Medical Network Marketing in the era of "good media"

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With the intensification of the medical market competition, the medical market in China will be gradually formed and the medical service system oriented by market demand. In particular, the market competition of private medical institutions will be more intense, according to the statistics of China's medical advertising investment from 2001 to 9.68 billion yuan, growth to 2009 of the more than 20 billion yuan, medical advertising investment has increased nearly twice times more. Many private hospital advertisement investment is very huge but the result is very little, its main reasons are: lack of third party advertisement effect evaluation and monitoring;

With the rapid development of Internet in China, internet marketing has become the marketing trend of the 21st century, which has been chosen as a strong growth point of marketing in real estate, automobile, home appliances, machinery, retailing, medical and other industries. Network Marketing has the advantages of strong interaction, quantization of communication effect and diversification of communication forms, which has an increasingly obvious advantage compared with traditional marketing methods.

For traditional marketing thinking, marketing is competition. However, the famous Economic and strategic partnership research expert James Mours, in his book "The Demise of competition", said: Enterprise competition is not to defeat each other, but to the alliance to create new advantages of a wide range of common forces, this competitive advantage in the network marketing is more prominent.

By Baidu, Google official authorized Beijing Lian Chuang Si Tong Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly developed the "Good media-medical network advertising platform" is a good interpretation of the "death of competition", it is by years of rich experience in medical network marketing, according to the characteristics of medical industry, in Baidu, Google strong technical support of the background, Launched a set of media launch, consulting applications, the effect of tracking as one of the medical network advertising marketing platform. It will effectively solve the private hospital in the network marketing process, the effectiveness of the evaluation and monitoring difficult, the media to choose a single, the form of advertising is not rich and other long-standing problems, more efficient and accurate promotion of private hospital network marketing transmission effect, to achieve patient visits and brand spread of the double harvest.

To this end, by Beijing Lian Chuang Si Tong Technology Development Co., Ltd. sponsored by Baidu, Thousand Dragon Net, seek medical medicine net, 39 Health Net, win the age, heat source media and so on jointly co-organized "2010 Medical Network Marketing Summit Forum" will be on February 15, Fujian Putian Oriental International Hotel Grand hold, this meeting invited many Network marketing experts, Network media, brand promotion veteran and successful medical enterprise representative, to the private medical network marketing of how to develop the relevant hot issues, in-depth data analysis and interactive exchanges, a full range of the essence of the medical network marketing.

China's first medical Network Marketing Summit Forum, will be "private hospitals what kind of Web site?" How to promote the website of private hospital? How to turn the crisis into the network brand marketing of private hospitals? 2010 Private Hospital Network marketing will go? and other topics with marketing experts, to launch a wonderful dialogue and interaction, if you are medical practitioners, if you want to become a medical network marketing experts, if you want to get out of the traditional marketing of fierce competition in the Red Sea, "2010 Medical Network Marketing Summit Forum" is you can not miss the excellent learning opportunities, You will find the future of medical network marketing in your grasp, the door of the Treasure of medical Network Marketing has opened to you.

"2010 Medical Network Marketing Summit Forum"

Date: February 15, 2010

Venue: China Fujian Putian Oriental International Hotel Annex, the first floor meeting room

Meeting Size: 200 people

Ticket Hotline: 86-10-59626564

Fax: 86-10-59625920-11



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