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Just entered the network company soon, was assigned to do the website promotion work, when it comes to promotion, really what they do not understand at that time, confused, no way, bite the bullet to do, starting from the foundation, leading to do the big head, (such as SEO leader himself to fix,) I small head, in the leadership of the arrangement, the first to do navigation Web site marketing Law As the name implies is to the major navigation site to submit their own website to obtain traffic. Here to talk about how I do, although I am a lai bird, but I really seriously, do it, I hope you predecessors a lot of guidance.

The first step, to Baidu Search "Web site navigation", a list of a large number of to see, analysis and comparison.

The second step, pick out the more weighty, authoritative URL navigation, analysis is as follows: hao123 since sold to Baidu, a special group is responsible for the collection of audit and cooperation, currently included at least through the group of all agreed to pass, so to prepare to be landed, we must put the quality of the site to do, in addition to a certain amount of traffic and original, At present, only through the process to communicate with them, but by their fancy few, so have perseverance. hao123 Bar; Build hao123 build hao123; Hao123 activities activities. 265 Web site navigation collection development speed is very fast, the current flow is also more than hao123 landing more easily, a special group is responsible for collection and cooperation. Directly in the landing more difficult, you can use other methods, such as Alexa ranked 2000 can be directly included in the channel page. yahoo Web site Yahoo Web site cooperation compared to the previous two, is relatively easy, you can try.

However, I heard that the top three have already implemented the bidding rankings, it is too good to make money. 9991 Site Traffic development is very rapid, recently wrapped a lot of websites do banner publicity 9991 of the collection, one is the way of cooperation, this needs to be with their company or the company's people are very familiar with.

Their included address is 9991 of the internal flow is good, especially the film and television music literature beauty channel. One months are submitted once and then published. More just, if you have questions can contact their customer service 120186076 5566 is estimated to be the most difficult to land a veteran web site, landing its approach, there are only two ways to pull the webmaster out to drink; the other is to enlarge the site, so that other sites included, the station naturally followed by the collection. This webmaster included the site often refer to and old website, update speed is very slow, but the weight is very high contact mail:, take into account the visibility, not as above, but he is free, you can consider Oh, after all, the fame flow, nature also want to collect money Oh!!

Finally, GJJ, a love for it and hate a website, relying on a large number of general-purpose web site traffic, traffic is huge, this site is included quickly, updated every day, the first 10-minute update, mutual-help type connection, point into the source of more on the front of the Web site or even home page, Have click on the contribution of the priority audit submitted address This site needs to register members, each member can submit multiple URLs can be seen through the background every day you point into how much and point out the number of IP other site submitted some skills. Submitted in some partial gate or some less to participate in the Internet channel, the effect is very good. But the most hated is that it was Baidu K. Do it with the link cautiously and cautiously.

The third step, on the above 8207.html "> Navigation site, one by one, the first three and so on after our website revision, participate in bidding, no way, new station?" Is it necessary to burn money to ascend?, has submitted, waiting for a reply. The key is that, sent countless times mail, have gone down the drain, regardless of it, anyway by the front several stations included, it will naturally find you. For, Guang Jie Ju, no way, away from it the better, I can not offend my eldest brother, Baidu, hehe.

Above, is my superficial personal experience, my qq:754242131 hope that the network of like-minded predecessors a lot of advice. This article by feeds. I will continue the long road of my promotion, only because you!!!!

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