thought there would be a big market for this straight drink machine. However, the reality is that the product is not at all.  His online after he handed over the money to tell him, by selling straight drink machine is certainly no hope, the best way is to develop the line, get bonuses. However, the development of the offline is not as simple as he imagined.  Since November 25, 2011 became a member of the Golden Day system, until July 2012, Lu Hong only pulled 1 people. Lu Hong found that this has been all drink machine from Xiamen Golden Day Group, the ex-factory price of 2880 yuan. However, there is a Daxing District in Beijing called Beijing LangRun Times Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Enterprises to produce a large number of similar straight drink machine, the ex-factory price only 1400 yuan. Lu Hong immediately call the company phone, Golden Group to Lu Hong reply is: Golden Group authorized the enterprise in the north processing this product.  Lu Hong suddenly had the feeling of being deceived. Helpless under, Lu Hong to the line friend put out the request, hope to get some compensation. However, the line after listening to rage, flatly refused and scold him. Helpless under, Lu Hong to Langfang Trade and Industry Bureau, Public Security Bureau to report.  However, so far, the relevant departments have not responded to it. And Gold Day group similar, Beijing Luo Mai Technology Co., Ltd. is also frequently exposed by the media products false propaganda, suspected MLM news. Reporter learned: Beijing Rome is the state Ministry of Commerce approved Direct marketing enterprises, in the approved direct Sales product Catalog has a total of 43 products, and no π water cups.  At the same time, the information system shows that the approved Beijing Luo mai recruitment of direct sales agents engaged in direct marketing activities in the region, only 12 counties in Shandong Province, of which Jinan 10 counties, Liaocheng 2 counties. However, in 2012, China's quality of thousands of complaints office received from Xinjiang, Beijing, Taiyuan, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other consumer complaints and advice, have pointed out that its model suspected MLM.  The company claimed that one of its special materials made of π water cups, can produce alkaline substances, promote metabolism, enhance immunity, purify blood, improve arteriosclerosis to prevent cardio-cerebrovascular disease, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and many other effects. In Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, Nanchang West L. District Trade and Industry Bureau law enforcement officers to the Luo mai commodity firm launched a survey on the spot that the bank to sell "Beijing Luo mai Company" products exist beyond the scope of operation. Law enforcement officials temporarily detained part of the "Beijing Luo mai Company" products, and asked West L. District commodity firm to accept further investigation. A member of law enforcement officials told the media that the company's business scope does not include health care products, but the company sold the Beijing Luo Mai Technology Co., Ltd. production of health products.  After their initial investigation, identified the enterprise beyond the scope of operation, and there are false publicity activities. However, even if it is deemed illegal, consumers who have become dealers are still hard to get compensation.  Li, president of China Anti-Marketing Association, told reporters that in 2012 the association had repeatedly received reports from victims of Roche, most of which asked for a refund of the principal of the product, but so far no one has been successfully refunded the principal. Reporter telephone interview a Luo mai victim's daughter, Ms. Yang, she told reporters, her father a year ago spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy the product of Luo Mai, automatically become Rome direct. Later, after discovering that he might have been deceived, he suddenly woke up and then bedridden.  Ms. Yang found her father's online request to return the product principal, but has been constantly prevarication. Victims complained that journalists had interviewed the perfect product in January this year, a victim, Wuhan, Hubei Province, Chen Baisheng (alias).  Recently, the reporter calls a return visit, Chen Baisheng said his physical condition does not improve, and the claim is more difficult to see dawn. Chen Baisheng Bronchitis, in 20August 8, 10 by colleagues introduced the use of perfect health products.  According to its on-line Yu Jinyun guidance, Chen Hundred wins according to the normal dosage 3~6 times to take, the result appeared dozens of kinds of disease which had never before encountered: kidney cold, white hair, abdomen begins to heave, double kidney often acid bilges.  Afterwards, Chen Baisheng to perfect company written reflection and with Yu Jinyun in perfect company when face quality, although lasted for 1 years, but the perfect company thinks its product does not have the quality problem, therefore did not have any processing to the Yu Jinyun, also continued to give Yu Jinyun the high bonus. Chen Baisheng on January 1, 2012 and July 17, two times to Wuhan City South Gong complaints, but the gong advised him to court to sue Yu Jinyun and Perfect company. However, the court found that his appeal had a complaint about the quality of the product, or should return to gong.  After repeated prevarication, Chen Yum is almost desperate. Questioning the quality of the perfect product, reporter to the perfect (China) limited Public Affairs department sent an interview letter, said: "Perfect company production of health food is officially approved by the state health food, before the listing of product quality has been the national monitoring body of multiple testing, in the national administrative departments of the supervision of random checks,  Quality and safety qualified, the Secretary for the quality of products adhere to high standards of control, formulated and implemented a series of strict, effective, compliance with laws and regulations and regulatory requirements of the control system and operating procedures, fully able to ensure product quality.  The margin system is fictitious why the consumer of direct selling industry is very difficult to like the consumer in the traditional profession, through to the association or the Trade and Industry Bureau complains to defend own legitimate rights and interests? "The main reason is that there is a commercial relationship between direct-selling consumers and direct-selling companies."  "Anti-MLM people laugh not sharply pointed out. A senior personage in the industry told reporters, only like Amway such a large-scale direct marketing enterprises, can do to the preferential customer and direct sales, distributors separate, preferential customers are issued discount cards, and distributors and dealers will sign commercial contracts with the company. But even preferential customers are often the target of direct sales officers trying to become direct sellers.  and other enterprises, they are sparing no effort to upgrade each consumer directly to the company's direct sales agent until the Distributor. However, once the role of the consumer is raised as a direct seller, the nature of it has changed. For this dual role, at least the way to complain to the consumer association is gone. The reporter has called the Chinese Consumer Association consultation: "If the direct sales industry consumers can complain to the consumer associations?"  "When answering the phone, the reporter went to the direct sales authority for consultation, and the direct Sales authority answered only the recordings of the MLM companies." Direct marketing expert Yu Lu told reporters, direct sales regulations to obtain direct sales license Enterprises, the clear request to pay 20 million yuan margin. This margin system was originally a protective layer for direct marketers and consumers. At the beginning of 2012, for example, when Harbin drug announced its exit from the direct sales business, it has made a return to its direct sales personnel compensation, including the direct sales of part of the lossThe claim comes from the security deposit of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. However, Yu Road also said that the use of margin to compensate distributors and consumers, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group is only a lone example.  Prior to this, no direct sales company used margin to compensate consumers and distributors. Regarding the phenomenon that the direct selling product complains without door, the director of Beijing Business Cadre Management School, direct selling expert Yang to the reporter, "Consumer Rights protection organization should pay more attention to the direct selling industry consumer." He suggested that joint direct sales enterprises should establish a targeted consumer rights protection organization, such as the consumer Association's level two organizations, to change the current total reliance on direct sales enterprises to deal with the dispute between the distributor and consumers, and better protect the interests of consumers in the direct marketing industry.
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