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Yang that precision marketing is not a selling point but a must, and his mediav will also achieve: less advertising, more return. Author: He Fi venture a year, Yang Wei's new company has completed 100 million yuan sales, this is a good start to browse the Web when those pop-up ads really annoying. If the Chinese network advertising services to reduce the half, the page is not a lot of quiet? Is it possible that the remaining half is exactly what you like?  Don't worry, the website will not die, because the price of a single ad resource will likely increase by one times. This is a good idea. At least in terms of methodology, it satisfies the three-win condition: Advertisers get a higher roi (ie ROI); Web sites and other media get more expensive ads, and web users will see fewer ads and see ads that are more relevant to him or her-which means that even when, where, and when advertising is the same, Men see "tens of thousands of trends digital products", women are seen "floral dress." "How to achieve it?" A company called Mediav is working in the field. Through the analysis and tracking of the mass user behavior, the advertisement and the user can form an effective one-to-one match to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the advertisement. That is, by tracking and recording the behavior of each cookie individual, it is possible to identify the individual through the MEDIAV technology platform when the individual logs on to a webpage, track and analyze the user's preferences, and select the most effective ads in the backstage ads to be sent to the web ad bit, To achieve different users in the same site ads can see different ads.  The process was completed in less than 30 milliseconds. An internet company that doesn't look like an advertising agency, but more like an internet company. Poly-Sheng Wan (hereinafter referred to as MEDIAV) is Yang to leave the good after the entrepreneurial project, due to the background of Yang, mediav in this more than a year to be widely concerned about the capital sector.  In late August, Mediav just announced the completion of the Ji Yuan capital and the Speed of Light Venture (Lightspeed) joint investment, financing the scale of billion.  Last year, mediav a first-round investment in the speed of light, when he found the Yang, the managing director of the Speed of light venture, a "three-person"-without a business plan, a team, or even a registered company. May 2009, Yang resigned the internet advertising boss Good advertising network president position, this message in the industry once caused no small shock. As one of the founders of the good founder, Yang has been in this company for 9 years. Too late to heed outside speculation, Yang soon find MI Group to discuss financing matters. "At that time, he didn't even have a business plan, and he worked together to four people." Mi recalls, but he decided to invest in it: "I am very optimistic about their digital marketing intelligence platform as the core business model." "The MI group is even looking for someone to help Yang write a business plan. Yang is grateful: "I've never written this before., everything is in my head. His idea was to position the company as a provider of internet marketing solutions. Mediav profile next Yang after the company registration and financing, personally served as MEDIAV CEO, and began to undertake external business last October. With limited manpower, Yang weft in sales indicators and technology development and other indicators have exceeded the board's expectations, and two consecutive increase in its sales targets. "In less than a year we have completed 100 million yuan in sales. Yang said. It seems like a good start, with a smooth financing and more profit than expected.  But Yang weft how did not think, in the early days of the company, the biggest problem incredibly is: recruit people. "Just started to recruit a front desk are very difficult, I rented a residential office, others don't want to see." "Yang Wei is very depressed." Although the company initially had capital entry, his administrative expenditure was able to save the province. "Mediav main cost is divided into two, one is to the site's advertising resources package down for meticulous operation, on the other hand is the largest cost investment that is technology research and development, the latter accounted for the company's gross profit margin of about 30%.  Yang Wei revealed. After all, in the field of digital marketing advertising has many years of contacts and technical background, Yang finally build a team, gathered the industry's internal software engineering, communication protocols, parallel computing, data warehousing and mining and other fields of technical research and development personnel. The team was dubbed the "brute Force Computing Group" and one of its tasks was to "run the server." "According to Yang, Mediav is using Dell's server device to store data in cloud computing, just like Facebook's devices."  At least 2-3 data models are placed on MEDIAV's advertising platform every day to verify their effectiveness. In early September, MEDIAV also invited to the original Google Technology director Junin joined and become the company's chief technology officer.  The woman who received a PhD in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University has been involved in web search and mobile search programs at Google's U.S. headquarters, and has led a team of Chinese engineers to complete the development of a number of products such as Google Music. "Junin will help us to achieve a breakthrough in mass user behavior identification and advertising matching, further improve advertising accuracy through cloud computing and learning methods, improve advertising liquidity and industry competition barriers," she said.  Yang Wei revealed. In the process of seeking a second round of financing, because GGV Capital partner Jenny is also a technical origin, she asked a lot of targeted technical questions, and later she judged: "Mediav is one of the most down-to-earth companies in the country, Internet backend technology, one of the most solid team." "The MI group is very bullish on MEDIAV's digital marketing intelligence platform as the core business model, he even specifically to find someone to help Yang weft writing business Plan Precision Marketing, must now MEDIAV has developed to 660 people of the scale, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other sites set up branch offices, Jingdong Mall, Masamas Network,O, treasure Net and other E-commerce companies, including advertisers and site owners are its main customers. The MI Group believes that the past year has been valuable, "MEDIAV has accumulated excellent management team, industry-leading technology and products."  "Mediav recently officially released a series of products called Viva, including advertising management system for advertisers Adviva, website-oriented advertising management system Pubviva and its open advertising network operating platform Dealviva. Take Pubviva as an example, the previous site of an ad in a certain period, such as one months can only hang one advertiser's banner (Site page banner ads), and MEDIAV can be in different locations and time to different types of users to push different ads, This ad can be distributed to more than 10 or even dozens of advertisers. Compared with the present situation of advertising resource extensive, Yang Wei thinks that the network marketing with technology as the main driving force can surpass the characteristics of creative planning and so on, "realize industrialization, scale operation and growth." "Most underwriters do not want to disclose the actual income after the contract, but every two months Yang to the site to submit revenue reports, and the contract after the order revenue and other information open to each other." "This can reflect the value of my agent, is conducive to market cultivation." "He believes that some web media has not increased the unit output awareness, see the effect, will be willing to take more advertising resources out."  and advertising resources can not be stored in fact, the information is open, so that each other to see the company's flow of liquidity. The advertising industry has a famous saying: I know that our advertising fee is at least 50% wasted, but do not know where the 50% waste. For the effect-oriented advertisers, Yang Latitude provides a new charging model--CPS (in actual sales of the number of products to convert the amount of advertising), "This model used to be in some small sites, but the portal site is rarely used." "Yang said. This model for the company is a challenge, means that mediav to share the risk with customers, bear all the links before the payment, including media selection and effective delivery, the entire site optimization and testing, and even the user to the simplification of the single process, and so on. Of course, this also for the company to obtain such as Jingdong and other clients of the advertising business. "Advertisers ' effects can be measured in real terms for the first time. Yang said.
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