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April 23 Morning News, the domestic network marketing expert Tan Ren in Beijing to more than 400 entrepreneurs, said, "The future of the business model will be ' mouse + logistics '," so, whether you are the first start-up, or the existing enterprises to start again, are inseparable from the Internet, without the use of Internet marketing. "" The Internet is the best entrepreneurial platform, but also the best enterprise transformation platform. "Tan Ren said. In the first half of 2008, Tan Ren proposed that Guangdong should develop e-commerce, "rather than please a Ma Yun, not as well as their own cultivation of a number of", this view caused the Guangdong provincial party secretary Wang Yang's concern, and as a representative of the game was invited to direct dialogue Wang Yang. In fact, from 2006 onwards, Tan Ren and his team in Shenzhen, launched the first domestic Combat Network marketing training courses-"Actual combat network Marketing-Network rapid money system", shouldering their commitment to cultivate China's e-commerce backbone-the mission of the SME family. Over three years, more than 8,000 entrepreneurs from all over the country, through the actual combat Network marketing courses, embarked on E-commerce "fast track." Entrepreneurs exclaim that this is "China's E-commerce EMBA program." Tan Ren is therefore the domestic SME home "network marketing godfather." Tan Ren in its "post-Crisis era: The network of Small and medium-sized enterprises to break through the road", said: Beijing to achieve industrial upgrading, to build China's economic innovation Center, must use network marketing. "I believe that Ma Yun's generation has nothing to do with the region, in China talent capital, can certainly through the system of network marketing training, cultivate countless Ma yun." "Tan Ren believes that Beijing's e-commerce industry to take off, if from the training of corporate leaders to master the network marketing actual combat knowledge and skills to start, will be able to achieve a multiplier effect." At present, restricting the development of e-commerce in China, a major bottleneck is the small and medium-sized bosses understand the importance of network marketing, but can not find the right method, coupled with the lack of professional talent, therefore, network marketing is no way. Tan Ren that network marketing is the core of E-commerce core, therefore, the training of enterprise leaders of Network marketing knowledge and basic combat methods, is a regional e-commerce popularization of the prerequisite conditions. At present, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hangzhou, Hunan and other relevant government departments have been created by the Tan Ren Enterprise Leaders Network marketing training courses included in the government for officials and entrepreneurs training program. The reality of the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises is that entrepreneurs either know how to sell the network, or understand the Internet does not understand marketing, therefore, for network marketing, there is no sense of urgency, there is no mission. Tan Ren through more than four years of practice found that training both to understand marketing and internet entrepreneurs, is the urgent task of the development of E-commerce. To this end, he exclusively developed the first "actual Combat Network Marketing" course-network rapid money-making system, creatively put forward the positioning, marketing-oriented web sites, promotion and operation of the four major network marketing systems. "In the race, the cars are almost as fast as they are, and if you want to overtake others, grab them on the corners," he said. And Rob Road needs guts and technology, in the market competition more and moreStrong circumstances, enterprises want to surpass rivals, you have to borrow power network marketing. "Tan Ren said. Entrepreneurs through the system and actual combat Network Marketing system training, not only mastered a comprehensive rather than a single network marketing methods, but a profound understanding of network marketing has become the future survival and development of the enterprise strategy. They are not only proficient in the use of Baidu keyword search, Alibaba business-to-business and Taobao platform, NetEase Mail marketing, Sina blog marketing, Tencent QQ Group marketing and so on, to seize customers, find business, they know how to use the network marketing thinking to transform the entire operating process of the enterprise, Let their own enterprises become more efficient operation, lower cost, simpler management, the development of long-term goals of the outstanding enterprises. When they run to the internet this piece of vast world, they are the best customer, Mr Li is the best customer, is the best horse of the customer, is Ding Lei best customer. Tan Ren is one of the top marketing strategy experts in China, the Yangtze River Delta Entrepreneur Association brand marketing Senior Advisor, the Shenzhen Business Federation executive director, Shenzhen Tan Ren Consulting Co., Ltd., China's first to listen to the management magazine "Real Business Wisdom" founder. Tan Ren has more than 17 years of practical marketing and management experience in China market. In the watches, pharmaceuticals, health products, cosmetics, culture and other industries, do different types, different stages of the product. Each of the products Tan Ren has become the first and second brand in the country, and has maintained the best sales records of these brands without exception. Tan Ren put forward, the current domestic E-commerce application platform has been very rich, but every platform, whether it is a search, or a variety of business platforms, all said the words, too much to tap the customer value of small and medium-sized enterprises, and did not "teach to fish." Therefore, "to create an independent, third-party, integration of China's current most basic Electronic Business marketing tool talent Training system, for us to build e-commerce for China in the 21st century rise of one of the most important global competitiveness, how important." Tan Ren said of his mission. Domestic network marketing has reached the tipping point. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in January this year, "The 25th China Internet Development Status Statistics Report" (hereinafter referred to as the report) data show that as of December 2009, China's internet users have reached 384 million, the Internet penetration rate further upgrade to 28.9%. and the application of business transaction growth "Emergence", the user scale growth is the fastest, the average annual growth rate reached 68%. Among them, the online payment user annual growth rate of 80.9%, in all applications ranked first, tourism booking, network stock, online banking and online shopping users increased by 77.9%, 67%, 62.3% and 45.9% respectively. According to CNNIC survey, 2009 China online shopping market transaction scale reached 250 billion, 2010 online shopping market will usher in a more large-scale development. "The future of E-commerce has two major development direction, one is the continuous market segments, single products can be through the network marketing to create aA large market and brand, the second is the enterprise's online direct (business). "Tan Ren thinks. He suggested that with strong talent and market opportunities in Beijing Small and medium-sized enterprises, leveraging network, to achieve leapfrog development.
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