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Lei (Weibo) estimates that he will be the latest target for Zhou's attack. May 18, Qihoo 360 president Zhou on the micro-Bo artillery, pointing at the current domestic smart phone representative of the typical enterprise millet.  In a number of micro-blog in the week has been, or on the surface of the Millet technology CEO Lei Bully, control the Navy for marketing activities. The passive lei is also not polite to counterattack: since someone wants to do a mobile phone to do a good job, to be a normal businessman, talk with products.  If the product is really strong, do not have to rely on the mouth every day to curse alive! The purpose of Zhou is obvious. Millet mobile phone is currently in the industry hot, and Zhou want to be in the smartphone field quickly earn enough eyeballs, the shortcut is to borrow force momentum.  Zhou's 360 mobile phone future fate is unknown, but now from the visibility, Zhou did take the initiative to get a good card. In fact, it is Zhou's consistent style to raise controversy and gain attention. Once the 3Q war let Qihoo 360 became able to and Tencent rival company, after the smooth listing.  The industry also has a copycat trying to get enough popularity by challenging Tencent, but the awakened Tencent chose High hang Shine. This time, Lei, known as the "King of Marketing" of Chinese mobile phones, apparently ate a grievances. Rely on a lot of marketing investment to let Millet mobile phone to get such high visibility, but was Zhou single-handedly stealthily occasion superior.  From the current situation, the two sides go the same routine, the first is crazy marketing hit visibility, and then to the high price of low-cost gimmicks impact the market, through mobile phones to generate mobile internet ecological chain. Noteworthy is, "and in recent time rumors do mobile phone internet companies compared to the millet cell phone basically no Internet products, you can assume that this is a pure mobile phone company."  "The Flying Elephant net CEO Xiang to" China Economy and informatization "reporter says.  Zhou find the right opponent but touch the wrong direction? I'm afraid so.  Zhou and Huawei Cooperation's first 360 special machine sparkle has not yet begun to sell, he has begun to prepare for the second special machine popcorn, it is not difficult to see that he still eyes firmly locked in the body of millet. Industry insiders said that the millet experience is not entirely suitable for domestic internet companies simply apply, if Zhou Eyes only lei, the fate of the failure is not too far away. The bigger danger is that "the age of the millet mobile phone will pass."  "Qiping, Secretary-General of the Information Research center of Cass, said to our correspondent.  Difficult to replicate Lei "rebels" is not a good copy. Last August, the Millet mobile phone conference was held in a large venue in 798 districts of Beijing. In the first two hours before the launch, where the customer Prudential products CEO aged (micro Bo) by many Millet fans and media block in the venue, after several struggles to enter the venue. The company's PR even strictly limits the number of journalists attending the conference, and a media only allows a journalist to enter. At the beginning of the meeting, the venue was crowded with viewers, and the live video outside the venue was surging. Lei, the debut of Steve Jobs styleA sensation, dressed in millet cell phone clothing and millet technology staff are in the conference scene frantically shouting "rebels". Subsequently, to UC excellent as chairman and chief Executive Officer Yu as the representative of several major internet companies, fell off the hands of the mobile phone in order to express the support of millet.  A few days later, a wave of "rebels" propaganda offensive also to. Millet Science and Technology CEO Lei This conference marks the "Lei system" surface. After leaving Jinshan, Lei more as an angel investor's identity. In a few short years, lei around the mobile internet to invest in a lot of companies, to excellent technology as the representative of the mobile Internet companies, to all customers sincere goods for the representative of E-commerce companies, Lakara as the representative of the third party payment company is one of the most typical representatives,  And this powerful attack mobile phone industry is also considered: Lei to do millet mobile phone is to invest in some of their own projects to find exports, trying to create a self-contained mobile internet eco-circle. That's why Apple is successful. From operating system to software application development, Apple controls all the links and creates a complete industry chain that belongs to Apple itself.  Although millet can not be the next Apple, but the lei in the coat of jobs for Apple's many characteristics or learn to have a model. Like the ever-sensational iphone series, the millet phone is considered a marvel in the history of Chinese mobile phones. In less than a year's time, the sales of nearly 2 million units in a single machine are staggering.  Although from the day of the sale, the Millet cell phone has been known as a mobile phone, but and now the majority of Internet companies involved in the handset industry, Lei has been firmly control the design of mobile phones and product naming rights, which also makes the brand effect of millet mobile phone has not been damaged. This is not easy. To be sure, in 2008, Google launched the free and open smartphone operating system platform Android, any company can use the platform free of charge to develop their own smartphones, which let other companies want to enter the smartphone industry see hope. 2010, Google launched a touch-screen smartphone, the phone is only used online sales.  This is seen as a bold attempt by Google's rival model, but the handset has been plagued by poor sales and after-sales service. While Google's model of using electric dealers to sell smartphones has not been recognised by the market, Lei sees opportunities. Unlike most of the followers, he put all his treasures on millet two times. According to Lei memories, millet from the beginning of the establishment of the company's main business is to do mobile phones, the model is the electrical business.  The main reason may be that lei is familiar with the electrical business, he founded in 1999, the Network of excellence, in recent years, has been involved in the van, Amoy and other electric investors. More importantly, it is possible for the Internet companies to enter the mobile phone industry is an important channel. The reason is also very simple. The consumer of electricity business is almost all active crowd of internet, to the product of Internet enterpriseCards are also more understanding, channel costs can be almost without consideration. From the point of view of saving marketing cost, this is a good choice. But Lei finally did not do first mobile phone, but chose the mobile phone operating system MIUI and mobile phone application products to the direction of the rice chat.  In order to open up the popularity of mobile internet industry, then the production of mobile phone hardware. This logic also proves the lei of the trend. He once said, "just stand in the tuyere and the pig can fly."  The launch of Apple IPhone4 in 2010, sparking concern in the industry, and the rise of social media, represented by "Angry Birds", on Twitter and Sina Weibo, has made 2010 a year of rapid Internet development for China Mobile. The result can be imagined. August 2010, Millet released the MIUI system in the industry received wide acclaim. It is said that the most beautiful, millions of mobile phone enthusiasts to join the development of MIUI.  This also let Millet decided to enter the hardware market ahead of time. Everything seems to be in the grip of a faster pace of development. The use of E-commerce model of the millet mobile phones broke the domestic mobile phone industry, the traditional mode of marketing is different, and Google through the sales of mobile phones failed, Millet has made good results. In less than a year, it goes well beyond the original plan to sell 300,000 handsets a year. "Hunger Marketing" is one of the key factors in the success of Lei in Millet. Millet choice of a round of limited sales, each round of the mode of open purchase, such a model so that the millet phone can always be in a very short time sold. Millet mobile phone In the most tight time, micro-BO platform even transferred "Millet mobile phone purchase rights", and millet companies and Lei is constantly apologizing, said because of insufficient capacity to use limited to buy the way, which undoubtedly let the millet mobile phone more aroused the industry concern.  Coincidentally, this is what Jobs's best hype, squeeze the toothpaste-type delivery, with a lot of event marketing to pull attention and desire, these techniques are almost lei learned very much. But Lei also have difficulties.  At present, the International mobile phone brand has almost firmly control the purchasing power of parts and production line processing rights, domestic manufacturers in this regard almost no right to speak, and as the industry recruits Millet mobile phone more easily in this link by people control. Perhaps it is with this in mind that Lei chose a relatively conservative strategy. He uses the first order to estimate sales, then to the raw materials and manufacturers according to the mode of order, thereby minimizing the cash pressure.  Moreover according to the current material estimate, the Millet handset machine cost is about 1300 yuan, and 1999 yuan Price still has certain profit compared to. This set of models allows the millet mobile phone to open up a new way for internet companies.  Need to be reminded that more and more mobile phone manufacturers and internet companies to hold hands, but from the performance point of view, has not seen the next millet. From free to zero profit May 15, 2012, Millet released Millet mobile youth version. On the same day, Qihoo 360 announced the launch of its first 360 Special machine "Huawei Shines", two mobile phone pricing are invariably locked 1499 yuan. The distance Zhou for the first time to enter the mobile phone market for only 11 days. May 4, Zhou in micro-blog said: "Gao Shuai and white rich United States hand an iphone, silk can only buy low-grade goods?" We decided to work with domestic and foreign manufacturers, 0 interest rate to the high configuration of smartphones at a low price for 360 users. "The microblogging immediately caused a sensation, and then he repeatedly asked netizens for advice on mobile phones."  According to the current 360 published data show that the "Huawei Shine" configuration for dual SIM card, equipped with 4.3-inch high-definition large screen, 1G processor, 1G memory, 4G storage memory. The subtext is to let consumers get more users.  The question is, can Zhou copy your computer's play on the phone? Qihoo 360, president of Zhou from the first quarter of this year's unaudited financial results, it is not difficult to see its first quarter net profit of 14.07 million U.S. dollars, and the same period last year, the loss of 21.45 million U.S. dollars, growth is obvious. But it currently has four main sources of revenue: bundling Third-party antivirus software into revenue, software Butler's Third-party software downloads commission revenue, secure browser URL navigation revenue, and game browser's Third-party game into revenue. Since the introduction of free antivirus 360, antivirus, software housekeeper and other income accounted for the beginning to reduce the current 360 of the majority of income from the latter two contributions.  According to 2011 earnings, these two revenues accounted for more than 95% per cent of total income, both of which depend almost on the flow of free anti-virus software and the users. But the handset belongs to the hardware after all, has the very many fixed cost, Zhou also has the sober understanding. He said that One-third of the sale price of the handset was taken away by the channel dealer, 360 will save the expense for the user. At this stage, 360 mobile phones can not be free.  His position on the mobile phone's profit model is that future handsets will be given away free of charge by providing value-added services. It is noteworthy that Qihoo's recent stock price plunge occurred after Zhou's view that "we will not subsidize mobile phones and create new long-term sources of revenue in mobile phones". Insiders point out that this may be related to the strategic layout of Qihoo's mobile internet. Lee also expressed a similar warning: The vast majority of Internet brands do not add points to the phone, but also to deduct points.  If not the user needs for the mission, but only to embed their own services as the goal, can not get the user Word-of-mouth, not willing to embed the user's beloved competitor services will be criticized. Still, Zhou's "Four" theory is still a subversive of the mobile phone industry's traditional channels. Namely: The first is the business model of Internet, meaning is no longer simply by selling hardware to make money, but to reduce hardware profits, through a variety of built-in value-added services to profitability; the second is the product experience Internet, the past mobile phone sold out of the software does not change, now should be in accordance with the Internet ideas, software often to update, improve, in a lot of The third is the promotion of Internet, Internetis a flat internet marketing, this is not by smashing advertising fees can be smashed up; four, mobile phone sales internet, mobile phone is the most suitable for online sales, through the power of the intermediary to compress the cost of the channel. This kind of argument also quite has the market personage approval.  Some experts have said that from the current trend of development, mobile phone hardware can be outsourced, software can be outsourced, in the development of many years mobile phone seems to have been stripped of the veil, the phone itself is not important, and important is marketing. But the history of the development of domestic mobile phones, this view to get more footnotes. Waveguide is a typical case. Waveguide just entered the market by building their own channels to start, "mobile phone fighter" of this slogan, let its once scenery unlimited. However, the short-lived. After the market has been basically saturated, such a huge sales channels become cumbersome. Relying on market drive does not attach importance to the status quo of research and development, so that the waveguide in the new technology emerged overnight by Nokia as the representative of foreign mobile phone companies easily defeated.  Especially, when these foreign big manufacturers also began to enter the low-end market, the waveguide almost disappeared. Unfortunately, domestic internet companies seem unaware of this. At least Zhou was holding his old fashioned: "The safest thing is not to make your own phone, but to help others do it." The most successful thing in the world is to help others to make money. All these years I have been such a train of thought.  "The trouble is that the good old days of millet may not be too long," he said, mimicking the smartphone world.  Millet illusion even in mobile phone manufacturers, millet is a heterogeneous. Before the advent of the millet mobile phone, internet companies and mobile phone companies, the only cooperation with pre-installed software mainly. But the millet phone became the first person to eat crabs.  According to Lei, this is the internet to do mobile phone's light asset model, that is responsible for mobile phone design is not responsible for production. To be fair, millet Company's core business includes the previous MIUI system and rice chat, to the current millet mobile phone, from a single application, the overall interface to end products, millet Company's product structure is also quite reasonable. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Telecommunications Institute Director of the Institute of Communications Policy Chen Jinchao (micro-Bo) told The Economist: "The domestic reputation of a better family of the Phantom mobile phone in the hardware and software balance is not as good as millet, and high prices." "The light assets of the millet company has been hoping to win more users through a single product, rather than the traditional mobile phone manufacturers like the choice of sea tactics." "The Internet mobile phone is the general trend, will change the traditional mobile phone industry, so that consumers more profit."  "But the Zhou of 360 of the Internet companies represented by the strong advance, it seems to have disrupted the rhythm of the Lei." Rumors for a long time the millet cell phone M2 never appeared. May 18, priced 1499 yuan Millet mobile youth version of the sale, less than 11 minutes, 150,000 sets are scheduled to complete. This looks like a tribute to Apple iphone, but there are rumors that the youth version of the millet phone is just to digest the original order。  According to Lei's original idea, Millet will be higher configuration, low price route, but Baidu, Alibaba and the fierce 360 all adopt the same strategy, which obviously will break Lei original plan. Most crucially, the lack of mobile phone core technology so that the millet phone has been unable to get rid of the reputation of the cottage machine. Recently, the Millet mobile phone many times by consumers questioned the problem of frequent restart, this newspaper to order the Millet cell phone has not escaped this fate. This is not a solitary example, since the release of the millet mobile phone has frequently caused controversy, paint, buttons, fever and other quality problems have emerged.  After the maintenance of the sale, Millet also does not seem to have a particularly good way, about repair difficult, poor service complaints are constantly burst. Xiang said: "The success of Millet is temporary." He said that millet to the mobile phone industry has created an illusion, no innovation, no core technology can be sold, which gives internet companies a dream.  But the final success of Millet to be tested in the market, only by speculation of Millet may not be able to long. The indisputable fact is that the current 360-representative Internet companies are still using the old game of burning money into the mobile phone market. They compete with the mobile phone's configuration and prices, which means that no matter how the model is, almost all have to be paid to subsidize users.  This is almost the same as the current electric dealers burn money to seize the market the same way, but blindly pursue low price is difficult to ensure the user's loyalty and brand degree. There is no doubt that the lack of core technology has allowed internet companies to lose their voice on mobile phones when they enter the mobile phone industry. With 360 and Huawei as an example, Huawei is eager to seek marketing experience from internet companies, and 360 of hardware is not understood, both can be said to be hit.  But things have disadvantages, in the interests of the time, both need to first preserve their main business, if 360 special machine sales impact to Huawei mobile phone development, Huawei is bound to exit, and this truth, other manufacturers are also suitable. Xiang said: "Internet companies make smartphones only a brand is an advantage, even this advantage to the handset manufacturers equally, which doomed the Internet companies into the mobile phone industry will not be successful." ”
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