Marketing play is "playing hard to Do": Analysis of the psychological psychology of MO Marketing

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"I World Network business note" Don't ... Don't ... No need to ... No...... How do you feel when your ears are ringing over and over again like a familiar "nag"? This copy is now on Weibo has caused a considerable number of spit, including Luo, Jinpengyuan, Shangxiang and other technology and marketing people have joined the hot discussion camp.

Wen/wo san

"Don't talk to strangers, don't do anything new, go on with your normal life." Timid, don't be curious, play you will, away from the adventure far, some things to think about good, no need to change. Stay in the familiar place, better stay at home, listen to the same music, see the same people. Repeat the same topic. Mind not too live, dream to reality, don't try anything. Just stay alive.

Don't ... Don't ... No need to ... No...... How do you feel when your ears are ringing over and over again like a familiar "nag"? This copy is now on Weibo has caused a considerable number of spit, including Luo, Jinpengyuan, Shangxiang and other technology and marketing people have joined the hot discussion camp.

Originally, this is the latest TVC of the new copy of Mo. With a seemingly negative copy, exaggerated stimuli of the screen, confused and sleepy voice, a needle sting our sleeping heart, trying to guide us to "discover the novelty around." As for its word-of-mouth feedback, it is "mixed". Some netizens curse too negatively, some netizens spit slot completely can not understand, and nearly half of netizens said very good.

I don't want to decide whether the advertisement is good or bad. But based on experience, I would like to make a prediction first: those who scold negative, most will secretly use the Mo Mo, to pursue the life experience of novel stimulation, and those who scold completely can't understand of person, end will secretly see this advertisement 35 times, to prove their IQ no problem, finally or use up the Mo mo; As for those who say very good, I do not have any hope for them, do not believe to see!

Why not? The use of Mo Mo is called "Ten psychological Effects" one of the "antagonistic effect."

What is rebellious marketing?

To the antagonistic effect (psychology), the social Psychology explanation is: people to the outside emotion and the behavior to make the negative psychological reaction and affects its follow-up behavior the phenomenon, called the antagonistic effect; if used in marketing, It means that sometimes some consumers ' stimulation of a marketing activity produces a relative or opposite emotional experience and behavioral inclination. In short, for marketers to set the guidance and expectations, is "deliberately against the dry", "the opposite." And this "to the dry", then become a lot of marketing people hypocrisy creative breakthrough.

Rebellious is two-way, can be in the direction of good, or to the bad direction of the reverse. If our marketing behavior, by the other side of the real rebellion, then become "disgusted", if our marketing behavior to get a positive response, it is "to capture the public."

Mo Mo "Play antagonistic" investigate what is intended?

According to a stranger inside friend said, MO in the development of the early was accidentally hit "about cannon artifact" label. Such labels have indeed given them some help in the Robin development phase. But for the user has broken through the 150 million mark of the Mo, "wash white" is a pseudo proposition. The stranger wants to pass on the new orientation of his interest and social life to its existing users and potential users.

It is said that the new TVC in the selection of the actor is the depth of the user from the Mo, rock, car and other exciting images are their true colors. From unfamiliar to familiar, social life will eventually fall to the familiar, landing to lifestyle. Mo TVC Choose antagonistic "stimulation" way, precisely is to accurate user pain point itch, inspire user group to pursue more novel, individuality, interesting social life style.

And Mo such antagonistic marketing similar, micro-letter in 4.2 version, in the boot screen made: "Less hair micro-letter, and friends to meet!" Such hints. A lot of people are cut screen in the circle of friends, in micro Bo Sun, was Zhangxiaolong, feelings moved to know the mess. So, very diligent to use the micro-letter. Maybe it's just a coincidence. But for the two of the world's most mobile social software, it seems to be becoming more and more obvious.

Rebellious marketing common play

Back to the rebellious marketing itself discussion. The more not easy to get things let us unforgettable, the more easy to reach the more things feel indifferent to cherish.

Such rebellious, let us go on the pursuit of novelty, stimulation. It is used in marketing, not only satisfies the rebellious, curious heart, but also allows users to obtain a usually difficult to get emotional experience. At the same time, because the reverse promotion has uncommon, singularity, it is easy to form sensational marketing events. and common operating methods can be roughly divided into the following categories: Reverse conventional thinking, reverse traditional thinking, countercurrent line thinking.

Counter-routines mean unconventional, irrational and unexpected. For example, to sell products, the positive thinking is that the more people the better. But this situation is often counterproductive or has considerable difficulty. If we think in reverse, our products do not want to sell to everyone, our things are very limited. The beginning of the Apple and later millet mobile phones, are very good use of this thinking.

Usually, we always think: a film, a book should be praised as the tide. But the fact that the study validates the result is that a less well-known author, after writing a book, takes a massive spit-and-sell marketing that can just push sales up nearly 40%. In recent years in the film market, a variety of bad movies flooded but the box office is very good cases abound. Mo New TVC Advertising, and no positive to advocate how people go to curiosity, just can promote people to look for the psychology, but also the use of this principle.

Common rebellious marketing cases

In our Internet domain and the vast majority of traditional business areas, there are a large number of similar cases, but we usually rarely think about the mystery behind it. We might as well take a look at home and abroad using rebellious marketing cases.

iphone and its imitators

Apple's hunger and thirst marketing is particularly prominent in iphone. Mass queuing, the phenomenon of goods, and so on, even if not really hot, but let a lot of onlookers generated the impulse to buy. Later, all of the millet mobile phone, is to get the apple of the big marketing hunger and thirst. Hunger and thirst marketing is through the implementation of the strategy of playing hard to do, through the regulation of product supply and demand, triggering the illusion of supply, the consumption of curiosity and rebellious, and finally crazy Chase.

Two, British 555 cigarettes as a representative of the classic

Smoking all kinds of cigarettes is prohibited, and even 555 cards are no exception. "This is a case in which Britain's 555 cigarettes are widely mentioned in many marketing textbooks, similar to the classic story of a certain brand Watch:" This watch is not very accurate, 24 hours will slow 24 seconds, please buy carefully. "This kind of advertisement is to make full use of the reverse psychology marketing classics."

Three, about 8, 20 rounds.

2013 3.15 Party, CCTV fake Apple warranty policy and foreign differences. This innocuous question, in the "pig-like teammate" @ Rundong will have a premeditated communication content, caused the fruit powder to the CCTV aversion, but further triggered the fruit powder for Apple's support. This for Apple, is also a passive use of rebellious marketing events, the effect is to let CCTV free to their own propaganda.

Four, the internet thinking under the "pack Force" brand

Internet thinking fire for a long time, by the way also pushed the fire of these brands: carving Ye brisket, Huang Taigi and so on. In fact, their success is largely due to the use of reverse psychology marketing. For carving ye brisket: If feel not delicious, that is you have no taste; Huang Taigi: I sell is not taste, is a dream; Ma Jiajia: Can't afford to buy a house is not buy a house, I suspect that there is a "x-barrier" of the bitter force.

Of course, the marketing practice of enterprises, reverse psychology of the marketing case is very wide, the use of the appropriate and the product itself, business level has a lot of links, can not generalize. For a case like this, it is still too early to cover the coffin, but I still expect it to be a classic of creating magic.

(Editor/World Network Business Wu, this article originally contained in commercial value, by I World Network Business editor, reprint please indicate author and source)

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