Network Marketing =20% Tips +80% Diligence and perseverance

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The rapid development of the network has brought the opportunity for many enterprises.

In 2000, when I started to make contact with online trade, even the computer in the enterprise has not been popular, most enterprises do not know what is online trade, what is the site, what the role of the site, to do a website casually is tens of thousands of yuan; 2003, when I was officially engaged in E-commerce as a website business salesman, Computer in the enterprise has been basically popular, however, the concept of Web site has not been clearly understood, but some people have been aware of the magic of the network; and then in the next 3 years, by the 3721 network name of the website to promote the wind so that many enterprises in the online gold, enterprises also follow the rapid development, into the 2006 after Alibaba, Baidu's rise, the disappearance of 3721, the Web portal of corporate advertising useless, Yahoo China, Google China in the domestic market slump let everyone start confused------I besides can do Ali and Baidu what can I do?

Into the 2007, everyone in the network to promote, who in the front who may have with more than a single concept of indoctrination in each network marketing people, everyone in the bidding price, in the business-to-business website spelling keywords, to the end of the whole enterprise to fight the funds. I have a client and I say a story, Baidu 12 more points once the key words, 28 days with 10000 yuan, in exchange for 3 customer consultation telephone, in exchange for a small order, in exchange for more than 300 sales call. At this time someone began to understand what I want to do on the Internet, how to do!

Network Marketing from a broad sense is called to use the network to sell goods, provide services or hint brand. Network marketing is not on which Web site can be achieved, now the promulgation of labor law makes the labor cost not only improve, a lot of enterprises choose Network Marketing, there is a business of the boss to me calculate a sum, please a good salesman a year's cost to about 60,000, but put 60,000 on the network can be more than that salesman's value, Maybe he's too one-sided, but it's not unreasonable.

Network Marketing Everyone in use, how can I use it? believe that a lot of people engaged in network marketing has considered this issue, but also because of this problem, now many network consulting company was born, the network marketing staff training, methods we all learned, but how many people in the use is an unknown. Publishing information on the Business-to-business Web site, everyone knows the method, but also know the benefits of multiple, but still only some people in the process. If you are every day on Alibaba is a message per hour, others are a day of information, your opportunity is not 8-24 times bigger than others? If you are constantly registering for other industry sites and posting information on your own professional websites, will your opportunities increase? If you do your own website, Search engine rankings for the page optimization, so that others have more ways to find you, you are not another chance? If you manage your own site, do a good job online contact, so that customers can always find you through various ways to communicate, do their own original product pictures, so that customers know that you are real, Do the professional knowledge, let the customer know that you are a professional, what are you worried about? But how many people really do, I believe that 2 8 law, only 20% of the people can do this, they succeeded, became a competent network marketing people!

Network marketing is not complicated, find a professional company for technical support and guidance, plus your diligence and perseverance is victory!

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